It is said that the Russians are very superstitious and perhaps true. Sometimes it happens that some beliefs become customs, tradition more than by questions of faith. That people have certain behaviors does not always mean that they believe something terrible will happen if, for example, pass under a ladder. But these customs are rooted in the collective unconscious and become tradition. The truth is that there are several superstitious customs in Russia, which will surprise those who do not know its meaning. For this does not happen, here are some of them:

Touch wood against the “evil eye”: some Russians believe in the evil eye (look that attracts bad luck or problems To combat after receiving a compliment to the children, their parents make them spit three times. over his left shoulder and then three times also touch any wood surface. If you are on vacation or for predicting success, it performed the same act in order not to ruin the successful situations.

With regard to money, the Russians are reluctant to receive the money in your hand. This is due to the belief that money conveys the energies of the people who transgress, including negative.

They do not take out the garbage at night because it could cause the ruin of the house. Neither placed keys, without content or currencies bottles on the tables. This would mean economic losses and sad situations. When you are eating and a bottle is empty, it is placed on the table or, if you are in a restaurant, the waiter is called for to remove it.

When they left the house, the fact of having to return is also considered inauspicious. If this is essential before retiring again they look in the mirror to reverse bad luck.

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