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The National Dance Kostroma in Moscow

Russian National Dance Show “KOSTROMA” in Moscow

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Russian National Show (Kostroma Folk Show)

The name of the ancient city on the banks of the Volga River was chosen. The cradle of the Romanov family, embodies the true Russia, with its rich stories, customs and traditions, over time, become the home for a young family and their business. There Elena and Yuri found their inspiration, which finally granted the unique power of the national spirit’s ballet repertoire.

For example, in the dance “Grustinochka”, using the idea of ​​an ancient pagan festival “Kostroma” of the cycle of summer festivities ritual glorifying the almighty sun god Yarily. Choreographic Composition “The heat of the explorations of the heart called” (staging of Carenko, the work “National Russian Dance Show”). The creators have followed the path of the synthesis of folkloric dance, classical ballet and drama theater, using elements from the world of entertainment, video projection and special effects. It’s not a symbol of ballet matching and has created a new style of being a ballet and lapotok sneaker …

50 artists on stage, an excellent technique of dance and interpretation, 15 scenographic transformations, 600 wonderful costumes, 300 objects that they use during dances, 8 changes of scenery, video projections, pyrotechnic effects, smoke, fire and starry sky – all this creates the fantastic reality of the Russian National Dance Show “Kostroma” that captivates spectators of all ages and nationalities.

And now the famous image of the Show “The girl dressed in silver” that symbolizes the exquisite art of the filigree of the Kostroma region, looks at them from the advertising posters of the Show, inviting Muscovites and tourists to take a trip to the bowels of Russian culture with its fairy tales, legends and Soviet themes.

Over the years, full of creative experimentation has been played over 1,700 performances. Ballet has traveled successfully in 20 countries. Created six dance programs: “sketch of the Volga”, “For Holy Russia”, “Russian idea”, “Mysterious Russia”, “Once upon a time” and “Russian National Exhibition”. Premiere of “Russian National Dance Show” presented in London, Moscow, Paris and Rotterdam. Since 2005, the city of Moscow in the GC “Cosmos” launched a unique annual project of tourism “Russian National Dance Show” “Kostroma”, during which the ballet is 100 historical representations of the great Russian mystery.

Today, around 20 graduates of “The Ballet School of Government” run in the first team “National Ballet of Russia” Kostroma. “Among them – Ivan Carenko, the youngest son of Helen and George, who, Like his parents and dedicated his life to the art of choreography, Ivan is now the singer of the basic structure of the company, the deputy artistic director of the “Russian National Ballet” Kostroma “and the master university” El Ballet School gobernación “on the theme” scenic practice “.

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