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In Moscow there are 2 popular circuses, both very famous among Russians. Although their shows are somewhat different they are always very well received by the public.

The most special feature of circuses is their variety, since every so often they change their show innovating and creating new spectacular in the Russian circus that makes them unique and that presents them as an attraction to the world.

The visit to the Moscow circus is almost mandatory in a visit to this city, it is one of the 10 essential places to know in Russia.

While it is true that they are not available all year, for season of shows abroad and other parties, both circuses have a different program and both are spectacular in their shows and dimensions. Therefore we can find tickets available to one of the two circuses or both almost 365 days a year.

We tell you a little more about circuses.

Circus Nikulin or Old Moscow Circus

This circus is located on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, or Tsvetnoi Boulevard, it is one of the oldest in Russia. Founded by Albert Salamonski, a pilot and gymnast, he was the founder in 1880. No doubt at the beginning nobody would have imagined the popularity that he would obtain over the years. During the Soviet era it was one of the most popular distractions and events in the city and little by little its fame spread worldwide.

The circus is named after the famous clown and actor Nikulin, who was well known during the Soviet era, in Moscow there are several statues of this famous clown, the main one on the door of the same circus that receives his name and another in the cemetery of Novodevichy, statue created in his grave with his dog.

This famous circus located in the center of the city is very accessible by metro, the nearest stop 100 meters is called Tsvetnoy Boulevard, in the gray line.

This circus bets for classic shows in which the main attractions are animals, clowns and focuses on shows aimed at children and families for the greatest enjoyment of them, we all feel a little more children watching this show unique in the world.

We leave you some photos to enjoy.

Circus Bolshoi or New Circus of Moscow

The Bolshoi circus (Circo Grande) is located southwest of the city, near the Universitet metro station, on the Red line. This great new circus with modern facilities and new generation, has innovative shows and always the latest, music shows and lights are his great bet.

This circus offers special shows, such as shows with aquatic animals, for them they create a large pool in which animals are immersed for the enjoyment of visitors. This circus is also well known for its shows with dangerous animals such as tigers or large animals.

If we talk about new and different shows we talk about this great circus, the Bolshoi circus.

These shows aimed more at adults without forgetting the youngest ones are a great experience for all the senses, the highlight after knowing this great city, Moscow and its cultural offer.

We leave you some photos of the Bolshoi circus in Moscow

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