Accommodation St. Petersburg

Moika 22When visiting an unknown country, the choice of accommodation is very important and should be carefully thought out. When you purchase your travel package or is choosing your accommodation particularly we recommend analyze all options. There is a wide range in St. Petersburg, which adapts to all styles of traveler and budget.

As a general recommendation, it is better to choose places that are near or in the city center. Most excursions and tourist attractions are there, along with bars, restaurants, etc. This will save money and time on transport, to walk the streets, you can explore the city in a more intimate way. It is also important to be the country with a reservation to avoid problems and unpleasant surprises. In high season (May to September) it is advisable to book a few months ahead.

One option is the Appartement. This option is ideal if you are traveling in a group: family, friends or colleagues in the case of a convention. It’s cheaper than a hotel and given more independence and freedom of schedules and movements. In addition, by providing kitchen, you can save on restaurants and try local recipes to give color to your stay. Of course these apartments are fully furnished and equipped with everything you need.

Another option, the most traditional is the luxury hotel. Prices are set in a wide range, because there are more luxurious than others. The offer is varied, but most of them have restaurants, bars and cafes. Among the services offered are breakfast included, swimming pool, Wi-Fi, gym, bars with live music, among others.

It is advisable to check with your travel agent or information on specialized websites such as TripAdvisor.

A right choice especially for single travelers or groups of young people are the hostels. These are private initiatives that are more economical than a traditional hotel. Private or shared rooms are available.