Metro Saint. Petersburg

Metro San PetersburgoThe St. Petersburg metro is an architectural work of great beauty and architectural and historical value.

During his visit to the city, you should visit or make at least one trip in it to get closer to the daily life of the inhabitants.

It was built in the Stalin era, when the city was still called Leningrad.

Its design was based on the Moscow model. World War II delayed the project, along with difficulties given the geography of the city (the Neva River and subterranean rivers).

To address these difficulties, their tunnels were built under the river, which makes it deeper underground around the world: an average of 60 meters under tierra.La decoration of the oldest stations is overwhelming and luxurious. More recently built stations were designed in terms of their usefulness and practicality.

Estacion KirovskiIt has five lines and is unique in its “horizontal lifts”, a platform which is separated from the tracks by a wall.

In it, its metal doors only open when the train arrives, coinciding with subway doors to enable the rise of passengers.

The metro is the transport used by the inhabitants of the city and has several payment methods.

One is the metal tab or “Zethón” the boxes is obtained. You can also purchase a plastic card with different amounts of travel. This is a convenient option if you plan to move several times during his underground metro estadía.

El St. Petersburg operates between 5.45 am and 00.30 pm.