Shows St. Petersburg

The offer of classical music concerts, ballet and opera is immense in St. Petersburg. While it is almost forced to attend one of these majestic in its beautiful theater presentations.

Therefore if you are a lover of ballet and opera or just a curious and open to meeting these arts tourist, can not under any point of view, miss the “Mariinsky Theatre”.

Teatro MariinskiThe Mariinsky is emblematic for the quality of the artists who are there and act, but especially by internationally renowned figures who left their companies. Its history is linked to names including Baryshnikov and dancer Anna Pavlova, the composers Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky are counted, and ballets that would later become undisputed classics such as Swan Lake, Nutcracker and La Bella were released Sleeping.

To enjoy opera and ballet there is also the Mikhailovsky Theatre.

The Hermitage Museum included in one of the buildings a small but beautiful theater in which ballets are represented. Those who enjoy classical music can attend a concert of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic.

Numerous concerts of folk music, jazz and other styles are also available. Ask for more detailed information on billboards, prices and times of shows in St. Petersburg.
The shows of Russian folklore, which mainly include dances, last approximately an hour and a half, and has the striking characteristic that in the intervals offered the audience a little vodka, champagne, caviar, etc. The best are considered the Palace of Grand Duke Nicholas and the Anichkov Palace.

Show de CosacosIf you want to attend a play, you can do it in the Kazan Cathedral, which are represented from Russian tales to Shakespearean works. The bad news is that you must understand Russian or ignore the dialogues. However, in the summer works of the classical ballet they are presented.

Another show though is the other Cossack Show, held by the “Bagatitsa” Smolninsky group in the room. The Cossacks are famous for their dance full of color, strength, temperament, acrobatic leaps. The group represents the secular traditions of this great ethnicity.