St. Petersburg airport

Aeropuerto_san_petersburgoSt. Petersburg’s Pulkovo airport is composed of two separated by a distance of 3km terminals. One of mainly engaged in domestic flights and the other is exclusive for flights from abroad.

They are in the outskirts of the city (about 17 km away from the center), and to reach them, there are different options for every need.

You may request a car with driver to move it more convenient way to you and your luggage.

You can perform this particular management or apply at your destination accommodation.

There is also public transport to arrival at the international airport. The municipal bus 13 communicates with Pulkovo International Moskovskaya subway station. To pay the transfer will need to have rubles.

There are also Marshrutkas, minibuses that will take you either to the Moskovskaya station if you take the 13, or a little further, if you take the line 213 / K3 which reaches Sennaya Square in the city center, crossing Avenue Moscow and Moskovsky Prospect.

It is also payable in cash or in rubles. If you do not have change when arriving at the airport can get. Both transport work every day of the week but not overnight.

The opposite direction (from the city to the airport) is also done by public transport. If you travel with lots of luggage, in Marshrutkas you may choose to pay an extra ticket to take the place with him.

But if I travel heavily loaded with several bags or heavy, consider mobilize taxi, at least to settle in their destination. This not only ensures convenience, but will provide greater security for your belongings.

Airports in St. Petersburg offer all services: ATMs, branches of banks, bars, library, Wi-Fi and tourist information. Souvenirs and other common items are also available.