St. Petersburg Restaurants

Restaurante PalkinSt. Petersburg is a city to live with all the senses. Discover the gastronomy of a place is to discover a world of sensations, tastes, traditions and avant-garde.

The city offers a comprehensive and varied cuisine that includes regional and gourmet cuisine with the most sophisticated and international dishes. Higher rated restaurants, and of the most luxurious restaurants are noted for the quality and experience of its chefs, who can balance the flavors to stimulate your senses.

The nightlife is completed by the abundance of bars, pubs and many other alternatives for a gastronomic tour in ciudad.Sin intend to make an exhaustive list identifies some establishments in each category for you to discover where your fancy ( list or not) during his visit to St. Petersburg.

Among the higher rated restaurants, we found the Palkin. This luxurious and historic restaurant offers dishes of European and Russian cuisine. The service and food are of high quality and the staff speaks English. It is possible but not necessary to make a reservation.

Cafe AbajourIn this range, you will also find a wide range of Belmond Grand Hotel Europe. It has several restaurants, one exclusively of caviar, one with a splendid Art Nouveau decor featuring classical music and live jazz and other bars.

If you are looking for a dining establishment midrange option has Abajour Café, which has a homey atmosphere and good quality food. Another option to enjoy a traditional Russian dish Stroganoff Steak House is. There you can enjoy traditional Russian dishes and other top quality meat, including tenderloin Stroganoff.

For those who want to know the quality of the least expensive places, you can visit the restaurant of Hotel Rossi, called Fiolet. Good quality and service, with a varied menu that includes fusion, Thai and europea.Otra option in this category is the Shalyapin, offering traditional Russian dishes and an interesting wine list.

Restaurante San PetersburgoYou can enjoy the exquisite design and decor of the place as well as the live music shows presented at times. Dishes of meat, fish, pork, blinis, and many other options are on the menu.

Among the pubs, Marius found a brewery that also offers an extensive menu of dishes of good quality, simple but well prepared. It is a place for quiet dinner in a nice place. It is open all day and offers draft beer of excellent quality.

The Kommunalka Bar & Kitchen is a bar that also serves food.

It specializes in the preparation of drinks, including vodka and of course has an attractive decor.