Transport St. Petersburg

For a tourist it is essential to know the transportation options in the city you will visit. Of course it will be more convenient to take a taxi, but this can be expensive and, in some countries like Russia, make public transport can be an excursion.

There are official, more expensive and unofficial taxis. The latter offer the possibility of sharing travel, and some remain fixed routes. Although you find it strange to share taxi with strangers it is a common and widespread practice in St. Petersburg. It is advisable to agree a fare to take in all cases. There are also female taxi driven exclusively by women. If you are staying in a hotel, you may ask the staff to arrange a taxi or stop in the street.

Tranvia San PetersburgoBuses and trolley buses are a good option for sightseeing agile and fast. The ticket is paid in cash once up the vehicle and is advisable to bring change to expedite the process. They operate between 6 am and 12 pm. There are several lines that connect different parts of the city. Get advice on the tours at your hotel or the tourist information office.

The tram system in St. Petersburg is the largest in the world, with 2,400 units circulating along almost 700 km of track. The downside is that not many lines that cross the city center.

MarshrutkaAn alternative that we have named is the Marshrutka, small buses with fixed routes. The passenger can get off at any point of travel and the driver is paid to go up. Always remember to carry money or change just to facilitate the payment process. There Marshrutkas doing different routes throughout the city. It is the second most used transport after Metro.