Visit the Karelia region in Russia

Visit the Karelia region in Russia, a place rarely visited by tourists. Taking a guided tour of Karelia is possible. What to see in Karelia, here we bring it to you.

What to see in Karelia

Visitar la región de Carelia en Rusia

Karelia is a region located in northern Russia and endowed with fascinating beauty; which makes it a place of interest worthy of entering the itinerary of your tour of Russia. To give you an idea; In Lake Ládoga you can see fjords. Those incredible landscapes so typical of Norway.

For those who do not know them, the fjords are sea entrances caused by glaciers that leave as a result a beautiful landscape of mountains separated by a kind of river. In addition to the fjords; In what to see in Karelia you will see that it is a region with many lakes so there are many places to visit if your motivation is a postcard landscape. However, if you are looking for interesting places to have a lot of history, you can find amazing archeological sites.

An example of this is Lajdenpojia, which is nothing more and nothing less the place where the oldest settlement of the Karelia was located; Moreover, it was here that the Karelian ethnic group became the Karelians.

The settlement of the ancient Karelia in this area was so great that the people who currently live in these lands find a lot of archaeological remains and very often; from bronze bracelets to spears with metal tips. According to the study of several archaeologists who have worked in this place; Most of these vestiges can date back to the 10th century.

Take a guided tour of Karelia

recorrido guiado por Carelia

You can include a visit to Lake Onega in your guided tour of Karelia. A beautiful lake with crystal clear waters, which are even cleaner than those of Lake Baikal.

This lake is the second largest in Europe, so for the Karelian civilization it was one of the most important places. Here you will see the first reference to the ski of humanity. It is a petroglyph carved by the karelia of a man riding an extremely long ski.

Where is the bay of the amazing Karelia located?

If you decide to admire this phenomenon or just relax in the bay, on the A-121 motorway head to the city of Sortavala. It is impossible to get lost here: the road goes right along the shore of the bay, on the one hand, the water, on the other, granite rocks.

It is true that, if you want to drive directly to the water, there may be difficulties. In summer, visiting the Karelia region in Russia is popular, so be prepared for the fact that all the right places are probably already occupied by vacationers.

Travel to the fjords to see in Karelia

You should not think that the impressive rocky coasts that rise above the sea bay, for which Norway is famous, can only be found abroad. They can also be found on a guided tour of Karelia, while they are relatively close to St. Petersburg.

Skerries of Lake Ladoga

The skerries as an archipelago of rocky islands separated by narrow, but this is an incredible sight, a true natural attraction. It can be found on the northwest coast of Lake Ladoga.

Even after a closer inspection, it resembles a small copy of real Norwegian fjords. So many people call Ladoga fjords of skerries.

If you are looking to see in Karelia: the stone islands with steep slopes rise above the water are sensational. They are covered in places with yellowish perennial moss and decorated with a variety of conifers.

Marble fjords

Everyone knows the marble quarries of Ruskeala. Which is considered a true gem of what to see in Karelia. However, few people think that this whole system of stone splendor can also be called safely (of course, slightly skewed by the soul) fjords created by human hands.

The quarry, surrounded by steep cliffs. It is filled to the brim with the purest groundwater. On a guided tour through Karelia you can see that the water is so transparent that you can easily see the bottom of the quarry. All this in combination is quite reminiscent of the romance of the royal fjords.

Cliffs of Hawk Lake

The lake and the adjacent cliffs, which are almost on the border with Karelia. They are an incredibly popular vacation spot for modern tourists who can take a guided tour of Karelia. Especially those who are passionate about climbing.

Sometimes they signal to the lovers of the Petersburg fjords, who, having seen beautiful photographs of these places, found an exterior resemblance to the Norwegian fjords.

Of course, neither in theory nor in reality the cliffs of Lake Hawkeye are skerries or fjords. There is an external resemblance that allows tourists in the city to spend several hours without finding a passport in the country of the Vikings and their legends. Visiting the Karelia region in Russia you will be surprised by all nature to see in this fabulous place in the world.

“Gold Coast”

There are several places of interest along the way, both natural and historical. And in the nearest location of Vyborg you can find the estate. This has become a true nature reserve and the only rocky landscape park in the entire Leningrad region.

Here to visit the Karelia region in Russia you can look at the cliffs, walk the trails and take pictures at the Väinämöinen monument. You can also find a miniature fjord on the edge, on which there is a unique architectural monument.

Visiting the Karelia region in Russia is offered only by GuiaRus. With a specialized team you can get to see in Karelia and take a guided tour of Karelia. Wonder your view with this beautiful place with fjords only in Russia.