Visit the Kazan Cathedral in Moscow, one of the most popular icons of the city. Getting to know Kazan Cathedral in Moscow is a unique opportunity to see the majesty of its architectural beauty and history. Touring the Kazan Cathedral in Moscow has never been better.

The Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan is located on the Red Square in Moscow, to the left of the northeast entrance. It is a Russian Orthodox church, relatively small and new by Moscow standards but very beautiful and important to make the tourist visit.

Catedral de Kazan; Plaza Roja de Moscú; Historia

History of the Kazan Cathedral in Moscow

The history of the Kazan Icon Cathedral of the Mother of God began in the mid-16th century. under Tsar Ivan the Terrible, when he conquered Kazan. Most of the Kazan kanato was inhabited by Muslim Tatars. According to legend, the night before one of the battles, at the Feast of the Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Tsar heard the sound of the bells of Moscow, and soon Kazan fell.

A few years later, an icon appeared in the Volga region, which began to perform miraculous cures, after which many Tartars believed in orthodoxy and resigned themselves to the government of the Tsar of Moscow. This icon, acquired in 1579 in Kazan by the matron girl and whose venerable list was delivered to Moscow in the same year, has become a popular sanctuary, a symbol of the protection of the Mother of God over Russia.

Later, the icon of the Mother of God of Kazan played an important role at another turning point in Russian history. She is accompanied by Icon-Kazan-P.B.-1 awaiting the second militia led by Kuzma Minin and Prince Dmitry Pozharsky, who freed Moscow from Polish interventionists in 1612.

It is believed that after the victory over the Poles, Prince Pozharsky undertook to build a church in honor of the sanctuary, from which he walked the road to the liberation of Moscow. The first wooden temple was built at the expense of the prince. Shortly after a stone cathedral was erected in its place at the request of Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich Romanov. The famous old believers served here: Grigory Neyronov and Protopop Avvakum. Kazan Cathedral was the parish church of the University of Moscow, where Napoleon’s winner, Field Marshal Mikhail Kutuzov, received his blessing.


At the end of the 18th century. The temple was rebuilt in the style of classicism. The church lost several halls and became an unremarkable building, not very different from the characteristic buildings. In the early 1800s, the bell tower of the tent was dismantled, which was replaced by a modern one. A sad fate awaited the church in Soviet times. In the 1930s It was decided to demolish the building. The Red Square was supposed to be the place of socialist demonstrations, and there was no place for the church.

We owe the restoration of the heritage to the magnificent restoration architect of the Soviet era P. Baranovsky (1892-1984), who, upon learning of the demolition, ordered precise measurements of the church. In 1990-1993 based on them, the temple was recreated, and not in the classic, but in the old original Russian style. Nastennaliturgy The fresco painting was also stylized as old.

A cozy small church is a true complex: there is a bell tower, two chapels, the main temple and a gallery that unites all parts. Kazan Cathedral is a difference in height, so from the side of the Historical Museum there is a gentle slope, as if inviting a wide staircase. Then the visitor arrives at the gallery. Judging by the unusually large size of the windows for the Middle Ages, the gallery was initially open, but then the room was glazed.

The most beautiful part of XPDetail Kokoshnikama foam is the termination. The whole church is made in the characteristic style of the “Baroque Naryshkin”. Typical for him are the contrasting colors (red, green, white), the rich decoration of the exterior walls and the “foam” of the kokoshniks, a decorative technique that conceals the transition from the main volume of the church to the dome. The church itself belongs to the type of simple pillar without a head, that is, there is not a single support inside the building. Two more domes outside belong to the

If you are going to visit the Kazan Cathedral in Moscow, you should know that it was built to commemorate the liberation of the Russian state from the Polish-Lithuanian interventionists, which was carried out with the intercession and the help of the Mother of God, which showed his mercy through the miraculous icon of Kazan.

What you should know Kazan Cathedral in Moscow: the wooden church was built with the money of Prince Pozharsky in 1625, but it was burned in 1634. Later the first Russian czar of the Romans Mikhail Feodorovich financed the construction of the new one; In this time of stone. The church was consecrated in 1636 and has become one of the most important churches in Moscow, now it is open not only for tourists; but also for believers who come to religious activities.

When touring the Kazan Cathedral in Moscow you should keep in mind that it has been rebuilt several times, in the years 1760, 1802-05, 1865. In the years 1925-1933 the architect P.D. Baranovsky decided to restore it to return its original design.

In 1936 in Soviet times Iósif Stalin gave the order to demolish the churches throughout the city of Moscow. Although Baranovski tried to save her; He failed to prevent it from collapsing (although he succeeded with the St. Basil’s Cathedral, which is also located in the Red Square). In this place, they initially built a temporary office building for the Communists; later a cafeteria and public toilets.

The cathedral was restored in 1990-1993 with money from the mayor of Moscow and donations from citizens. Kazan Cathedral is the first in Moscow, which was completely lost in Soviet times and then recreated in its original forms; which was possible thanks to the measurements made by the architect P.D. Baranovsky before the destruction and historical investigations of S.A. Smirnova

On November 4, 1993, the Kazan Cathedral in Moscow was consecrated by the Patriarch.

Schedule of the Kazan Cathedral in Moscow.

Every day from 08: 00h to 20: 00h

Address and how to get to the Kazan Cathedral in Moscow.

Nikolskaya Street, house 3, 109012. It is located in the Paza Roja.

The Metro station of the Kazan Cathedral in Moscow is Ploschad Revolutsi (Revolution Square) of dark blue line or Okhotni Ryad of red line.

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