Kiev: a destination in Ukraine

Places to visit in Kiev during your stay in Ukraine. What to see in Kiev, a tourist destination outside of Russia. Hiking in Kiev is ideal if you want to go further.

After lunch, you can take a sunbed and ride in Khreshchatyk with an important pan: the weekend is made available to pedestrians and pleasure crews. And after driving a little over a kilometer along the widest avenue in Europe, you should think about where to go further: to the monastery, to the old Cathedral of Saint Sophia, built by Yaroslav the Wise, or to the new Church Vladimir, painted according to Kiev standards, painted by Nesterov and Vasnetsov.


Antés Kiev was the capital of Russia and the whole country of Ukraine was included in the USSR; It is now the capital of Ukraine; It is a wonderful place to go shopping, have a snack and enjoy the pleasures that modernity offers you. Here you can find stores at the forefront of fashion, coffees that are both bookstores with a vintage atmosphere; and glass buildings that create a spectacular urban landscape; In addition, prices are much cheaper than in other nearby cities.

The places you should visit in Kiev are the Cathedral of Saint Sophia, Church of Saint Michael and Saint Andrew, the House of Chimeras, the Independence Square, the Khreschatyi Park and the Golden Gate; which was the first construction in Europe; which, while serving as a military fortress, was also a religious center.

The Hagia Sophia Cathedral in Kiev is one of the best known structures in all of Ukraine. Completed in the mid-eleventh century, it was used as a burial place for several regents until it was devastated during the Mongol invasions. It would be completely renovated centuries later in 1740.

The Church of St. Michael, or Monastery of St. Michael of the Golden Domes, is recognized for its large golden domes and its location in the upper city of Kiev. Despite having been destroyed by the Soviet Union in the 1930s, it could be restored to its former glory after Ukraine gained its independence.

The House of Chimeras, House with Chimeras or Gorodetsky House, is an art novueau building located at number 10 on Bankova street in Kiev. Built between 1901 and 1902 by architect Wladyslaw Horodecki, it was originally a luxury residence building. It has been used since 2005 as a presidential residence and for diplomatic and official meetings.

Its name is not due to the presence of some chimera of mythology as an ornament on its facade. It was named after the figures of animals adorning the building, in an architectural style also called “chimera”.

Independence Square is located on Jreshchatyk Street in the center of Kiev. His first historical mention was in the 10th century under the name “Perevísyhch” by the local Jreschátyk. When the industrial revolution reached the Russian Empire, the square became the economic center, commercial and recreational center of the city of Kiev.

The square has been rebuilt and renamed several times throughout its extensive history, with names such as Kozyne Boloto, Jreshchátitskaya Ploshcha, Dúmskaya, Soviétskaya, Kalíninskaya and Plóschad Zhóvtnevoyi revolyutsii.

After the Second World War and the fall of the Soviet Union, the square was completely remodeled and renovated, being renamed “Nezalézhnosti”, which means independence.

The Golden Gate of Kiev was erected in the mid-eleventh century by Yaroslav the Wise. He received this name by the desire of the regent to imitate the Byzantine empire of the time. It was partially destroyed during the Mongol invasions, and would not be rebuilt until 1982, on the occasion of the 1500th anniversary of Kiev. A museum was installed that tells the story of the gate and the long city.

Kiev is one of the most controversial places now in the territory of Eastern Europe, but the truth is that the news does not do justice is this beautiful city that has been marred by conflicts in the country; that they are not situated at all in the Ukrainian capital; The conflicts are in the furthest part in the northwest of the country.

Ukraine is experiencing a moment of uncertainty over a change of government forced by the people; and supported by the army, but its culture and tourist places make Kiev; The capital of Ukraine is a place increasingly demanded by tourists traveling to this part of Europe.

How to get to Kiev

Who does not know the famous proverb “language will bring to Kiev”! They say that it emerged in those days when the maps did not yet exist, which means that travelers had to slowly arrive in the city, asking each person they met. Today, getting to Kiev is never a problem, even if there are some nuances in logistics. Direct trains go between the capitals, buses go. When traveling by air transport, transfers cannot be avoided, but the connections in Minsk are very short and do not complicate the trip much.


The Kiev metro is a fairly convenient and fast means of transport. Three branches with a total length of 65 km with 52 stations and three exchange nodes allow you to reach the most remote areas of the city. Trains leave from 5:30 to 0:00, the fare is 8 UAH. Payment is made by means of tokens (purchased at the vending machines or at the ticket offices of the stations) or by a refilled transport card (security deposit of 12 UAH).

Public land transport: buses, trolleybuses, trams and a cable car are operated by Kyivpasstrans (official website in Ukrainian). The network of its routes covers the city and the surrounding suburbs. Tickets cost 8 UAH, you can buy them at the kiosk at the bus stop, from the driver or driver. The fine for stowaways is 60-80 UAH. From 5:50 a.m. at 9:40 p.m., an urban train travels a circular route of 50 km. Pass through residential areas on both banks of the Dnieper, the range of movement is 10-30 minutes, a ticket is 8 UAH.

Public transport is competed in private yellow buses that operate in more than 200 directions. The fare is 5-7 UAH depending on the distance, payment to the driver.

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