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What to visit in Russia on vacation, here are some tips. Events to attend in Russia. while touring the most emblematic places. What to see in the city of Sochi, the so-called Kinotavr International Film Festival.

Extraordinary events that you can visit on your trip to Russia.

Russia is characterized by a rich culture; with excellence in his artistic representations of ballet, theater, and also in the cinema.

Festival Internacional de Cine Kinotavr

History of the film festival.

Kinotavr’s predecessor was the Unfilled Film Festival, organized in April 1990 in Podolsk (Moscow region) by the independent company Podmoskovye and its leader Mark Rudinshtein. The event was designed to support Soviet films that were not available for rent due to competition with foreign films.

The first Kinotavr All-Union Film Festival was held in Sochi from May 23 to 31, 1991. The organizer of the event was again the creative association “Moscow Region” with the participation of “Screen” magazine, the newspaper “House of Cinema “and the Union of Filmmakers of the USSR. The original idea of ​​the creators of Kinotavr was to combine mass and elite cinema (hence the name comes from the words “cinema” and “centaur”). For this, two parallel programs were created: “Cinema for the Elect” and “Cinema for All”.

In the first competition, the winners were selected by a professional panel of judges chaired by the critic Viktor Demin, and in the second by the jury. The first winners of Kinotavr were the films The Pinto Dog Running Over the Sea by director Karen Gevorgyan and The Bitch Children by Leonid Filatov.

In 1992, “Kinotavr” instead of “All-Union” became the “national film festival”. In 1993 he received support from the state. Kinotavr began to participate in the Russian Cinematography Committee. Actor Oleg Yankovsky became the president of Kinotavr.

In 1994, in parallel with Kinotavr, the Sochi International Film Festival was held for the first time. According to the regulations, only the directors who filmed no more than three films could participate in this show. The main prize of the international program was called “Great Pearl”. In 1999-2004, the main prize of the Russian program was called Golden Rose.

In 2005, the leadership of the festival changed. Leading producer Mark Rudinstein and Kinotavr president Oleg Yankovsky have left their posts. The festival brand was acquired by the head of the “CTC Media” holding company Alexander Rodnyansky.

The program

In 2005, the Sochi International Festival ceased to exist, only the Russian Kinotavra program was abandoned.

Since 2011, foreign-produced films in the Russian language can participate in the festival’s competition program. Feature films produced in the year of the festival and the previous one, which did not participate in other Russian festivals and were not rented, can participate in the main competition.

In addition to showing competitive and non-competitive paintings, round tables, workshops and presentations (presentation of projects to find investors) are traditionally held within the framework of the festival.


During the existence of the festival, the list of nominations has changed repeatedly. In recent years, at the Kinotavr, prizes for the best film (Grand Prix), direction, male and female roles, camera work, debut, the Grigory Gorin Prize “For the best screenplay” and a special diploma called thus by Mikael Tariverdiev “For the musical decision of the film”, prize of the contest “Kinotavr. Short Metro”, honorary prize “For contribution to the cinema”, etc.


The winners are awarded with statuettes, the symbols of the Kinotavr (a golden ball, whose upper half represents the sun and the lower half, the sea), as well as diplomas and cash prizes. The winner in the feature film contest receives a cash prize of 625 thousand rubles.

In recent years, the Grand Prix has been won by the truce directed by Svetlana Proskurina (2010), the indifference of Oleg Flyangolts (2011), I Will Be Near by Pavel Ruminov (2012), Geographer Drunk the Globe by Alexander Veledinsky ( 2013), “Test” by Alexander Kott (2014), “About Love” by Anna Melikyan (2015) and “Good Boy” by Oksana Karas (2016).


The president of the festival (since 2010) is Alexander Rodnyansky, the co-chairs of the board of directors are Fedor Bondarchuk and Marianna Sardarova.

Kinotavr – 2017

The 28th Kinotavr Open Russian Film Festival was held at the Sochi Winter Theater from June 7 to 14, 2017, with a budget of 166 million rubles. The jury was chaired by the People’s Artist of Russia, Evgeny Mironov. In the main competition, 14 films were presented.

The main prize was received by Boris Khlebnikov’s “Arrhythmia” tape. The awards for the best director were awarded to Rezo Gigineishvili, who directed the movie “Hostages.” Inga Oboldina was recognized as the best actress for her role in the melody of Kirill Pletnev “Burn!”. The best actor was Alexander Yatsenko, who played an ambulance doctor in Arrhythmia.

Kinotavr – 2018

The XXIX Kinotavr Open Russian Film Festival will be held in Sochi from June 2 to 10, 2018. The jury is chaired by director Alexei Popogrebsky. The main contest presents 12 films. During the opening ceremony, the film “Cyril Serebrennikov” Summer “on the youth of the rock musician Viktor Tsoi will be shown. The closing film of the screening will be Vera Krichevskaya’s documentary” The Sobchak Case. “It is based on a series of talks with the daughter of the first mayor of St. Petersburg, the journalist Ksenia Sobchak, with well-known Russian politicians and statesmen, including President Vladimir Putin.

What to see in the city of Sochi

Every year, in the city of Sochi, the important Kinotavr festival is celebrated. The contest began in 1991; during hard times for the film production system. At that time, the aim of the festival was to support the industry in the crisis and help filmmakers in the search for financial resources for their accomplishments.

From the year 2005 there were great changes in the structure of the festival: the international program was set aside and the event began to focus exclusively on Russian productions.

The ceremony takes place in the Winter Theater on the shores of the Black Sea; which is why the festival alternates cinematographic acts with beach rest and various cultural events such as artistic debates, concerts or meetings of filmmakers.

Currently, the festival works primarily as a launching and promotion platform for Russian film productions.

The jury is composed of prominent personalities of the Russian film industry. In the 2014 edition of Kinotavr, the jury was chaired by Andrei Zvyagintsev, recognized worldwide for his film “Leviathan.” Zvyaginstsey was awarded in Cannes for his work as director in that work.

The prestigious jury awards prizes in several categories, including: The Grand Prix, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Debut, Best Screenplay, Best Soundtrack, and the

Kinotavr Prize for Short Films.

Films out of competition and special exhibitions of the most relevant productions of the year are also screened.

Kinotavr lasts a full week and takes place in the month of June. If the weather permits, the projections can be displayed for free outside the premises, using screens located especially for the occasion.

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