What to see in the forests of Komi

Visit the forests of Komi, where nature is a city in the Taiga region. Hiking through the forests of Komi is ideal if you like everything related to nature. What to see in the forests of Komi here we tell you.

Visitar los bosques de Komi

Visit the forests of Komi

If we travel north of the Ural Mountains we will find the Taiga region; an area that, honoring the stereotypes of the great Russian extensions; It has no less than 32,000 square kilometers, that is, the size of Belgium. This region is one of the most important natural areas in the entire country; in fact it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It has the virtue of having been the first region to hold that title in Russia.

There in Taiga are the Komi forests, beautiful and impressive areas of firs and larches; that extend throughout the region dyeing it a bright green, a landscape like very few around the world.

One of the main virtues of these forests is that they are one of the few areas on the planet that still remains virgin; that is, that man has not yet modified. Best of all, if you travel to Russia you can get to know this region since ecotourism has been developing for some years, and there are several excursions in Russia that offer a visit to this region.

It is part of the Pechora-Ilich nature reserve and the Yugyd Va national park. Obtaining status as a World Heritage Site has allowed it to remain safe from pollution and deforestation. The Russian government and local authorities have done a great job keeping the area safe from illegal logging, mining without state regulation, and the contamination of its waters by them.

Before receiving state protection, the area was exploited by mining due to its wealth of gold, thus putting at risk the delicate entire ecosystem and the most extensive virgin forest in Europe.

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Hike through the forests of Komi

Excursionar por los bosques de Komi

Hiking through the forests of Komi: Virgin forests grow in the northern Ural Mountains in the Republic of Komi. The flat and mountainous tundra forests have extended an expressive green canvas in two large conservation areas. The Pechora-Ilych Reserve and the Yugyd Va National Park.

One of the largest surviving massifs of boreal forests in Europe impresses with the size of its trees. Coniferous species, birch and aspen grow in abundance in a vast territory.


What to see in the forests of Komi

What to see in the forests of Komi: Between forests, rivers and lakes flow, swampy swamps extend. The remoteness of the industrial zones favors the preservation of the primary pristine nature. Transportation routes are poorly developed in the region.

People are not in a hurry to develop and adapt the land for agricultural activities. Due to intransigence, reserved lands were not explored until the end of the 19th century. Most of them can be reached by horse, boat or ski.

Visiting the forests of Komi has many picturesque natural places to hike through the forests of Komi. The most popular tourist destinations are the islands and rapids, the banks and waterfalls, the gutters of the rivers in the rocks, the so-called gates. Beautiful panoramic views of the Urals, the taiga perspective in the Lower Ob and the Pechora plain. They open from the peaks of Manaragi, Narodnaya, Cofre and Saber. Near the rivers Ilich, Podchemer, Shchugor and Big Son are often intricate columns, “ruins”, outliers and unusual sites formed as a result of weathering to see in the Komi forests.

Weathering pillars on Mount Manpupuner

In the upper reaches of Pechora, from south to north, there is a narrow ridge with strong stony slopes: Manpupuner. This name, translated from the Mansi language, sounds like “a small mountain of idols.” The hunters called them small doodles, and tourists called them the mountain of stone idols. This peak has become famous for the most famous outliers in the form of majestic stone pillars, located 700 meters above sea level.

Que ver en los bosques de Komi

The remains difficult to destroy consist of sericitic quartzite shales, which were formed under the influence of water and wind, which for thousands of years have cut the rock into separate pillars. Its surface is veined with a mass of deep, almost horizontal and less pronounced vertical cracks.

What to see in the forests of Komi: The pillars, monuments of the destroyed mountain range, have a height of 22 to 50 m. Mansiyskie’s tits are often compared to the idols of Easter Island.

Shaman Mountain or Mount Yerkusey

Visit the forests of Komi: Local reindeer herders know this place of worship. Many legends go on Mount Yerkusey with a height of 1099 meters. One of them says that one of the last shamans in these parts is buried at the foot, and an evil spirit inhabits the mountain itself. He flies out of the cave in the form of wind and kills the deer. Until now, reindeer herders who move herds to summer pastures are supposed to leave a sacrifice on top of Yerkusey, the head of a white deer.

Bogatyr-Slit Rock

The picturesque erosion-karst erosion rocks resemble the heads of warriors hanging on pedestals. They are located on the right bank of the Big Son River. Bogatyr-Shchelya is composed of Silurian Dolomites. They have a large number of fossils: simple and colonial tubular corals. According to a legend, the heroes are on guard of the river and act as their protectors.

The protected Schugor River

Que ver en los bosques de Komi

Hiking through the forests of Komi: The Schugor River epitomizes the name of the park “Yugyd va” (in the Komi language means “bright water”), the cleanest and most transparent water in the reserve flows into it. Hundreds of small streams and springs run into it. Colored stones at the bottom can be seen to the smallest detail at a depth of 8 meters.

During rafting along the river, you can see the floating grayling under the boat. Visiting the forests of Komi can allow this type of activity in certain seasons of the year.

The most interesting section in the shape of the river valley canyon is all kinds of weathering: pillars, tents, caves, depressions and shelves. In the narrow sections of the river, the upper, middle and lower doors look more impressive. Visiting the Komi forests is pleasant in case of climate and landscapes.

Cliff group Le Keyes

The colorful group of rocks consists of layers of dense, small, crystalline, medium carbon limestone, standing “on the head.” They arise in the form of layers that divide the throats. A group of rocks represents the shape of a relief created by the erosion of river water and cold weather. “Sliding mirrors” are visible on the surface.

Hiking through the forests of Komi is a very good idea to go and be in touch with nature. Visiting the forests of Komi is the best experiences of your life, you can contact us. What to see in the forests of Komi you can do with us.