Visit the ice cave of Kungur

Visiting the ice cave of Kungur is an opportunity few have. What to see in the Kungur ice cave here we show it. How to get to the Kungur ice cave and much more in GuiaRus.

How to get to the Kungur ice cave

Como llegar hacia la cueva de hielo de Kungur

One of the largest caves in all of Russia. The Kungur Ice Cave is located between the Perm and Yekateringurg region, in the Urals.

The scientists and geologists who study this peculiar cave affirm that its formation dates from about 10,000 to 12,000 years ago. So it is one of the oldest caverns on the planet.



What to see in the ice cave of Kungur

It has a total length of more than five and a half kilometers. Approximately 5600 meters and has about 60 underground lakes that cross the paths of its caves.

Due to the immensity of this cavern; Electric light has been installed and part of the caves has been conditioned so that totally safe tourist tours can be made inside.

Visit the ice cave of Kungur

Tour for tourists through the Kungur ice cave

The tour enabled for tourists consists of approximately one kilometer and a half. So it is a long journey, but without getting tired of people with little resistance.

Visitar la cueva de hielo de Kungur

The minerals presented have formed an infinity of crystals in the walls, floors and ceilings of this cavern and its caves that have the particularity that when they are illuminated with the light of a lantern; they reflect flashes of different colors.

Visiting the Kungur ice cave is one of the most famous and popular tourist attractions in the Urals. One of the main “business cards” of our region. No other Russian cave has such a rich history and is not as famous as reaching the Kungur ice cave.

Cave length

The length of this miracle of nature is very solid: 5700 meters. At the same time, only 1,500 meters are equipped for tourists. During this stretch, the cave has been cleared and equipped with special lighting that adds entertainment.

Cave Grottoes

In the Kungur ice cave there are 48 caves, about 60 lakes and 146 “organ pipes. The highest of which in the Ethereal cave reaches 22 meters. The air temperature in most caves is approximately zero. The largest cave cave is the geographers cave, its volume is 50 thousand cubic meters.

The state of the ice in the cave depends on the temperature regime. In winter, the Kungur cave is “frozen”: special vents open. On the contrary, they are closed for the summer.

However, with the beginning of regular excursions in the cave, the perennial ice began to melt gradually. How to get to the Kungur ice cave, our guides will advise you.


la cueva de hielo de Kungur

Surprisingly, the minimum temperature in the cave is in the entrance caves. There are always negative temperatures: in summer it is not greater than -2-3 degrees, and in winter below -20.

Here are the most beautiful ice formations. Especially famous for its beauty is the first grotto: the diamond. At the end of winter, it contains the most beautiful crystals of the tray and the shape of the needle.

Lakes of the cave

In the cave Kungur is a beautiful lake with clear water. They have a connection with the Sylva River and when it rises in it, the water also flows. The largest lake has a simple name: the large underground lake and has a volume of water of 1300 cubic meters. Its depth reaches three meters.

In the lakes of the caves you can see aquatic crustaceans and small frogs.

Kungur Ice Cave Age

The age of the Kungur ice cave is 10-12 thousand years. The Kungur cave today continues to develop and grow. In this sense, landslides sometimes occur here. Then, in 1974, due to a collapse that blocked the exit of the cave, a group of students was forced to celebrate the New Year in the cave.

Cave history

The history of the study of the cave began in distant 1703, when the first plants just emerged in the Urals. This year, the cave was visited by the famous figure of that time Semyon Remezov and developed the foreground of the cave.

Historians attribute the first commercial tours of the cave in the mid-19th century. Then, the inhabitants of the village of Bannoye drove curious tourists through the cave.

In Soviet times, he was seriously engaged in the study and popularization of the Kungur ice cave. In 1948, a scientific hospital was established in the cave. In 1969, due to the great interest of tourists, the Kungur Travel and Excursions Office was opened in the year. The maximum peak of visits occurred in 1980, when 202,481 people visited the cave. A big number!

la cueva de hielo de Kungur

Entry and exit of the cave.

By the way, the entrance to the Kungur ice cave, through which visitors enter, is artificial. A 40-meter tunnel broke into the mountain in 1937. The cave’s exit is also an artificial tunnel. Its length is even more: 100 meters. How to get to the Kungur ice cave and make your respective expedition will help you with it.


Excursions and visiting tips

When is the best time to visit the Kungur ice cave?

The best time to visit the Kungur ice cave, one of the main attractions of the Ural and Perm territory is the end of winter. The beginning of spring (from February to April), when the ice formations reach the most impressive sizes and shapes.

Contacts and mode of operation

How to get to the Kungur ice cave: Since you can enter the cave only with an excursion, after you have bought a ticket. In the Kungur ice cave, it has its own opening hours. The Kungur ice cave is open every day, seven days a week, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. At night, the cave is closed.

An underground expedition that you cannot miss on your trip to Russia .. You can visit the Kungur ice cave with GuiaRus and know how to get to the Kungur ice cave with our team.