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What to see in Russia and its emblematic places during your holidays. There are thousands of museums to visit in Russia, however, here we will talk about why to visit the House-Museum of Maksimiliana Voloshina.

Museums to visit in Russia
Visit the House-Museum of Maksimiliana Voloshina
history Museum
Visit the House-Museum of Maksimiliana Voloshina – The exhibition

Museums to visit in Russia

In all the big cities like Moscow, St. Petersburg there are Houses-museums where famous people used to live (writers, poets, painters, artists, etc.), which can now be visited alone or with a guided tour. We tell you about one that belonged to M.Voloshin.

Visit the House-Museum of Maksimiliana Voloshina

About a century ago, intellectuals gathered at Voloshin’s house to socialize; Relax and be inspired by fresh impressions. Guests come here in search of peace and solitude, escaping the hustle and bustle of city life; in search of like-minded people who are able to understand their internal feelings. That is why Voloshin’s house was always full of live spores of fine jokes; Literary and spiritual advice.

The Crimean guest list is quite impressive; Voloshin, Osip Mandelstam, A. Blanco, M. Gorky, Bryusov, M. Bulgakov, A. Green, S. Efron, Tsvietáieva, Gumilev, Ilya Ehrenburg, Zoshchenko, Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin and other famous artists were observed in the hall. They came from big cities like Moscow, St. Petersburg to find peace and rest. Today, the route to the famous poet’s house is available to all types of people. Every year thousands of tourists come here, fans of poetry or simply those people eager to admire the old interiors and enter the spirit of the Silver Age.

history Museum

The most important role in the appearance of the house-museum of M. Voloshin is the one played by the poet’s widow, M. S. Voloshina, who during the most difficult historical conditions, she was able to save not only the interiors of the rooms; but also the files that belong to the poet, his documents and the library. With these files the base of the collection was formed. The Voloshin House-Museum was inaugurated in August 1984; and in 2001 he joined the ecological, historical and cultural Republican Koktebele of the Reserve “Cimmeria M. A. Voloshina.” The revival of the tradition of summer visits to Koktebel, where every August the Voloshin house-museum attracts fans to celebrate their birthday.


Already on the threshold of the museum, his guests begin to feel the spirit of a special intellectual world. The exhibition is presented in three rooms, all exhibitions are a reflection of the biography and work of the poet and artist. The real pride of this place is the Voloshin collection of paintings, also here you can see separately the works of other Russian artists.

The museum’s collection contains more than 60 thousand exhibits, among which about four thousand books. The scientific library is updated periodically thanks to the gifts presented to the museum. Here you can find solid and very well preserved memorial rooms, the famous Voloshin Workshop, the poet’s library, whose fifth part is autographed publications by famous figures of Russian and world culture.

Almost all the items at the bottom of the museum are rare and commemorative. The archive is rich in personal documents of the poet: here you can find notebooks and letters from various correspondents to Voloshin, manuscripts and manuscripts that contain copyright corrections, translations and letters to family, acquaintances and friends. The negative and positive aspects done personally by M.A. Voloshin are especially valuable.

The museum demonstrates the beauty of household items and decorative art objects. The place is full of homemade furniture with elements of inlay and paint, some were used to burn, some of the things were done at that time by the same M.A. Voloshin, on the other hand his drawings were used.

There is no special decoration in the house. The miniature rooms have whitewashed walls, linen pillows, many stools, benches and book shelves scattered on solid sofas of their own manufacture.

The first room presents the literary and historical exhibition to the guests. Upon arriving here, tourists and guests of the city prepare for a new tour of the museum. The room is widely represented by documents, photographs and letters, which detail the path of life and work of Maximilian Voloshin.

The second floor invites you to continue with the workshop, which has completely retained its atmosphere after repair. Everything is here in its place, just like during the life of the homeowner. The furniture and the interior of this space emphasize the delicate taste of the poet and his hobbies. Clay vases with dried mountain plants, a Voloshin desk, shelves, an easel and brushes: the atmosphere seems to have peace and quiet thoughts.

The center of the workshop is the so-called “Taiah cabin”, whose name comes from the copy of the sculptural portrait of the ancient Egyptian queen Mutnodezhemet, sung by Voloshin under the name of the mysterious princess “Taiakh” located on the wall. Nearby there are a series of paintings, among which are the artist’s work in watercolor with elements of eastern and western art, and the most attentive guests will probably be interested in sea shells, wooden and stone figures and gemstones necklaces. In the cabin you can relax on two low-level home sofas, on which Japanese woodcuts are placed, which are part of the collection compiled by the poet.

Visit the House-Museum of Maksimiliana Voloshina – The exhibition

The garden of the Voloshin building is of great value, which preserves the original interiors, among which the poet’s workshop and a library stand out.

The museum has collected and compiled more than 60 thousand pieces within this interesting collection.

The first room covers the main milestones of the life and work of the poet, here they present their documents, personal letters and photographs. On the second floor there is a workshop, which also retains its authentic decoration. There is furniture inside, collected and grouped in this space, which demonstrates the poet’s delicate taste and tastes.

How to get to the museum house of M. A. Voloshin in Koktebel

It is possible to reach the museum from any city in Crimea; for this, they take a bus that goes to the Koktebel stop. From there they move along Parachute Street towards the embankment, you can also go along Lenin Street to the Writers House and then through the central alley to the museum. Urban transport does not reach the historical part of the city, so you will have to walk to the place or use local taxi services.

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