Lenin´s Tomb

Lenin’s mausoleum is a large granite structure, the architecture of which reflects the style of the beginning of the last century. The grave collects long lines of tourists who have been waiting for a long time just to see this great Soviet historical figure. Since this attraction is only open for a few hours, a trip here must be planned in advance.

Tourists are attracted great location: next door is the Kremlin complex with the Savior, the Senate and Nikolskaya towers, the monument to Minin and Pozharsky, Okhotny Ryad, place of execution, St. Basil’s cathedral, Kazan cathedral , State History Museum.

opening hours and price

Lenin Mausoleum opening hours in 2019
In 2019, the leader’s grave can be visited according to the following calendar:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday: 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
The work schedule is changed periodically in connection with the closure of maintenance and body treatment, or with restoration work.

Ticket prices for Lenin’s mausoleum
There is no charge to enter Lenin’s Mausoleum!

In no case should you buy tickets, many try to make money from them. Such offers should be considered fraud.

The history

The debate over Lenin’s traditional funeral continues from the moment of his death and continues today. Many activists consider it inhumane to flaunt the deceased, while some call for the burial due to political beliefs and a change in the regime. Guests of the capital who are interested in visiting this attraction should not delay the trip to the mausoleum. As the question remains open, there is no guarantee that the grave will always be in the central plaza.

For the same political reasons, almost a century ago, the citizens of the USSR wanted to preserve the body of the first leader of the proletariat, to show it, thereby expressing their respect. Initially, the construction of the mausoleum was made of wood. The floor plan is still kept in the strictest confidence. In the first month after Lenin’s death, the mausoleum was visited by over a hundred thousand people and it was decided to replace it with a granite building. From then until now, the number of visitors is in the millions.

More details

In the history of the USSR, there was a case in which Lenin’s body left the mausoleum. In 1941, he was transported to Siberia when Moscow was in danger due to the Nazis. It was believed that the Nazis would destroy the symbol of the USSR. Maintaining the body has proven challenging over time.

Every eighteen months, Lenin’s body is removed from the sarcophagus and processed in a bath with chemical solutions. The level of temperature and humidity in the grave is strictly controlled so that the efforts of the caretakers of the body are not in vain and future generations can see such an important historical figure.

The body of Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin was placed in the same mausoleum after his death in 1953. However, later, in 1961, the former dictator was removed from the mausoleum and buried near the Kremlin wall along with other Union political figures. Soviet. This was done by order of Secretary General Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev, who sacredly honored Lenin’s covenants, but struggled with the cult of Stalin’s personality.

Today, the last restoration work was carried out in 2013. The flow of tourists remains stable throughout the year, including not only Russians, but also many foreigners. In the center of the capital, there are no problems with accommodation. Within walking distance there are many small cozy hotels and expensive trendy hotels with a direct view of the country’s main square.

How to enter Lenin’s mausoleum

Visitors can enter the mausoleum from the Alexander Garden. There is no admission fee, but opening hours are limited, hence the long lines. The line passes fast enough, because visitors to the tomb don’t stay long. The total waiting time, as a rule, does not take more than half an hour.

At the entrance you must go through the control point and the metal detector frame. In the Alexander Garden there is a paid luggage office where you can leave your personal belongings, such as bulky luggage and bulk bags, drinks and any liquids, photography and video equipment, telephones, metal objects that cannot be brought to the tomb.

Order and compliance are closely monitored, so it is unlikely that they will be able to photograph Vladimir Ilyich. Doing this is also not worth it because the camera or phone is removed immediately. The phone can only deposit in off mode.

How to get to the V.I. mausoleum Lenin

There are several ways to get to the main square, where the tomb is located:


The closest metro stations to the mausoleum are “Ploshchad Revolyutsii” on the Arbat-Pokrovskaya line, “Okhotny Ryad” on the Sokolnicheskaya line. You can go a little earlier and walk to the mausoleum on foot, as the center of the capital is full of attractions.

Ground transportation modes

The closest bus stop is called Red Square. Before buses number M5 and 158 leave. On the opposite side of the mausoleum within walking distance there is a ground transportation stop “Manezhnaya Square” with routes No. K, M1, M2, M3, M27, 144, 243. At night, buses N1 and H2 pass through there.

It is very convenient to use the Yandex.Taxi, Gett, Maxim and Uber mobile applications to call a taxi.

It is very easy to navigate in the same square, the grave of the leader of the world proletariat is located near the northeast wall of the Kremlin complex and seen from all sides of Red Square, it is impossible to get lost here.