Visit the Manpupunior Plateau: What to see on the Manpupunior Plateau

What to see in the Manpupunior Plateau and more here we will tell you. How to get to the Manpupunior Plateau, it is important, so in GuiaRus we have prepared this special article for you. Visiting the Manpupunior Plateau has never been better.

Que ver en la Meseta de Manpupunior

What to see in the Manpupunior Plateau

Visit the Manpupunior Plateau

Visit the Manpupunior Plateau: We all know the famous statues built by the Rapanui on Easter Island. Those impressive solid stone moi carved in the form of a face and carefully placed side by side forming long lines in a mystical and mysterious landscape.

This type of landscape, formed by imposing rock statues, whether carved or not; It is repeated many times on several islands, making it a typical Indian Ocean scenario. Another even better known case is Stonehenge. Where the imposing rock lacquers placed in a circular shape and its use is still unknown. Visiting the Manpupunior Plateau is an incredible experience that you should not miss.

How to get to the Manpupunior Plateau

How to get to the Manpupunior Plateau: Although it is believed that it had to do with the execution of rituals. What many people do not know is that they do not need to travel to the Indian Ocean to see such a fascinating and surreal spectacle. What to see in the Manpupunior Plateau is too much indescribable beauty, so you must go.

Within Russia, in the area of ​​Taigá; To the north of the Ural Mountains is the Manpupunior Plateau, a place where this rocky landscape is repeated. However, here it is nature that has carved it capriciously. What to see in the Manpupunior Plateau: There are seven statues that reach 40 meters high formed by natural erosion.

Que ver en la Meseta de Manpupunior

In addition to guided excursions. Visiting the Manpupunior Plateau you will discover that sports tourism develops a lot. Therefore, if you are interested in a destination that goes beyond the typical quiet and picturesque town. The Manpupunior Plateau awaits you.

Brief history

More than 200 million years ago, the Ural Mountains stood majestically on planet Earth, but the wind and water over the centuries gradually destroyed them. As a result, it is now almost the lowest mountain in the world. However, not everywhere the elements could have a detrimental effect on the rocks. There is a place where stones could survive in the so-called duel with nature.

We are talking about the Manpupuner weathering pillars, which are located in the Russian Republic of Komi. In ancient times, it was they who were worshiped by the Mansi tribes. Its language “Manpupuner” is translated as “small mountain of idols.”

Weathering pillars

In total, there are seven stone idols on the Manpupuner Plateau, which to see on the Manpupunior Plateau. They have quite complex shapes and from different angles they look like the head of a horse or now a true giant. Some even believe that the stone giants can move.

Of course, this is not so, only from different angles can they be easily confused. The main drawback, which is at the same time an advantage of the Manpupuner plateau, is its remoteness from residential places, because there are no settlements hundreds of kilometers away.

Therefore, you can visit the Manpupunior Plateau on foot, which only well-trained tourists can do, or by helicopter. This has its advantages, because vandals and random people just won’t get here. But thanks to such difficulties, Manpupuner is a lovely place.

Mansi Blocks

Como llegar a la Meseta de Manpupunior

Looking at these weathering pillars or, as they are also called, Mansi blocks, it is hard to believe that the destruction of the mountains can create such a miracle. But this is true. Over the course of millions of years, the weathering of the Ural Mountains occurred. Weak rocks were destroyed and more persistent ones formed the pillars of Manpupuner.

It is noteworthy that in 2008 they were recognized as one of the seven wonders of Russia.

Own legends about the Manpupunior Plateau

The local population of the Urals, called Voguls, has its own legends about the origin of Manpupuner. Then, according to one of them, six giants ran after the Voguls. When the latter wanted to hide behind the Stone Belt.

The giants almost managed to reach the Voguli, when a white-faced shaman Yalpingner unexpectedly met him. He raised his hand to the sky and cast a spell, and immediately the giants turned into stones. Unfortunately, the shaman himself was also numb forever. Then they stand, facing each other.

Another legend of its inhabitants

Visitar la Meseta de Manpupunior

Seven giant shamans went to Rifey to destroy the Mansi and the Voguls. As they climbed to Koip and saw the sacred mountain of the Voguls of Yalpingner, they realized the power and greatness of the Vogul gods.

The horror chained them so much that they became stone statues. Only the main leader of the shamans managed to raise his hand to the sky to close Yalpingner’s eyes. But this did not help him, he was also petrified.

How to get to the Manpupunior Plateau: There are currently 5 visit routes to the plateau

  • A route by car from the Sverdlovsk region with a visit to the Dyatlov pass, the Otorten mountain and the source of the Pechora river. Since 2014, it has been officially banned by 2 protected areas along the route. The Pechoro-Ilychsky reserve and the Ivdelsky reserve.The route from the Komi Republic through the reserve cords.
  • How to get to the Manpupunior Plateau: Walking route from the Sverdlovsk region with a visit to Dyatlov Pass,
  • Mount Otorten and the source of the Pechora River. This great route has been closed since 2012 due to the lack of preparation of the trail. Pedestrian passes are not issued. But they can be obtained on arrival in all-terrain vehicles or ATVs.
  • Helicopter rides Temporarily prohibited due to the lack of a helipad on the plateau.
  • Ski slope of the three rivers on the east side is a way to get to the Manpupunior Plateau.

In what to see in the Manpupunior Plateau you can do it with GuiaRus, to provide you with the best service. Visiting the Manpupunior Plateau will give you an unforgettable experience. We will give you information on how to get to the Manpupunior Plateau.