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The Russian circus in Moscow is an icon of Russian society, the Russian circus has always been avant-garde in its performances and has dedicated itself to making children around the world happy on their world tours.

Without a doubt, the Russian circus is a world reference, when talking about circuses in any conversation, the Russian circus will never be left behind. The Russian circus is characterized by the quality of its shows but also for working with amazing animals. Take advantage of your stay in Moscow with the family to visit this place of fun and entertainment.


The Kuklachov cat theater is very popular in Moscow, has very good reviews from Muscovites, is characterized by this innovative idea of, helped by cats that make adventures, make smiles and laugh at children and adults, this peculiar theater has Several times awarded prizes all over the world, it is the perfect place to end the day and enjoy a different show surrounded by comedy and fun.

The theater opened its doors for the first time on January 1, 1990.
The uniqueness of the Kuklachev Theater lies in the fact that everything that happens on stage is understandable to everyone, regardless of their nationality and age, since dialogue takes place in the language of feelings, and the language of feelings reveals the soul and gives the warmth of the heart to all.
In the Kuklachev Theater, the word “training” is missing. A cat is a proud and independent animal; It is impossible to do. The cat theater, the territory of love and kindness, only in an atmosphere with cats can create unusual numbers.

During the performance from the stage, in the auditorium, there is an energy of kindness and love.

Cat trials often take place at night, because the cat is a small predator, and in the dark they are more active. Let’s discover a little secret that you can try in your domestic cats: it all starts with the game. Tie a piece of hair or a bird’s feather on a rope, play with your pet and he will show you such skill that you will love. It is impossible to train a cat, but she perfectly feels love, attention and affection. For cats, performance is a game that brings joy.

For our cats, theater is life.

New projects in the cat theater

Cat theater has become the Temple of the Arts, the School of Goodness, created by Yuri Kuklachev, is open here. Before the presentation, you can go on excursions, learn about the history of the theater, get acquainted with the story of a domestic cat, as well as talk with tail artists and take pictures with them. For children and adults, RSFSR People’s Artist Yuri Kuklachev teaches master classes on the breeding of domestic cats.

And for school children, we carry out a “Journey to the magical world of cats”, where children learn to juggle, draw with sand, taste the art of pampering and understand that kindness is the main element of the spiritual world.

The famous cat theater under the direction of Yuri Kuklachev was created in 1990 and is located in the building of the old cinema “Call”, located in Kutuzovsky Prospekt. Yuri Kuklachev and his friends: photographers, designers and artists were able to create a unique and original world here, in which there is no war and hostility, discord and resentment.

In this circus theater, cats and dogs coexist beautifully together, and there is nothing for an adult to return to childhood and become a child again for a while, feeling peace and joy.

Today, the theater has two independent teams: one directed by Yuri Kuklachev and the other directed by Dmitry Kuklacheva. These compositions work alternately: when one goes on tour, the second remains in the theater and vice versa, therefore, the doors of the theater are always open to the most respected public, despite the numerous travel groups.

A tour around the world is taking place, because these lovely talented and fluffy artists look forward to every corner of the world. The Yuri Kuklachev Cat Theater has received numerous international awards, including the Gold Cup and the title “The most original theater in the world”, received during the Paris tour.

General information

Yuri Kuklachev is known not only as a representative of the funny clown genre, but also as a coach. He created the Cat Theater with miniatures of an act that have an acting character.

The Cats Theater of Yuri Kuklachev is located on the premises of the old “Call” cinema on Kutuzovsky Avenue. A team of like-minded people has become a welcoming world where they live perfectly: cats with a Gorovakov dog

The theater has two independent groups: Yuri Kuklachev and Dmitry Kuklachev. They work in theaters in a transversal way, therefore, despite numerous tours, the theater of practitioners Gary Geskiy 08/12/2019 8:36:10 OSD.RU

Moscow, Kutuzovsky Prospect, m. 25
Metro Station: Kiev, Kutuzov
a stop on any transport to st. Dunaevsky (towards the center)

operation mode:
The box is open from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

The ticket reservation department is open from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Price information:
Ticket price: from 500 to 2500 rubles.

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