The Great Moscow State Circus on Vernadsky Avenue is the largest stationary circus in Europe. The capacity of the optical boxes is more than 3300 places, the height of the dome is 26 meters. It has five quick change arenas: horse, ice, water, illusion and light. A separate test arena is found in the section behind the stage. Located in Moscow at the intersection of Vernadsky Avenue and Lomonosov Avenue. The nearest metro station is Universitet. Circus address: Vernadsky Avenue, 7. Since the 1950s, the population of Moscow has increased markedly, the capital has become the center of national and international tourism, and the city has needed new cultural objects, including a new circus .

One of the main specialists in the construction of circuses in the USSR was the architect Stepan Khristoforovich Satunts, according to the project of which a circus was already built for 2000 places in Tbilisi (1940). In 1952, his dissertation “Architecture of the Soviet circus (typological issues)” was published, where he analyzed in detail the experience of building national and foreign circuses since the 19th century.

About the circus

Between the outer deck and the suspended ceiling of the room there are grating levels with the ability to fix the equipment of the suspended stage at any point of the dome. The circus project included a series of technical innovations, namely: four film installations, xenon reflectors, speakers in the seatbacks, but the interchangeable pen system is considered the main original solution. The idea of ​​designing removable sands belongs to Georgy Semenovich Khromov (Honored Builder of Russia, awarded the State Prize of the USSR and the Prize of the Council of Ministers).

For construction, a site was chosen at the intersection of Vernadsky Avenue and Lomonosovsky Avenue in the Lenin Mountains (Vorobyov) at the site of a large wasteland cut by a ravine. Construction that began in 1964 was to be completed in 1967, but it was delayed for many years. The construction of the circus building was attended by up to ten construction departments.

The “Standard of Labor” factory was recognized as guilty of delaying construction time, which did not fix the dome roof panels in time. It was decided to complete and open the circus for the next date of the party. The first performances for builders took place in early April 1971, and the official inauguration took place on April 30, 1971. The first director was the ballet librettist, playwright, former director of the Kremlin Congress Center Peter Fedorovich Abolimov.

In recent years, the auditorium and the circus team have been modernized: LED ring screens were installed under the dome and around the arena, a data center was built and a DiGiCo SD5 digital mixer was installed. Since 2013, the Moscow International Circus Festival “IDOL” is held annually at the Great Moscow Circus.

The Moscow Circus on Vernadsky Avenue is one of the largest in the world. The members of the creative team are world-famous artists, the best masters of the circus industry: artists, directors, choreographers, winners in prestigious international circus festivals, honest artists from Russia, representatives of circus dynasties.

Circus repertoire

The stars of the performances at the Vernadsky circus at different times were Pencil, Oleg Popov, Irina Bugrimova, Yuri Nikulin, as well as Yevgeny Milayev and Leonid Kostyuk, who were the heads of the institution.

At the beginning of the 90s of the last century, a permanent company was organized and in every way became an independent creative organization. On the circus posters in Vernadsky there are names of foreign artists from China, Mongolia, Italy, Holland, Hungary, Sweden and other countries.

Each performance included in the circus program in Vernadsky are numbers with spectacular unique tricks, organized by true professionals. Interesting management decisions, the wonders of the formation, the great skill of the artists, the incredible costumes and landscapes are the components of an unforgettable show that impresses all the spectators, from small to large.

Artists are subject to any kind of circus and complex numbers. Throughout the years of existence of the circus, more than one hundred original programs have been presented, with which the company visited several countries of the world on tour.

The modern technical team of the circus and the five interchangeable arenas allow us to use innovative lighting and sound technologies, create magnificent shows and, again and again, surprise and admire the audience.

In the calendar of performances for next month at the Vernadsky circus you will surely find a show that will delight children and will not leave adults indifferent. Here you have vivid impressions and an excellent mood!

The address of the circus in Vernadsky and the nearest metro station.
The famous circus is located at: Vernadsky Avenue, 7.

It is located at the intersection of the Lomonosov and Vernadsky avenues. “University” is the closest metro station to the circus. From it to the building can be reached on foot.

How to get to the circus

The building has an excellent location. It is easy to reach the circus in Vernadsky both by subway and in various types of ground transportation. From the nearest metro station “Universitet” on the Sokolnicheskaya line, the trip to the circus takes about 5-6 minutes. Upon leaving, you must cross Lomonosov Avenue and follow the building along Vernadsky Avenue.

How to get to the circus on Vernadsky Avenue, any motorist will easily solve it, since it is located on one of the main highways in Moscow.

Room layout

The auditorium capacity of the Big Moscow Circus in Vernadsky is 3310 seats. Five rapidly changing circus arenas (illusion, light, horse, water, ice) are located at a depth of 18 m. There is also a separate test arena. From every place in the great auditorium, everything that happens under the dome and in the sand is clearly visible. In the scheme of a spacious circus hall in Vernadsky pr. 6 sectors Sectors A and E are located in front of the artists’ exit to the arena. Near the center of the front row, seats are considered the best, respectively, they cost more.

Before buying tickets, familiarize yourself with the location of the seats in the scheme of the hall of the famous circus in Vernadsky, select the sector and the row that interests you.

Young spectators under three years accompanied by adults attend shows for free. The driver at the entrance can request the baby’s birth certificate if there is any doubt about his age.

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