Mosfilm film studios

Touring in Moscow is essential if you travel to the capital. Visiting The Mosfilm Museum is a wonderful experience. The city has much to offer you on your trip to Russia; and one of those original walks is to visit Mosfilm film studios.

estudios cinematográficos Mosfilm

When it comes to knowing a city with a history as rich as Moscow, there are countless options for tourists to feel at ease. Some more traditional, and others that come out of the ordinary.

Mosfilm film studios

Mosfilm film studios are the largest in Russia and even across Europe. Its foundation dates from 1920, when two film companies belonging to A.

Khanzhonkov and I.N. Jermolev, two very important producers. At that time the studio became nationalized and controlled by the Russian Department of Photography and Cinema. With more than 3000 films to his credit, including the fundamental “Battleship Potemkin”.

The study represents the testimony of the history of Russian cinema, and is still used to this day. In addition to touring the huge and incredible film sets of Mosfilm film studios, visitors can discover a variety of objects that were used in the filming of films.

It has an impressive and complete collection of vintage cars. You can also see props and clothing; used for example in great works of film history such as “Anna Karenina” and “War and Peace” or “The Karamázov brothers”. You can take a tour in Moscow in this magnificent studio.

Take a Moscow tour of Mosfilm Film Studios

Something very impressive is the recreation of Russian streets and buildings of the 30s in the outdoor shooting area. There you will also find a desolate medieval village (protagonist of the trilogy “Wolfhound” a trilogy of epic Russian fantasy), interiors of halls or old trains; among many other sets. There is no lack of tanks and firearms. There are even recreations of cities around the world.

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The heart of Mosfilm film studios is, of course, movie sets. During the tour, you can see how the Mosfilm pavilions are prepared for filming. The most interesting object is 3 outdoor field sites.

These are huge landscapes where the whole city can grow. Touring in Moscow will allow you, for example, in Mosfilm, a gallery of the movie Wolfhound of the Gray Dogs was created. A tree was collected for construction in all surrounding villages. But this is a dummy, where it was possible to enter only 2 buildings.

The most popular set of Mosfilm is the scene of Old Moscow

She is over 10 years old. She was Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Copenhagen; for this they repainted houses and changed signs, only occasionally they finished new decorations. In “Old Moscow” he filmed “Institute of noble maidens”, “Andersen” and a hundred other films.

Plastic, paper mache and wood decorations. That is, the structures are very light and, when it is windy, you can see how the bells swing in the bell tower. The buildings are also uninhabited: several false walls and a complete lack of decoration.

If the site is not claimed for several months, the scenario will be dismantled and replaced by a new one. But for now, “Old Moscow” is being actively filmed in movies and music videos.

During the tour, you can see other places of interest in The Mosfilm Museum

A monument to Vasily Shukshin, a monument to Sergei Bondarchuk, a sculpture “A Girl with a Clapperboard”, a sculpture “An Unknown Cameraman”, a monument to the film studio workers who died in World War II, Leonid Gaidai Square .

Mosfilm film studios: The Mosfilm Museum

Brief history

Museo Mosfilm

In film studios Mosfilm, they shot the first feature film in Russia: “On Wings Up” in 1924. Since then, worry has already released more than 2,500 films. Filmed here even during the war. And to get to Mosfilm, you don’t need to be an employee of the film industry, just visit the museum in the city of cinema.

The Mosfilm Museum

The Mosfilm Museum does not have a permanent exhibition. When some exhibits are involved in filming, they are replaced by others. The Mosfilm Museum tour usually begins in the hangar.

There are many movie stars among the cars

1938 Mercedes-Benz, which Stirlitz rode in Seventeen Spring Moments ZIS Bus from the movie “The meeting place cannot be changed”
Lenin’s bicycle, which participated in films about Vladimir Ilich 1913 Peugeot Phaeton 1913 Rolls-Royce Convertible Russo-Balt, 1913 Buick Ait 1941, which belonged to the Emperor of Manchuria.

  • Henry Pu Yi El Packard of 1937, who served the Soviet nomenclature.

Some cars of the collection in The Mosfilm Museum that exist in Russia in a single copy. But everyone is on the move and ready to shoot. And some cars have a long list of roles. For example, viewers could see the same “Volga” in the films “Beware of the car”, “Three poplars in Plyushchikha” and “The Diamond Arm”.

When the time comes, it will be repainted and sent back to the set. In the film studios Mosfilm you can also see trucks, buses and military equipment of the First and Second World War. And even the plane, which in the catastrophe of the Soviet film “Crew” collapsed, was preserved in the museum. This is actually a small toy plane. But this is not wine in the cinema, just as it is imperceptible that the lava of the volcano in the “crew” is made of dyed mass. Touring Moscow in the studio will fill you with knowledge of Russian culture.

Tour in Moscow through the collections and decorations of the museum

El Museo Mosfilm

The collection of costumes and decorations in the Mosfilm Museum is also unusual. For example, a fountain in old Copenhagen was created for the film by Eldar Ryazanov “Andersen. Life without love. And although this is a plastic fake, visitors throw coins there.

The costumes of the movie Poisons by Karen Shakhnazarov or The World History of Poisoning are very characteristic. Also in the museum you can see the doll of the corpse of a huge bull, in whose cut the uterus, according to the plot, the healers placed the poisoned Cesare Borgia.

Here is Helen’s dress from the movie “War and Peace” by Sergei Bondarchuk, fabulous costumes of “Tales of Tsar Saltan” by Alexander Ptushko, the royal costume of Leonid Gaidai’s painting “Ivan Vasilyevich changes the profession”, the armor of gentlemen from the movie “Alexander Nevsky” and many more costumes that create images on the screen.

Many will be familiar with the old postcard of the movie “Midshipmen, Go!”. It was mistreated on the set, so Masfilm’s teachers had to make a new one. Then, a carriage from the Institute of Noble series Maidens. “

Undoubtedly it is an interesting and original tour in Moscow that you can not miss.

Touring in Moscow is pleasant and pleasant, even more accompanied by our expert guides. Travel and know Russia only with GuiaRus you will know.