Moskvarium in Moscow and its inhabitants

Tour in the Moscow Moskvarium to marvel at the creatures of the sea. Visiting the Moskvarium in Moscow has never been better. Touring the Moscow Moskvarium and meeting the inhabitants of the ocean is a great adventure.

On the Moscow Moskvarium tour you will meet, sharks and killer whales, seals and crocodiles, octopuses and turtles, rays and brunettes; In Moscow you can now see the most incredible sea inhabitants. And even touch some.

Visit the Moskvarium in Moscow where the building is divided into three zones; aquarium, the center where you can swim with dolphins and the main room for 2300 people; where sea animal shows take place.

When touring the Moscow Moskvarium which the length of the aquarium area is 600 meters. In eighty specially designed huge aquariums and swimming pools you can see more than five hundred species of plants and animals. In total there are thousands of beings in the aquarium.

Moscow Moskvarium Sectors

The exhibition opens in an aquarium with a rare type of batoids. It seems that animals fly in the water. Other types of stripes are floating next to them, which are electric stripes. They have the thorns that serve to protect themselves from predators, and to hunt. Thanks to the concave glass of the aquarium the effect of immersion in the water is achieved.

The next sector represents the variety of the inhabitants of Black Sea, White Sea and Japan Sea. In the aquarium of the sea of ​​Japan the temperature remains at a constant level that does not exceed 12 degrees. In the center of the exhibition hall there is a circular tank where a group of moving fish lives. It is an illustration of the continuous movement of marine life.

An area with the inhabitants of fresh water continues the exhibition. One of the most interesting species is lepisosteus who lived on Earth more than 200 million years ago, at the same time as the plesiosaurs. The model of a plesiosaur is right there that causes joy to everyone who likes to take pictures.

When visiting the Moskvarium in Moscow has never been better, here you will see one of the pools that give us the opportunity to admire the life of the inhabitants of the sea very closely and even touch them. The most popular of the interactive pool are horseshoe crabs. These ancient menacing fish of menacing look only. You can actually touch them and have them in your hands.

Next to each aquarium are installed screens that inform about the inhabitants of the marine world in an accessible and entertaining way.

All the inhabitants of Moskvarium live in the conditions most similar to their natural environment. For the preparation of water, more than 700 tons of sea salt, various minerals and other biological substances were used that allow animals to live comfortably in aquariums. In each of them the composition of the water and the natural temperature are maintained.

On the eve of the opening in Moskvarium a baby dolphin was born that shows that the conditions of the animals’ life are favorable. Moskvarium employees consider this event not only pleasant, but also symbolic.

The aquarium block called Amazing Fish is one of the most interesting. Here are some melanotaenids – fish of all colors of rainbows, there are also flying fish jumping through insects, and crystal fish so transparent that the skeleton can be seen.

In the Amazon area you can see the herbivorous and carnivorous piranhas and the alligator glasses.

Tour the Moscow Moskvarium and stroll through the viewpoints on the second floor where they are almost always full of people. Huge belugas, dolphins and killer whales live behind the glass.

Visiting the Moskvarium in Moscow is incredible, the exhibition continues with the explosion of coral colors. Among the variety of colors you can find almost all the characters of the Disney movie “Finding Nemo”: clownfish, cliffs and other inhabitants of the coral reef.

During the tour at the Moscow Moskvarium you can see the impressive spectacle in which the killer whales, beluga, dolphins, walruses and sea lions participate. The show takes place on a giant aquatic stage and is accompanied by three-dimensional projections and 5-D effects.

During the tour in the Moscow Moskvarium you can marvel at the creatures of the sea. Visiting the Moskvarium in Moscow has never been better. Come tour the Moscow Moskvarium and meet the amazing inhabitants of the ocean.