What to see in Kerch – Panticapea

What to see in Kerch during your vacation here. Visiting Panticapea in Kerch is a good option for nature walks while you learn from history. How to get Panticapea in Kerch we show you here.

Panticapea, formerly the strongest Bosphorus policy, is now the ruins of the ancient city and one of the main attractions of Kerch. It is located at the highest point on Mount Mithridates. It was there thousands of years ago where there was a first settlement, and then the acropolis increased. Since ancient times, the land passed from one owner to another, is governed by the Scythians, Byzantines and Turks. Not long ago in Kerch, along with the entire Crimean peninsula, it became part of Russia.

The city is a few thousand years old, it remains in memory; So it is not an individual historical event. Kerch is a clear confirmation, in Panticapea there are preserved ruins of the pre-Christian era; side by side with the Obelisk of Glory, built over 70 years ago. Although for now, there is little left of the impressive and strength of the ancient Greeks.

Panticapea in the past was the most developed Metropolis of the Black Sea; Now they are the ruins of the ancient city and one of the main attractions of Kerch.


On Mount Mithridates, in a place of incredible natural beauty, the remains of the city have been preserved, whose history is over two thousand years old. These are the famous ruins of Panticapaeum, an ancient Greek polis that once flourished on the site of modern Kerch. Panticapaeum has become a true treasure for archaeologists, offering amazing discoveries and discoveries. Over time, the picturesque ruins with the famous arch became a tourist mecca in eastern Crimea.

Kerch’s father was founded by Greek settlers in the 6th century BC. C. The city developed rapidly and a few centuries later it became the capital of the Bosphorus and then the Kingdom of Ponto, which extended through the Taman and Kerch peninsulas. The name of the city in the Thracian dialect meant “fish route”, which is understandable: the main trade routes between the Mediterranean, China, Central Asia and Europe passed through the port of Panticapaeum. At its peak, it was an important policy for its time, with its own currency and the residence of the rulers. Rich merchants also often settled thoroughly in Panticapaeum. The city grew both in width and height, rich houses were erected on the slopes of the mountains, religious buildings were built. There was also a must-see for any Greek city, the Acropolis and the Temple of Apollo, and the fortress wall with towers, and the royal burial mounds. The specific development of Panticapaeum was explained by the interaction of two cultures: the Greek and the Scythian.

Under the control of several generations of rulers, the city has flourished for over a thousand years. The beginning of the decline of Panticapaeum is associated with the invasion of the Huns, who invaded the lands of the Bosphorus kingdom in 370 AD. Years of opposition to the raids and sieges weakened the old power of the polis. Around the fifth century, Panticapaeum was sacked barbaric and almost erased from the face of the earth. The destruction of the city completed the time.

In the mid-19th century, excavations began at the site where Panticapaeum was located. The arduous work of archaeologists was rewarded with a series of important findings. In particular, valuable remains of painted ceramics of all kinds, amphora particles, coins and old stamps were discovered, allowing a new look at the history, culture and religion of the Bosphorus. Today, the treasures of Panticapaeum can be seen in the historical and archaeological museum of Kerch.

It is no less interesting to visit the ruins of Panticapaeum. Until today, the remains of walls, towers and columns have been preserved. The main attraction of the ancient city is a tall ancient arch with columns and a stone portico decorated with carvings. Next to him, you can reflect on the eternal and take interesting photos.

Visit Panticapea in Kerch – history

The city received its name from those who lived here in ancient times; the Scythians, translated from the old Iranian which means “fish road”. Although these places are on the trade routes between China, Europe and the Mediterranean; It probably led not only to fish. Panticapea is one of the first policies, based on the Black Sea coast by Greek settlers in the 7th century BC.

Due to its geographical location, it quickly became the most powerful and developed city in the Kerch Strait. Its acropolis was decorated with a magnificent temple of Apollo that is the greatest structure of the peninsula.

At the end of the sixth century BC, the cities of the Black Sea state lost their independence and became part of the Bosphorus state; then it passed under the authority of the Romans. Its capital was Panticapea. In the first century AD, it was badly damaged by the invasion of the Huns, but then ceased to exist, and the State itself too. However, the ancient city did not remain long in ruins. He soon recovered and became an important center of commerce and crafts, from which modern Kerch later grew.

What to see in Panticapea in Kerch

The top of Mount Mithridates is a long staircase, decorated with figures of faucets that represent the winged symbol of Kerch. It is worth climbing the hill and looking at the beautiful view of the ruins of the big city. Given their age, it is not surprising that most of the buildings have survived; from the earth, archaeologists managed to recover the remains of walls, towers and the main attraction as some fragments of columns and the portico.

In the part of the old city of the necropolis, there is the Kerch neighborhood, where there are numerous mounds, in which the inhabitants buried the noble citizens of Panticapea.

Climbing the mountains of Mithridates has significant value even to those who are indifferent to the ancient ruins. It is from here, from the highest point of the city, which offers stunning views of Kerch, its surroundings and the vast expanses of the Black Sea.

How to get Panticapea in Kerch

Panticapea is located in the center of Kerch, near the coast line. It can serve as an intersection guide for the street and the Rybakova Army 51; where the obelisk of Glory rises. There begins the staircase that leads to the top of Mount Mithridates.

Visiting Panticapea in Kerch is ideal for you.

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