Here we show you how to buy SIM Card in Russia. The SIM card for Tourists in Russia is ideal to keep in touch while enjoying a good stay. How to buy Phone SIM Card in Russia here we answer it.

If you go on a trip and want to stay connected on your mobile wherever you are; you must buy SIM Card in Russia for this case, for this; You must go to any agency or telephone store with your respective passport for purchase.

Is it necessary to buy a SIM card?

It all depends on the circumstances in which you are, if your stay is short; you can only consider the use of WiFi that not only offers hotels many hotels; but in places or businesses that surround the area.

However, if your stay is relatively long; or you will travel quite extensive in places far from civilization during your trip; It is convenient to have a SIM card in your device or mobile phone to stay connected at all times.

SIM Card for Tourists in Russia

Tarjeta SIM

Each year, the number of mobile communication subscribers grows by several percentage points and has greatly exceeded the number of residents of the country more than two times. This is if we assume that even newborn children use mobile communication. We will tell you how to correctly buy a SIM card, pick up a precious number and complete the purchase of a favorable rate plan.

To date, almost everyone has some SIM cards on hand. Someone uses the services of different operators for calls in order to save money, and some use additional SIM cards in a tablet or modem for Internet access.

In addition, the SIM card for Tourists in Russia, must be registered with a certain owner.

As your stay is temporary, you can get an economic plan but profitable according to the time of stay.

How to get the tourist SIM card in Russia

If you decide to buy a SIM card in Russia, you should be the best way to use it. There are many ways to use SIM cards. We decided to highlight the main reasons to buy a new SIM card:

  • ┬áTo be used as the main number for calls.
  • ┬áTo be used as the main SIM card (calls, messages, Internet).
  • ┬áThe SIM card is only necessary for the use of mobile Internet.
  • ┬áAn additional number is required to use on trips with favorable rates in other regions or countries.
  • ┬áMake a SIM backup, when you need to disable the main number, so as not to miss important calls from your loved ones.

To use the SIM card with the greatest benefit, it is necessary to choose the correct operator and rate. When choosing a rate, you should not only read the basic conditions, but also the additional ones. It is in them that often the most unpleasant aspects are in the form of a favorable tariff.

Therefore, the call package announced in the tariff can only be used in the region of origin, and after using the basic traffic package, an additional paid package will be automatically connected.

After having studied the terms of the rate, you must choose the necessary operator and the optimal service package according to your needs, and thus securely buy a SIM card.

Where to buy a SIM card in Russia?

Buying a new SIM card is necessary only at authorized dealers of cell phone operators. This ensures that, at the right time, your SIM card will work and will not lock. You can lock the SIM for several reasons:

  • ┬áThe number is not registered for a specific user.
  • ┬áIf the SIM card is not used for a long period of time.
  • ┬áFor the debt in the personal account.

In all cases of blocking causes, they may be interrelated. When buying a SIM card, in the transition or from the hands of a third party; You cannot be sure that it is registered in your name. In this case, the SIM can no longer work due to the lock, and the “seller” will make sure that it works after the account is recharged. Replenishing the account of such a SIM card can simply say goodbye to your money.

You should know that if you are going to buy a SIM Card in Russia, scammers often sell or distribute SIM cards that are registered in a personal account with other numbers. In an account of this type there may be an important debt, and the money you have made will go to pay it, so never buy the SIM if it is not with an authorized agent.

After receiving a free SIM card, you will save money on your purchase, and additional losses may exceed the benefits. Therefore, where to buy a SIM card, you decide.

Today, to buy a SIM card, you will not need to go to a physical store. You can buy it online with home delivery. On the websites of the official representative of the operators, you can familiarize yourself with the detailed conditions to purchase a SIM card and find a favorable rate.

All modern SIM cards are suitable for both smartphones or devices that function as a telephone.

Buy a new line for an existing SIM card

Depending on the purpose of the purchase, existing different and appropriate rate plans, so you should pay attention to the amount of services included in the package and based on your needs, you can now connect the optimal ratio of minutes, SMS and megabytes .

If the SIM card is required as a backup, then the rate without a subscription fee is appropriate. Here it is worth choosing according to the operator, whose numbers you should call more often.

For trips around the country, choose rates that offer advantageous conditions in national roaming.

Buy a SIM card online with a new number

To properly buy a SIM card for Tourists in Russia, you must have a passport with you. It will be useful for your SIM card in your name. If you buy a SIM card in the communications room, the seller will complete all the necessary documents in place.

When you buy SIM cards through the Internet, the courier service delivers the necessary document package. When you receive the order, you need a passport to be able to place a new SIM in your name. Online, you can buy a SIM card throughout the day, no matter where you are: in Moscow or another city.

Telephone companies in Russia

If you are going to buy a SIM Card in Russia, you should know that there are several Russian mobile phone operators, however, the 3 largest are the following:

  1. MTC: it has plans for minutes and calls in Russia as well as limited data connection with a rate not exceeding 500 rubles. It also offers international calls of up to 50 rubles per minute.
  2. MegaFon: the plans are quite economical compared to MTS, but it has fewer minutes on calls and a slightly more limited data connection arrangement.
  3.  Beeline: offers good rates with accessible plans of up to 600 rubles, everything will depend on the package, as well as plans to surf the Internet only.

In Russia, there are no special plans for tourists, therefore, depending on the time of stay, travel and needs, you can analyze a little about what type of package you should use, also remember that normally in hotels there is WiFi connection, so It would help to save the use of your plan while staying in your place of lodging.

Buying SIM Card in Russia is easy and convenient. The SIM card for Tourists in Russia is a viable option to stay connected. How to buy Phone SIM Card in Russia is easy and simple.

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