Russian Tourist Visa

How to obtain the Russian tourist visa and other recommendations we will give you here. The Russian tourist visa is essential for trips of any kind for foreigners to whom they apply. How to get the Russian visa and what is the best way to do it.


A tourist visa is required for foreigners who plan to visit Russia for tourism purposes. This can be a regular program of excursions or individual tourism, hunting, fishing, and simply strolling through wonderful places. For such purposes a tourist visa is provided. The maximum validity of a tourist visa is not more than 30 days. The tour visa can be single or double entry. Making a tourist invitation is the fastest and easiest way to obtain a short-term visa for Russia. A tourist invitation can be issued in 30 minutes. A Russian tourist visa is issued on the basis of a tourist invitation. The tourist invitation consists of two parts:

1 – Confirmation of the acceptance of a foreign tourist,

2 – Russian tour operator bonus.

A tourist invitation is issued in the form of a travel company (tour operator), confirmed with a stamp and signature. In most cases, to obtain a tourist visa for Russia, for the consular department of the Russian Embassy abroad, it is sufficient to provide a copy of that invitation. In some cases, the consulate may request the original. Therefore, in our prices you can see 2 options to process invitations to tours: the electronic version and the original. When applying for a tourist visa at the Russian Embassy, ​​you can request the following documents: copies of tickets, hotel reservation , stay program, medical insurance. Foreigners entering the territory of the Russian Federation with a tourist visa must register for migration (visa registration) within 7 days from the date of entry. It is possible to register with the migration authorities in the territorial authority of the Ministry of Interior of Russia (FMS) at the actual place of stay or in a hotel

If you are thinking of traveling during your vacation, have an unforgettable and totally different adventure; I invite you to meet one of the largest countries in the world; and yes, I am referring to Russia, but before launching you into this unforgettable experience I can tell you that you need to have the necessary documents to make this dream come true; whether next to your partner, children or friends, it is essential to have as we all know the passport (current); passage, personal and visa documents, which is the document that we will focus on in this article.

Surely you wonder, how to get the Russian tourist visa, it may be complicated, but it is not so, so, let me give you some small tips; and for this, you should know that the visa to which we will refer is of the tourist type; which is a document that will give you the entrance as well as the exit to those countries that request it.

Pay attention to the following annex, and observe how the visa is composed; In essence it covers all the personal data of the individual such as: names and surnames, sex, citizenship, among others.

Annex N ° 1: Visa conformation

Visado turístico ruso; Visa turística

You should never leave this document out of your reach while you are in Russia as there is a likelihood that some government or similar entity may request it; and in case of loss, report it immediately to the nearest competent body, the visa center.

Annex N ° 2: Annual index of international tourism in Russia (year 1996 to 2015)


It is important to remember that this type of visa is issued after 30 days; So you can deduct how much your maximum stay will be. Now clarifying these points, I will tell you that there are only 3 ways to request this document:

  • The first is through the Russian embassy of your country so you can search on the internet what are the locations of this place according to your nation.
  • There is also the central Russian visa, the advantage here is that you can get it cheaper than the rest of the options.
  • If for some reason you cannot carry out the process in person or require it quickly; You can also request it at a specialized agency for this type of services, of course, it will be more expensive.

I inform you in the same way that the appointment for this is done exclusively individually; that is, each person will do it on their own except for minors.

However, the cost of the visa is not the only thing to consider, since you must also have travel medical insurance and the invitation letter.

To process the visa it is necessary to do it at least 1 month in advance; It is the process that lasts approximately, however, if you are going to travel in this case to Russia; the visa must be at least 6 months old, to travel for example in August, the visa must have it since February at least.

Understanding the above, in the next section I will tell you that you must have to execute this request; within which; you must have your passport (original) with validity 6 months before issuance; Have a very clear itinerary of places and places of lodging and the acquisition of the invitation letter that can be obtained in many ways either on your own or directly at the hotel where you will stay during your stay. Do not forget that your travel insurance also counts, and this must also assure all those who accompany you.

Following the step by step, the application form is filled in with all the necessary information and travel requirements, where you can access this link:

Finally, you print it, sign it and attach a photo of your own, make the payment of fees (transfer, cash or TDC) in order to take each collection to the visa center or consular office.

Additional Information:

  • If you want more information you can contact by phone or go personally to the Russian embassy in your country.
  • It is forbidden to remove antiques from the country unless you have a written permission from the Ministry of Culture.
  • Any type of item you buy always asks for a stamp receipt from the store where you purchased it.

Last but not least we leave you how to process the visa to Russia

Visados en Rusia

Now that you know how to get the Russian tourist visa you expect to come

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