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With the image of Sergiev Posad, a small city located on the outskirts of Moscow, one can safely illustrate several chapters of Russian history. The Tatar-Mongolian yoke, Andrei Rublev and Dmitry Donskoy, the fight between Peresvet and Chelubey, Minin and Pozharsky, Peter I and Savva Mamontov, all these big names and events are somehow connected with Sergiev Posad.

Of course, the city’s main attraction is the famous Trinidad-Sergio Lavra, who has “lived” an interesting destination since its founding (mid-fourteenth century). He began with a modest cabin, in which, after the death of his parents, the young Bartholomew settled, then admonished a monk by the name of Sergio and preached the ideas of non-possessiveness and industriousness. Gradually, the monastery grew, attracting new ascetics and pilgrims from all over Russia. One hundred years later, on the site of a wooden church, the main temple of the monastery, the Trinity Cathedral, was built by the forces of the Serbian monks of Kosovo, who took refuge here after the battle in the field of Kosovo; later the name “Trinidad Lavra de San Sergio” was assigned to the monastery.

Ivan the Terrible himself came to personally control its construction, and then False Dmitry II verified the force. They say that Stenka Razin was also imprisoned on the walls of one of the local monasteries.

Lavra resisted the 16-month siege of the Polish-Lithuanian invaders; During Streletsky’s rebellion it served as a refuge for Princess Sophia Alekseevna, princes Ivan and Peter. It was in the Monastery of the Trinity and Sergio where there were reprisals against Sophia’s supporters; From here, Peter I, the sovereign sovereign, went to Moscow. And in 1763, Trinity-Sergius Lavra, having “forgotten” the initial idea of ​​its foundation, was already one of the richest monasteries in Russia, one of the largest landowners and with more than 100,000 farmers’ souls.

However, precisely because of this, Lavra replenished the world treasure of architecture: it is almost impossible to build and decorate monuments in the absence of funds.

The famous Russian icon painters Andrei Rublev and Daniil Cherny worked in the iconostasis of the main cathedral of Lavra; It was because of this iconostasis that Rublev wrote the famous icon of the Holy Trinity. In total, the whole of the monastery includes more than 50 buildings for various purposes, built and decorated by the best masters of the XV-XIX centuries. Since 1993, the architecture of the Trinidad-Sergio Lavra has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

But Lavra is not the only attraction of Sergiev Posad. This city is surrounded by greenery, extends along the Kanchura river, has preserved many old buildings and seems to be still in the past. “Posad” – city blocks – built spontaneously around the monastery, but the modern city has not been able to unite them. Many districts continue to have lovely old names, such as “Skobyanaya settlement”, “peasant settlement” or “Ptitsegrad”.

Modern Sergiev Posad, whose life is largely linked to the monastery, however, has several completely surprising original sides. Here is the only Toy Research Institute in the country, and possibly in the world. Previously, in these parts it was the highest waterfall in the Moscow region, twenty-five meters, well, why not a miracle? In Soviet times, the city was named “Zagorsk” in honor of a revolutionary who had never been in it, and the connection of the city with which historians can not yet be established. But, thanks to this, the name of the townspeople is more like aliens from other planets: Zagorchans (in the Soviet period) or Sergievites (in the old days and today).

What, by unfortunate accident, did not happen in Sergiev Posad himself during the years of his rich history, was invented and printed by experts in the art. So, here “the adventures of the legendary explorer Tulev of the successful Soviet film” The resident’s destiny “unfolds; Here a fantastic story was filmed about an illiterate village girl who goes from being a housekeeper to an advanced weaver (the movie “Bright Way”), and even for the events of Vasilisa la Bella’s life there were no better landscapes than the walls and streets of this picturesque city.

We invite you to admire it from a height, imagining how this or that historical, heroic or completely incredible event takes place somewhere behind that house …
Sergiev Posad Monastery and LAVRA of Trinidad

Sergiev Posad Monastery (or as they also call it Serviev Posad LAVRA) is located in the city of Sergiev Posad and is the spiritual center of the Orthodox religion and one of the important monasteries of Russia. Every year the Monastery attracts thousands of tourists, here people come to do religion tourism and also to visit one of the most striking orthodox attractions.

The Monastery was founded in 1337 by Sergio de Rádonezh, the monk and important saint of the Orthodox Church.

In the monastery are stored the tombs of the Godunov family, remains of the same founded San Sergio de Rádonezh, and other important monks of the monastery.

Also in LAVRA for a long time lived and worked the Russian painter Andrei Rubliev, here he painted the icon known worldwide “The Trinity”, today you can see it in the Tretyakov gallery in Moscow.

In addition, after being the orthodox center, the Sergiev Posad Monastery is the largest center of educational and editorial activities of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Sergiev Posad how to get there

The Monastery of the Trinity and Saint Sergio is located in the city of Sergiev Posad, one of the cities that are part of the Golden Ring. Distance between Moscow and Sergiev Posad is approximately 70 kilometers. You can reach Sergiev Posad by the typical Russian train (elektrichka) or in the comfort of a private car by participating in our guided tour to Sergiev Posad.


Sergiev Posad what to see

The most important thing in the city of Sergiev Posad is the Monastery, of course. The whole monastery includes more than 50 buildings for various needs.

The most important churches of Serviev Posad’s LAVRA are:

  • Trinity and San Sergio Monastery
  • Church in honor of the Descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles
  • Assumption Cathedral
  • Temple of the Monks Zosima and Savvaty Solovetsky
  • Church of the Nativity of Iohan Predtechi
  • Church of the Icon of the Mother of God Hodegetria of Smolensk
  • Assumption chapel over the well

Sergiev Posad Monastery and LAVRA of Trinidad schedules

The schedule of the Sergiev Posad monastery:

Monday – Sunday from 5.00 to 21.00 (you can enter the territory)

In the great religious holidays and days of the memory of San Sergio (July 5 and 18, September 25 and October 8) the monastery is open throughout the day.
The excursions are made only from 10.00 to 16.00.

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