Trinity and San Sergio Monastery

One of the great questions for tourists who are in the city of Sergiev Posad is what to see in the Monastery of the Trinity and St. Sergio. Visiting the Sergiev Posad Monastery is essential to complete your city tour. Getting to know Sergiev Posad LAVRA monastery is ideal for you.

Sergiev Posad Monastery (or as it is also called LAVRA of Sergiev Posad) is located in the city of Sergiev Posad and is the spiritual center of the Orthodox religion and is one of the important monasteries of Russia. Every year the Monastery attracts thousands of tourists, here people come for religious tourism and also to visit one of the most striking orthodox attractions.

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Get to know Sergiev Posad LAVRA monastery

If you want to visit the Sergiev Posad Monastery, you must keep in mind that it was founded in 1337 by Sergio de Rádonezh, the important monk and saint of the Orthodox Church.

In the monastery are stored the tombs of the Godunov family, remains of the same founded St. Sergio de Rádonezh, and other important monks of the monastery.

Also in LAVRA for a long time lived and worked the Russian painter Andrei Rubliov, here he painted the icon known worldwide “The Trinity”, today you can see it in the Tretyakov gallery in Moscow.

After being the orthodox center, the Sergiev Posad Monastery is the largest center of educational and editorial activities of the Russian Orthodox Church.

As it happened, a modest cabin in a dense and uninhabited forest, bent by the young Bartholomew for solitary prayers and a just life, grew up in the spiritual center of Orthodox Russia, and its built monastic builder became famous Sergio de Radonezh. His personality left a deep mark on the history of the church and the state, largely forming the famous “mysterious Russian soul.” The Holy Trinity Lavra of San Sergio continues the work of its founder today.

A little history

In 1337, the future saint Reverend Sergio founded the Trinity monastery that gives life on the Makovets hill, near Moscow. Gradually, the same soul-seekers gathered around him. The authority of the abbot was constantly growing, it was he who blessed Prince Dmitry Donskoy to fight with temnik Mamai, the victory in the Kulikovo camp became crucial for the young state. Later, at the time of trouble, the monastery resisted the siege of the Lithuanians, but was burned by the Edigey khan. And again revived, becoming the largest cultural center of the country. In 1920, Lavra was transformed into a museum, but in 1946 it was returned to the church. Until 1983, the residence of the patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church was here.

What to see

The first stone church of the architectural ensemble of Lavra was the Trinity Cathedral, erected on the ashes of Nikon Radonezh, the disciple and successor of St. Sergio. The temple was painted by artel Andrei Rublev, for his iconostasis he created the famous “Trinity”. The original icon is now in the Tretyakov Gallery, in the cathedral, an exact list. The main sanctuary of the temple is the silver crayfish with the relics of San Sergio, acquired during its placement. In the Chamber of Serapion, next to them, there are about 500 orthodox relics.

The bell tower of the Trinity Lavra of San Sergio was erected at the end of the 18th century. Its height is 88.5 m, it is the tallest building of this type in the country. 42 bells, including the 67-ton giant, were dropped from a height and broke in 1920. Today the bell tower has been restored, 26 bells have already returned to their bell tower.

Lavra’s bell is famous for its strength and melody. Many people come here just to hear it.

From the general style of architecture, the building of the Royal Chambers stands out, the old itinerant palace of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich. They contain the Church and the Archaeological Museum, which exhibits precious utensils, old books and clothing.

Excursions to the Holy Trinity-Sergio Lavra

For tourists, the Pilgrimage Center operates, organizing tourist visits and thematic excursions to the places of interest of the laurel. On a special page of. The site lists its complete list and prices. The pottery, paint and stained glass workshops are open for children.

Practical information

Address: Sergiev Posad, Holy Trinity-Sergio Lavra. Web page .

Hours: every day from 5:00 to 21:00. On church vacations, the laurel works 24 hours a day.

How to get there: by train from Moscow Yaroslavl station; on bus No. 388 from the VDNH subway station; by car from Moscow along the Yaroslavl road.

What to see in the Monastery of the Trinity and San Sergio

The most important thing that the city of Sergiev Posad has is the Monastery of La Trinidad and San Sergio. The whole monastery includes more than 50 buildings for various needs.

Here are the names of the most important churches:

Church in honor of the Descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles

Assumption Cathedral

Temple of the Monks Zosima and Savvaty Solovetsky

Assumption chapel over the well

The Church of the Icon of the Mother of God Hodegetria

Church of the Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God Hodegetria

Church of the Nativity of San Juan Bautista

Sergiev Posad how to get there

The Monastery of the Trinity and Saint Sergio is located in the city of Sergiev Posad. The distance between Moscow and Sergiev Posad approximately 70 kilometers northeast of the capital of Russia.

The city of Sergiev Posad can be reached by the authentic Russian train (electrichka) or in the comfort of the private car, participating in our guided tour to Sergiev Posad

Sergiev Posad Monastery schedules

La Lavra is open to pilgrims and visitors from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

In the great celebrations and days of the memory of San Sergio (July 5 and 18, September 25 and October 8) – the Monastery is open throughout the day.

The excursions are carried out daily from 10 to 16 hours

Sergiev Posad-photo Russia

Here you can see photos of the Monastery of the Trinity and San Sergio