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We help you manage your electronic visa to Russia, you can obtain the electronic visa by filling in the necessary information here and we do the rest.

The form is for 5 people, if you need more people you just need to repeat as many times as necessary.

Don’t forget to fill in the details correctly.

We send the electronic visa document 3 to 6 days after filling in the information, electronically to your email.
Simple and safe, as well as fast.

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¿What is electronic Visa for Russia?

An electronic visa is a new type of visa document whereby citizens of foreign states who do not have a visa-free regime with Russia can enter the Russian Federation. The validity period of an electronic visa for Russia can be from 1 to 30 days and allows you to stay in Russia for 1 to 8 days.

This visa format has been introduced as an experiment that continues to this day. To obtain an electronic visa to Russia, you do not need an invitation, it is issued for free (hereinafter, ≈3000 rubles (≈50 $)), but has several restrictions.

Short info about electronic Visa:

Time:1 – 8 days *
Average price:1000, onwards ≈3000 rublos (≈50 $)
Number of entries:Visa only one entry
Reception Rate:1 – 4 calendar days **
Accessible regions:Federal District of the Far East and Kaliningrad region ***

* – At the moment this is the maximum period** – From the moment of submitting the complete application on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs*** – SAccording to the President’s order, from January 1, 2021, a service must be launched to issue single-entry electronic visas, which will allow travel throughout Russia.

Don’t you want to dig into the details? A simple step-by-step instruction will help:

With these instructions, you can prepare all the necessary documents in 1 hour, and you just have to wait for the visa to be issued. So what do we have to do?

  1. Have a valid passport
  2. Get health insurance
  3. Have your own photo in JPEG format (width / height ratio 35 × 45)
  4. Fill in the form here
  5. Wait 3 to 6 calendar days and receive the result of the request consideration by mail.

In 2021, it is planned to introduce such a visa format to enter any region of Russia. The list of countries whose citizens may use the online visa service from 2021 will be approved separately by the government and will be prepared by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It will definitely include China, South Korea, Japan, EU countries and non-EU Schengen states, as well as, possibly, New Zealand. Great Britain, Canada and the US They are not yet planned to be included in the list.

An electronic visa does not require an invitation and is issued with a prior time. Electronic visas can only be of the following categories: ordinary businesses, ordinary tourists, ordinary humanitarian (ordinary, it is a single entry). If the purpose of your trip to the Russian Federation does not match any of the above, you should contact the diplomatic mission or the consular office of the Russian Federation to obtain a regular (non-electronic) visa.

You can perform all the steps to obtain a visa yourself.

¿What documents are needed for a visa to Russia?

  • Valid passport
  • Health insurance policy valid throughout the Russian Federation.
  • A visa application form completed here with digital photography

¿How is an electronic visa for Russia?

The form of a visa for Russia is defined as a notification of the result of the application (PDF file containing information about a foreigner).

This file must be printed. If you do not have a printer, you must save the information specified in the notification in any other way in order to visually present it to the transport company representatives when boarding the vehicle and to the border guards when passing passport control at the checkpoint at the entrance to the region.

in the event that the spelling of the surname or names contains national language signs that are not included in the Latin alphabet (such as, for example, С, É, Ü or Ç), then when completing the appropriate fields of the application, It is necessary to indicate the transliterated values ​​that are presented on the first line of your machine-readable passport. For example, if the names in the visual area of ​​the passport are “Séo Türre”, when completing the application, you must use the machine-readable line names: “Seo Tuerre”.

The following information is entered in the questionnaire:

  • visa issuance date;
  • visa start and end dates;
  • length of stay;
  • citizenship of a foreigner;
  • visa identification number: an alphanumeric code indicating the place of issuance of the visa and its serial number;
  • surname and foreigner’s name (in Cyrillic and Latin letters);
  • passport number
  • date of birth
  • gender
  • purpose of the trip;

¡No corrections are allowed in the printed notification!

If you want to make the travel insurance to Rusial we leave the link from where you can do it.

To obtain a visa for Russia, you need a medical insurance policy, which includes the costs of emergency medical care, emergency hospitalization and repatriation to your homeland for medical reasons. Foreign citizens who travel a lot do not need to take out health insurance for each country separately. There are many insurance companies that issue insurance policies covering several countries (if you have such insurance, make sure that the certificate issued by the insurance company indicates that the insurance covers the entire territory of the Russian Federation). If you do not have health insurance, you can buy this policy at any insurance company registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation or through the Visa Center of the Russian Federation. When buying insurance through the Visa Application Center, it will cost a little more and, in addition,

Consider buying insurance through a specialized service:

Seguro de viaje a Rusia


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