Skiing in Russia

Skiing in Russia is one of the activities or sports that can be done in the winter season. But where to ski in Russia? There are a lot of places dedicated to this sport. Skiing in Russia has never been better.


Go skiing in Russia

Russia is a country with a long sporting tradition, so much so that Russians usually practice a wide variety of these on a daily basis. One of the favorite sports of Russians is skiing; since during the winter a large part of the country is covered with snow; and even in some parts of the country the snow survives the icy season.

The oldest ski in the world was discovered in Vis, Russia, and dates back 8000 years!, That is, 6000 B.C. In addition, the first narration of a ski race dates from the 6th century A.D .; when the famous Byzantine historian Procopio described a competition on snow.

It is believed that this great device was initially created due to the difficulty to move through the snow that the locals had. Thus, skis facilitated transport and hunting, although they were later used for sports.

Where to ski in Russia

If you are tired of spending the winter holidays in the American Rockies or in the European Alps, you can try skiing in Russia. Russia is a paradise for winter lovers, with more than 200 ski resorts. Thanks to the excellent winter sports streak, and recently organizing the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia has world-class sports venues available for beginners and professionals alike.

We have compiled some of the best snowy destinations that Russia has to offer skiers, and we present them below:

Rosa Khutor

The Rosa Khutor alpine ski resort is possibly the best option for those who imagine “flying” along some of the longest ski slopes Russia has under its belt. Located in the west of the Rosa Khutor plateau, in the southwestern part of Russia, this complex is considered the best in Russia, not only for athletes but also for beginners.

The total length of Rosa Khutor’s races is over 102 kilometers, or approximately 63 miles. It is one of the few places in the world where ski, snowboard and freestyle competitions are organized. Rosa Khutor is also home to summer sports thanks to the diverse climate of the region.

The complex is equipped with the largest artificial snow system in Europe, allowing guests to enjoy skiing from mid-December to April. Once you are there, do not miss the opportunity to visit its snow parks, where you can test your skiing skills.

Bobrovy Log

If you like to go through snow-covered slopes, feel the wind in your face and soak up beautiful mountain landscapes, do not miss the opportunity to visit the ski park and the Bobrovy Log amusement park.

Occupying an area of ​​80 hectares, the Bobrovy Log, or Beaver log, is considered the largest ski resort in Siberia, complete with an ice skating rink. There are 14 tracks of different complexity, with a total length of 9.7 kilometers (approximately six miles), available for skiing, and the fall on the slopes is 350 meters. If you love skiing, this is your place: the season lasts six months!

In the summer season, the resort becomes a paradise for skiers and extreme sports enthusiasts, it also has children’s clubs, picnic tables, coffee shops and summer restaurants.

Dombay Ski Resort

Located in the North Caucasus region, Dombay is a nerve center for mountaineering and skiing. Located about 65 km (40 miles) from Elbrus, the highest point in Russia and Europe, Dombay is located at an altitude of 1,630 to 1,650 meters above sea level, nestled in a mountain clearing formed by the union of the three main gorges: Alibek, Amanauz and Dombay-Ulgen.

Dombay’s wide flat slopes create perfect opportunities for fans of extreme sports for freeride or what is the same as off-piste skiing. The ski area is at an altitude of 1,800-3,200 m, the length of the trails of varying degrees of complexity is more than 20 km and the maximum elevation difference is 1,400 m.

It is located in Karachay-Cherkessia, on the slopes of the Caucasus. The clearing of Dombai is incredibly beautiful, and in addition to skiing, you can admire the panoramas of mountains, forests and neighboring gorges. On the list of ski resorts in Russia, Dombay is in a good position: it is actively developing, Russian and international competitions are held here.

How to get there: by plane to Mineralnye Vody, or by train to Minvod, Cherkessk, Nalchik or Nevinnomyssk. Then take a bus from these cities to Dombay.

Trails: 12 slopes, whose total length is approximately 20 kilometers. For beginner skiers, there are smooth and straight slopes, for those who are bolder, more difficult slopes and for professionals, slopes with sharp bends and steep elevations.

Bolshoi Vudyavr

Bolshoi Vudyavr, also known as Big Wood, is a true adventure. This ski resort is located north of the Arctic Circle at the foot of the Khibiny mountain range (1,700 km from Moscow). Once you have decided to visit Bolshoi Vudyavr, don’t forget to put on the warmest jacket you have, since Khibiny winters are rarely warmer than -35 ° C (-31 ° F) and the snow lasts more than 250 days a year

There are many routes for skiing, with a total height difference of about 650 meters. This is the highest mountain ski resort in the northwestern part of Russia offering 25 km (15.5 mile) ski slopes aimed at both professionals and newbies.

As we have seen, skiing is a very famous sport in Russia, where it is practiced with great passion and enthusiasm. It could be a good idea to travel to Russia and join them in their joy and have fun like never before practicing a sport as old and fun as this.

Krasnaya Polyana

Krasnaya Polyana is located near Sochi, not far from the Black Sea coast, and thanks to this it is quite easy to get here. The complex was involved in the 2014 Winter Olympics, so the infrastructure here is at a high level. The local tourist centers are Krasnaya Polyana, Rosa Khutor and Gazprom (Laura and Alpika). In addition to skiing, in the resorts you can relax in bars, restaurants and nightclubs, as well as see beautiful places.

How to get there: by plane or train to Sochi, then transfer to the Sochi-Krasnaya Polyana train. Also from Sochi and Adler you can reach Krasnaya Polyana by car.

Trails: the largest complex is Rosa Khutor, where there are all kinds of trails and you can practice freeride. The Laura complex is positioned as a family and will be more enjoyable for beginners. Krasnaya Polyana is suitable for beginners and professionals, there are opportunities to practice freeride.
Equipment rental: work in the villages and directly on the slopes. The average price of a set of skis or snowboards is 1200 rubles.