Summer festivals in Moscow

Summer festivals in Moscow, to enjoy and take advantage of your pleasant visit. That summer festivals go in Moscow while touring the city, we tell you. Visit Moscow festivals in summer, an ideal opportunity to enjoy.

In that article we tell you about the festivals and shows that you can visit on your trip to Russia. Summer 2014 in the Russian capital promises to be hot, bright and fun. The organizers prepare several exciting themed festivals, entertainment and music programs, contests and master classes, prizes and gifts, shows and parades, which will bring a lot of creative and active residents and guests. Do not miss the most exciting summer festivals in Moscow.

MOSCOW, RUSSIA-SEPTEMBER 1: beautifully decorated Kamergersky Lane within the “Moscow summer” festival 2016

What summer festivals to go in Moscow

La Terrazza Festival

La Terrazza Festival – a true Italian holiday festival with open-air concerts and theatrical performances, cinema and book fair, Italian market and cooking classes, Italian restaurant food court, a variety of children’s programs, and so on.

Where: “Muzeon” park
When: May 31 and June 1
Time: 12: 00-22: 00
Price: Free

More information about the La Terrazza festival

Ahmad Festival Tea Music Festival

This event is designed for those who know British music and get acquainted with the representatives of this culture. One of its objectives to the designated organizers known more closely with the culture of the inhabitants of the capital of Great Britain. Party format same as can be seen in music festivals in the United Kingdom.

Where: “Muzeon” park
When: June 7
Time: 15:30
Price: from 1,500 rubles

More information about the Ahmad festival Tea Music Festival

Fruit Festival Vibrations

Fruit Festival Vibrations promises to be the largest in a series of summer dance festivals in Russia, which is not surprising that world famous DJ headliners perform David Guetta, Zatox, Solarstone and others.
Where: “Tushino” airfield
When July 5 and 6
Time: 12: 00-23: 00
Price: from 1,300 to 7,000 rubles

More information about the festival Vibrations of fruits

Festival “wild mint”

Festival “wild mint” – bright summer event, which is one of the most important in the musical life of Russia, and according to some publishers, included in the first hundred worldwide.

Where: “Ethnomir” Museum
When: June 13-15
Time: 10:00
Price: 1 000

More information about the “wild mint” festival

Festival “Times and Times”

Festival “Times and Times” – the annual historical festival. This year, the organizers decided to get away from a medieval theme and recreate the events of the First World War.

Where: park “Kolomenskoye”
When June 7 and 8
Time: 10:00
Price: Free

More information about the “Times and Times” festivals


Park Festival live

Park Festival live – is a musical show that will bring together lovers of alternative music and rock not only in Moscow but also in other cities of Russia.

Where: All-Russian Exhibition Center (VVC)
When: June 27-29
Time: 19: 00-22: 00
Price: from 2,500 to 7,000 rubles

More information about the Live Park Festival

Festival “Svoy Clean”

It is already known that all participants, which will be led by the British band Placebo. The musicians will present the new album and sing old favorite songs. Also in the festival will be the presence of Kasabian, Metronomy, Miles Kane, Jamie Woon and popular Russian band Tesla boy.

Where: Gorky Park
When: July 5th
Time: 12:00
Price: from 2,500 to 8,000 rubles

More information about the «Svoy Cleaning up” festival

Amore Festival Italy

On this day, the metropolitan park will become the center of Italian culture, full of love, good humor and lovely people.

Where: “Presnya” park
When: June 7
Time: 10:00
Price: Free

More information about the Amore Italy festival

Holi festival of colors

This event will be one of the brightest in the capital. All participants will paint each other colors of Holi all the colors of the rainbow. This event will definitely give each your positive emotions and good mood for a long time!

Where: “Luzhniki” Olympic Complex
When: June 7
Time: 13:00
Price: Free

More information about the Holi color festival

Festival “Italomaniya”

Festival for all lovers of Italian concert, movies, books and, of course, national cuisine and wine tasting.

Where: Central House of Artists (CHA)
When June 7 and 8
Time: 12: 00-22: 00
Price: from 500 rubles

More information about the “Italomaniya” festival

Moscow Flower Show Festival

Moscow Flower Show – is a Fashion week of this landscape art, in which the main Russian and international stars will make their gardens.

Where: Gorky Park
When: July 6 to 13
Time: 10:00
Price: from 200 to 400 rubles

More information about the Moscow Flower Show festival

Theater Festival “S.A.D.”

Theater Festival “S.A.D.” – a week of the festival of French culture in Moscow “How to get to Avignon.”

Where: Theater “S.A.D.”
When: June 1 to 6
Time: 19: 00-21: 00
Price: from 500 to 3,000 rubles

More information about the festival in the theater “S.A.D.”

ColorFest color festival

ColorFest – surprising for its beauty and the brightness of the music party, fun fights with colored inks, as well as the quality of music and performances by famous foreign and national artists.

Where: All-Russian Exhibition Center (VVC)
When: July 13
Time: 12:00
Price: from 350 rubles

More information about the COLORFEST color festival

Festival “Creativity without borders”

Festival “Creativity without borders” – a new special exhibition project “The atmosphere of creativity.” The festival will feature different types of merchandise for sewing and creativity. Here teachers gather for that you can not only buy ready-made products, but also learn to create their own works of art.

Where: “Tishinka” Fairgrounds
When: July 10-27
Time: 11: 00-20: 00
Price: not specified

More information about the “Creativity without borders” festival

Festival “The Way to Yourself”

Festival “The Way to Yourself” – a new musical space created by the quality and reconstruction of family fun. “Road to yourself” – a rich musical program, complemented by master classes, seminars and workshops, contributing to personal development.

Where: “Ethnomir” Museum
When August 2 and 3
Time: 13:00
Price: 1 000

More information about the “road to self” festival


Make it! Show

To be! Show – the first Russian festival of creative activity, creative thinking, science and innovation for the whole family. The event promises to be the most important event of the creative format Do-It-Yourself («Do It Yourself”) in the territory of the CIS.

Where: “Sokolniki” Convention and Exhibition Center
When: August 30 and 31
Time: 10:00
Price: from 250 to 3,000 rubles

More information about the Make it! To show

Visit Moscow festivals, only with GuiaRus will you enjoy it!

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Information obtained from 2go2do, website of activities in Moscow and Russia.