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Castillo en Crimea

Visiting places in Crimea is unquestionably one of the best opportunities to learn more about the best in Russia. What to see in the Swallow’s Nest in Crimea, here we will tell you. How to get to Swallow’s Nest in Crimea.

“Swallow’s Nest” is purely decorative, and even crumbles, it is being restored all the time … I always had this Crimean attraction that aroused controversial feelings. Some kind of mixture of miracle and disappointment.


The history

So where did Swallow’s Nest Castle come from? Unfortunately, I will not tell you any romantic stories. A general chose a place on a cliff with a beautiful view of the sea and built a summer house for him. This happened in 1880, the building was made of wood. Then, the land with the house passed from one owner to another, along the way he got his beautiful name: Swallow’s Nest. And in 1901, Baron Steingel bought the land and decided to build a romantic castle, as in his native Germany. And then the castle appeared in the way we recognize it now.

But the change of owners did not stop there. The Swallow’s Nest passed from hand to hand, and at one time it was completely abandoned: it survived the largest earthquake in Crimea. And so, after the establishment of Soviet power on the peninsula, the castle became accessible to all. By the way, in 1968 it was necessary to strengthen the base of the castle so that … it did not fall into the sea.

The swallow’s nest castle in Crimea: today

And a bit of uninteresting modern history. “Swallow’s Nest” is constantly used for different purposes. For a long time there was an Italian restaurant with dubious cuisine and prohibitive prices. Then there were exhibitions of artists, and now they show us inside the castle. There was a time when the entrance to the territory was paid, but it was illegal.

Now the reconstruction is again and we must be prepared for the fact that it is forbidden to go to the “balcony” above the sea. You have to be content with the views of the rear of the castle. But! Anyway, it is impressive when you look at this 40-meter-high rock topped by a stone palace with turrets. Anyway, this fabulous castle has the status of an object of cultural heritage of federal importance. Therefore, it is necessary to go see, but it is better to go or swim to this fragile beauty.
of swallow “: where it is and what is the best way to get there

Address of the castle: Russia, Crimea, Big Yalta, town of Gaspra, Alupkinskoye road 9a. The exact coordinates for the online maps: 44.430662 N, 34.128532 E. For GPS navigators: 44 ° 25.839 ‘, 34 ° 7.119.

And now understandable tourist language. The “Swallow’s Nest” is 20 km from Yalta and the main flow of tourists comes from Yalta. Near the “Swallow’s Nest” there are villages that are part of Big Yalta: Gaspra and Kurpaty. There are three ways to get to the castle. And make sure that the perception of the attraction itself depends on your choice. So, you can get:

By car / public transport / taxi, that is, on the road. In your car, it will be very fast. By taxi, too, quickly and the price is acceptable: 400 rubles from the Yalta bus station. But public transport will last longer, but it will also be cheaper. From the bus station in Yalta, bus number 102 leaves the upper platform (approximately 30 minutes on the road), and bus number 132 leaves the city center (approximately 40 minutes on the road). The price of both buses is 35 rubles per way. The map shows that there are two paths: upper and lower. And before, buses traveled on different routes. The closest to the sea was longer, but more pleasant, along the way are the most famous sanitariums of Yalta. Last year, there was a collapse on the lower road near Bajo Oreanda, and the road did not return to normal, so all vehicles surround the collapse along the upper road. The option of such a trip is quite convenient and cheap

What to see in the Swallow’s Nest in Crimea

In fairy tales or fantasy movies the scene of a beautiful white stone palace is usually quite recurring; built on top of a mountain and on the edge of a cliff; with the sea of ​​a bright blue hitting the cliff walls several meters below to the sound of the sea breeze and against a clear and clear sky. Well let us tell you that you won’t have to resort to fairy tales or movies to find such a wonderful landscape; Even if it’s hard to believe.

How to get to Swallow’s Nest in Crimea

It exists and is located in Crimea, specifically in the city of Yalta. Initially; by the 19th century, what is now the castle was an ostentatious wooden house called “Castle of love”.

On a boat. Wow, this is the best option to explore Swallow’s Nest. After all, the main advantage of the castle is its outstanding location on the steep cliff of Aurora. And it looks better from the sea. Feel like a real tourist and take a tourist boat from the pier of the Yalta embankment (under the chapel). The cost of a one-way trip is 300 rubles per adult and 240 rubles per child. Simply take a ticket with the option of landing on the coast, then you can go up to the castle and return, for example, by taxi.

However, over the years the luxurious house was changing owners; until arriving at the hands of Rajmáninov; a successful trader from Moscow who decided to demolish the original structure; and instead build a portentous wooden castle; that by the beginning of the last century it was converted by a merchant in a restaurant and called the construction “Swallow’s Nest”; The name that lasts until today.

Unfortunately, by 1927, an earthquake forced the castle to close because it was devastated in such a way that it was uninhabitable. The place was closed for forty years until finally a reconstruction was carried out that gave the castle a beauty and a bearing that it had never had.

This building is the one still on the cliff. The landscape of the place is really impressive; the stunning swallows nest at the top of the cliff; with the Black Sea caressing the rock far below and spreading in all its fullness while the breeze caressed your face. Best of all, an Italian restaurant is currently operating here; So in addition to enjoying the magnificent landscape you can enjoy a great meal during your trip.

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