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Los volcanes más asombros en Rusia

Los Volcanes más asombros en Rusia

We tell you about interesting places in Russia, where to travel to Russia, tips to know the most amazing volcanoes in Russia, the great volcanoes of Russia, active volcanoes in Russia.
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The Shamanic Center “Ai-Churek”

The Shamanic Center Ai-Churek, What to visit in Kyzyl, the Religious and Cultural Center of Shamanism Ai-Churek, The clinic of the Shamanic Center Ai-Churek, How to go to the Shamanic Center Ai-Churek
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The House-Museum of Maksimiliana Voloshina

In all the main cities like Moscow, St. Petersburg there are Houses museums where famous people used to live (writers, poets, painters, artists, etc.), which can now be visited alone or with a guided tour. This is one of the most beautiful, which belonged to Maksimiliana Voloshina
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Sightings in the Urals

Each person is attracted to different things and everyone is motivated to choose the places they choose as their holiday destination. Some seek the good atmosphere and nightlife, others seeking beautiful scenery, others enjoy trips full of adventure and adrenaline and of course, there are those who seek to break from the daily routine going...
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