What to see in Kerch

The Church of Ioanna Predtechi in Kerch

In the heart of the city of Kerch, at the foot of Mount Mithridates, you can visit the Church of Ioanna Predtechi; which, is a good example of the architecture, realized in the tradition of the old and representative Byzantine architecture.
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Panticapea in Kerch

Panticapea in Kerch, one of the sites where the ruins are preserved, of one of the oldest cities in the Area, to admire the architectural wonders of Russia and Crimea preserved as is in its glory years
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Yeni-Kale Fortress in Kerch

Built Enikale at the beginning of the 17th-18th centuries. Turks, depending on what the Crimean kanato was. His name translates as "new strength." It is motivated: the Turkish fortification took the place of the previous defensive structures.
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