Tasting Russian sweets

The Confectionery Museum is one of the favorite cultural spaces, on the basis of which many different events are organized, which serve for an interesting hobby in Moscow.

Visiting museums is a quiet way to spend time that attracts a wide variety of people. They give life to history and allow visitors to expand their horizons.

You can receive more detailed information by phone 74991106024 or search the website konfektlavka.com.

The Konfektnaya Lavka Museum is located at: Presnensky, 15 Merzlyakovsky Lane, near the Arbatskaya metro station (Filevskaya line).

Hours: every day: 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

In the same building you will find: a KonfeKtnaya Lavka museum-cafeteria at 15 Merzlyakovsky Lane, Cafe Fein

The exhibition demonstrates the structure of a candy store at the end of the 19th century. Konfektnaya, located in the center of Moscow, on Merzlyakovsky Lane, is a branch of the museums of the Russian Desero Deseroa Deseroa Deseroa Deserorova. These stores were a special place for treats. The “confetti”, and in particular, in the German way, and this word was pronounced, appeared on the tables during the large receptions, packed in intricately decorated boxes and delivered to the ladies as a gift. The patisseries created exclusive desserts and invented new flavors.

The museum’s exhibits are chocolate, pill, toasted, marzipan, as well as fruits, honey, tea, that is, the entire range of candy stores in the 19th century. The atmosphere is complemented by the author’s interior, recreating in detail the image of a typical “confidential” provincial city. The Russian “confectioners” did everything possible to attract visitors: they intricately decorated the windows, the beautifully packaged sweets, devised special methods to sell and advertise the products. All this is counted during the tour. The tour lasts 35 minutes, ending with a tea party and a sweet tasting. There is a cafeteria for guests, where tea is made with herbs, bird cherries and dried fruits and offers desserts made according to ancient recipes. The most traditional Russian dessert is a painted gingerbread. The museum offers master classes on painting gingerbread and sculpting sugar flowers (they cost 400 rubles), as well as on the delicate and beautiful art of making curly chocolate (800 rubles). Konfektnaya is open every day from 10.00 to 20.00, the cost of the excursion from Monday to Friday is 300 rubles for adults, 250 rubles for children, on weekends 400 rubles for adults and 350 rubles for children.