Places to visit in Moscow

Places to visit in Moscow during your journey through the capital of Russia. Exciting Moscow is fascinating and cannot be missing in your itinerary. What to do on a holiday in Moscow, GuiaRus offers you many alternatives.

The 3 essential places to visit in Moscow.

Places to visit in Moscow

Places to visit in Moscow: Red Square

Lugares para visitar en Moscú

One of the emblems of Moscow; Located in the heart of the city, it may be the place of greatest tourist traffic in all of Russia.

The Red Square must be visited by all tourists; not only because of its importance worldwide in terms of recognized world points is said; at the name level recognized as the Chinese Wall or the Eifell Tower; but because of its importance throughout history. Places to visit in Moscow is this magnificent square where you can not stop going.


Red or pretty square

The Red Square, or the Plaza Bonita as it is also known; It is part of the history of Moscow from almost its foundation, being in its beginnings a place of commerce for all the people who lived in the city since the twelfth century; forming part of the neighborhood of Kitay Gorod (Chinatown). It is a place to excuse Moscow.

At the moment the Red Square has been like a zone of leisure for tourists to which few Muscovitas decide to go to spend their free time. Although they do congregate there for festivals and concerts that are often organized in this same square; It is also notable for the Military Parade that is organized for May 9 every year that in 2015 turned 75 years old.

In summary, the Red Square must be part of the indispensable route of your visit to Moscow, for these and other reasons.

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Places to visit in Moscow: Some stations of the Moscow Metro

The Moscow metro is not only the main means of public transport of the Russian capital, but clearly and decidedly one of its great reasons for pride and one of its biggest tourist attractions, which amazes visitors to this great city of about 15 millions of inhabitants.

In the Moscow metro we find more than 180 stations in its system, although not all of them stand out for their beauty, but it is the common element in their entire system. Muscovites are proud of their subway, and they have to be, considered one of the most effective meters in the world, the Moscow metro is a marvel. From its beginnings it was already conceived as an “underground palace”. It is without a doubt one of the places to visit in Moscow.

The construction of the Moscow metro began in 1935, inaugurated only as a single-line system and with only 6 stations running through the city below it has been extended to a system of 12 lines and more than 180 stations. Exciting Moscow on the subway will give you an incredible visual spectacle.

If you travel to Moscow I could not stop seeing the stations of:

  • Komsomólskaya
  • Novoslobodskaya
  • Beloruskaya
  • Kievskaya
  • Mayakovskaya
  • Kropotkinskaya
  • Ploschad Revolutsiy

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Excuse for Moscow: The Cathedral of Christ the Redeemer

The Temple of Christ the Redeemer is the largest cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church, it can gather up to 10,000 people. In horizontal section of the Temple it evokes an equilateral cross, with a width of more than 85 meters. The overall height of the construction is 103 meters; the height of the dome with the cross of 35 meters; the thickness of the walls reaches 3.2 meters; The volume of the building comprises 524000 cubic meters.

The area of ​​the murals is more than 22000 square meters, of which more than 9000 meters is a golden tinsel. This cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church is a faithful copy of the temple erected in the 19th century and destroyed in the 20th century.

Brief history

The temple was conceived as the monument to the value of the Russian people in their fight against the Napoleonic invasion of 1812. The cathedral was built with donations from the people. The building to be built was so large; and the works so expensive that the building was developed over decades, and only on April 10, 1883; during the coronation of Emperor Alexander III the consecration of the temple took place. Exciting Moscow will give you information about this type of temple.

However, in 1930 the public monument was destroyed and instead it was planned to build the Palace of the Councils (Palace of Soviets). The Council Palace project did not come alive. Subsequently the excavated pit was used for the construction of the Moscow open pool; which came into operation in 1960.

The diameter of the pool was more than 130 meters, the maximum depth was 6 meters. In 1994 the pool was closed, and in January 1995 the solemn act of initiation of the temple’s rebirth works took place.

In a record period the Temple of the Christ Redeemer was rebuilt almost in its original appearance. Unlike the initial one, the modern temple has a ground floor, where the church of the Transfiguration of the Lord, the dependencies of the Sacred Synod and the Academy of Spiritual Formation, the plenary council hall and a series of other services have been located. At the bell tower level there is a viewpoint.

On the eve of the second millennium of the birth of Jesus Christ; on December 31, 1999, the temple was consecrated, and in it the religious offices began.

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What to do on a holiday in Moscow

In short, places to visit in Moscow have a lot to offer their visitors and tourists. If what you want is to know the highlights and not so prominent, keep up to date and follow our blog.

Also on our website you will find several more places that are not on this list but that you will love. How:

  • Kolomenskoe park
  • VDNKh city
  • The Victory Park
  • Tsaritsino State Park


What to do on a holiday in Moscow, now you know, for more information contact us!