Visit the Adzhimushkaysky quarry in Kerch

What places to see in Kerch during your vacation. An excursion at the Adzhimushkaysky Quarry in Kerch is of great benefit if you are here. where you can understand everything related to the museum and the heroes that are perpetuated here in monuments. Visiting the Adzhimushkaysky Quarry in Kerch has never been better.

Above all, it should be noted that it is unlikely to observe and understand the importance of traditional sense; when you visit the history museum the “Adzhimushkay quarry”. Therefore, it is better to try to prepare mentally before seeing the monument. However, despite taking rainfall over this, be sure to visit it. The Adzhimushkayskie quarry is not just a museum of memory or history; rather, it is an attempt to perpetuate the memory of the heroes in the war years that remained in the hearts of the descendants with the memories of their heroism.

As a result of the operation “to hunt bustards” in May 1942; German troops with lightning speed, broke the defense across the Kerch peninsula. Only part of the Soviet troops managed to evacuate, and the rest were forced to defend the Adzhimushkay quarry; where the local population joined them, with a total sum of 13 thousand people. The Germans came into full control of the quarry, so they put barbed wire; and even at the entrances they placed underground toxic substances bombs. People were in need, desperate for water, food, medicine, but, despite all the difficulties; the attacks were organized and tried to fight back.

The defense lasted 170 days. On October 30, 1942, the Germans still managed to defeat a quarry and captured the remaining combatants, that is, of the 13 thousand people and the defenders only 48 people survived. A year later, the Soviet army liberated the Kerch area with Adzhimushky Quarry. In fact the Adzhimushky site was unusable and could not achieve any victory, because it only helped to empower and maintain the offensive spirit of the German army.

Tour in the Adzhimushkaysky Quarry in Kerch

After having carried out numerous search operations, where important discoveries were obtained, the memory museum was founded in Kerch. Then it was decided to create a museum of memory on the site where the events occurred. In May 1967 the museum of the history of defense was opened in honor of the Adzhimushkay Quarry, and in 1982 a monument to the heroes was made. To date, it is the most popular and visited object in Kerch for being historical and cultural.

An excursion in the Quarry Adzhimushkaysky in Kerch through the quarries lasts just over an hour and includes multiple exposures. In “vodokape”, tourists learn how to extract water deposited in a gas-proof shelter, which is where people hid from gas attacks, and tourists can also get acquainted with the operating environment in which the injured They were assisted. In addition, visitors will find the barracks, as well as the field kitchen and the garrison headquarters. The total length of the route is 400 m.

War Heroes Monument

Kerch remembers his heroes of World War II. The city of the hero has many monuments dedicated to the defenders of the city and the hard days of the war. The past is frozen in monuments, museum exhibits are collected, the names of the heroes are printed in the names of the streets. Crowds of people go to the quarries of Adzhimushkaysky. Here is the last frontier of the city’s defense for thousands of soldiers and their families.

Dedicated to heroic defenders

People come to the quarries of Adzhimushkay not to entertain. Here they pay homage to the memory of the Soviet soldiers who defend our land from the enemy.

An excursion to the dungeons can be done under the guidance of an experienced guide. Otherwise, there is an opportunity to get lost in the many branches of the underground corridors. In addition, it is quite possible to find explosive objects. So far, the quarries have not been fully explored. There are caves and excavations where excavations are still ongoing. The complete excursion program covers an area of ​​just under one hectare. The length of the route is about 400 meters. The quarries recreated the environment in which the defenders of the city lived, their combat and domestic aspects. All exhibits and objects that are exhibited in caves and passages are unique. It is difficult to list everything he tells us about those hard and cruel days. Here you can see:

• underground well. People collect water drop by drop, which was worth its weight in gold;

• department of underground surgery. The operations were carried out under the light of smoke houses and candles;

• barracks facilities, where soldiers slept only a few hours a day;

• the place where the headquarters of the Crimean Front was located;

• partitions that protected warriors from toxic gases;

• country kitchen. Here they prepared food for all residents, including combatants;

• tractor. He was the only source of electricity.

It is impossible to imagine a holiday in Kerch without visiting the quarries of Adzhimushkaysky
The quarries of Arshintsev are not in Kerch, but near the neighboring town of miners. The Kamysh-Burunskoye iron ore deposit is located in the city of Arshintsevo. How to get to the quarries?

All tourists traveling to Kerch from different cities in Crimea travel along a route, which is located right in the center of the Kerch peninsula. At the entrance of Kerch, behind the village of Gornotaevka, there is a path that turns towards the Black Sea. In just a few kilometers, the town of Arshintsevo will meet, near which there are three old quarries where the ore was previously mined. Tourists come here to find in the limestone rock that survives prehistoric shells of different sizes.

Previously, when the development of the field was underway, access to quarries was provided to strangers in an apartment located in the center of Arshintsevo. Then, after the quarries were closed, it was possible to organize a passage to the territory where the ore was extracted with a service watchman near the quarries. Now the hunters of rare stones and ancient shells descend freely.

And if to talk about other museums of the Second World War, it is necessary to tell about the museum in the Victory Park in Moscow.

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