The Aseov House of Tambov

Aseev Manor is a museum complex in Tambov, located on the bank of the Tsna River. This architectural monument with a magnificent external appearance and a rich interior is one of the main attractions of the city and a branch of the Peterhof Museum Reserve.

This luxurious estate, equipped at the beginning of the last century by the merchant Aseev for his large family, currently includes the main building (mansion), a fountain and a park. Tours are made throughout the museum complex.

In addition, the museum awaits lovers of classical music in instrumental concerts. Performers of contemporary music perform in the palace. The Aseev House Museum regularly invites citizens and visitors to visit various exhibitions, literary nights, New Year’s events for adults and children. In winter, ice sculptures and slides traditionally appear on the estate, which also attract a large number of visitors.

The history

The embankment of the city of Tambov is one of the favorite vacation spots of citizens. But the Aseevsky palace, located almost opposite the Tambov reservoir, until recently only caused pity and bewilderment. The collapsed ceilings, stains and mold on the facades, the stairs in poor condition, still did not hide the incredible beauty and style of the building. The park located nearby was also neglected.

The owner of this farm was the manufacturer Mikhail Vasilievich Aseev. He owned factories in several settlements in the province. He supplied cloth for the army, about 5 million soldiers wore coats made of high quality cloth from the manufacturer Tambov. For his hard work and constant assistance to the city in 1916, the emperor granted Aseev the title of nobleman.

The architecture of the mansion and the improvement of the estate.

The main building of the Aseevsky estate, built at the end of the 19th century, surprisingly combines elements of various styles: baroque, classicism, art nouveau and eclecticism. The house project was invented by Moscow architects L. K. Mints and M. N. Kugushev. Each part of the building was made in its own style, different from the others. Together they seemed incredibly harmonious and elegant. The interior decoration was also impressive.

On the ground floor there was a living room, a fireplace, a large dining room with kitchen and the owner’s office. In the second column room, where the balls were held, a small home church and family member rooms.

Aseev’s contemporaries considered him a generous and unimpressive person. There was even a legend about the origin of this house on the embankment. The manufacturer had many wooden buildings. And somehow, given the observation that he could have offered even richer housing, Mikhail Vasilievich burned one of the houses and instead deployed the construction of the palace. But the reality was much more prosaic. Aseev acquires the former manor of the wife of judicial advisor Josephine Dembowska and construction begins here.

During landscaping, the park around the mansion was put in order. Exotic varieties were added to mid-range family trees. The gardeners have preserved and the old oak, which amounted to several hundred years. Aseev’s house and a wrought iron fence were built around the park and the house. The first letters of the owner’s first and last name were woven into the openwork canvases of the door.

The house of Aseev from the advent of Soviet power to the present day

Today, little is known about the descendants of Mikhail Vasilyevich who live outside of Russia. And in 1918, the wonderful white house of Aseev was expropriated by the Soviet regime, and the inmates of the colony settled in the children’s chambers. In the same year, the soldiers were stationed here, and one of the faculties of the University of Tambov was located. In the early thirties, the entire property was transferred to the spa department, and here for many years there is a cardiology sanatorium. Since 1974, the estate has the status of a monument of architecture.

The history of the Aseev clan, of course, did not stop with the beginning of the revolution. The new government nationalized the property of the rich, in Tambov this process began with the factories of Aseev. Offended and robbed, Mikhail Vasilievich with his wife and children was forced to go to Moscow and then abroad.

A stay in the state of Aseev of a medical institution could cause irreparable damage to the main building. But by decision of the authorities in 2009, the restoration began here. It lasted several years. The amount of expenses for the restoration of the house Aseevsky amounted to more than 400 million rubles. And the palace, like a phoenix, was reborn from the ruins. But in 2013, the farm was put up for auction. The townspeople were delighted with the news that a unique complex would be leased to accommodate an entertainment venue with a restaurant. For several months, the struggle of the townspeople with the local authorities lasted, and ended in the fact that in 2014 Aseev’s house was opened for visitors as a museum, a branch of Peterhof.

Aseevs House is open six days a week:

Monday is a day off;
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday-Sunday – from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Thursday – from 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
The ticket office closes half an hour before the end of the museum’s working hours.

The entrance to the Aseev Manor Museum complex is by ticket every 30 minutes as part of the tourist groups. To clarify the availability of tickets for the selected time, call: +7 (4752) 63 64 69.

The entrance to the museum includes excursion services and is:

adults – 150 rubles;
students and cadets (previous presentation of the relevant documents) – 80 rubles.
The cost of photographing visitors indoors:

170 rubles – for a visitor in the process of becoming familiar with the exhibition or excursion services;
5000 rubles: the organization of photographs of wedding ceremonies and other special occasions.
Museum Exhibition

The permanent exhibition of the museum includes such premises of the mansion:

Ground floor: front hall, dressing room, fireplace, avant-garde room, reception, M.V. Aseev, sofa, small living room, billiard room, front dining room, white room (the largest and most solemn ground floor room);
Second floor: the Hall of Columns with double columns arranged along the perimeter with gold, as well as a glass dome in the center, which fills the room with light and solemnity.
The interiors of these premises have been restored and restored with the condition of maintaining maximum proximity to the original finish. The floors are connected by a large white marble staircase.

In addition, visitors to Aseyev Manor can visit the magnificent park located nearby with paved roads, gazebos and benches to relax, as well as admire the beautiful fountain crowned with a marble copy of the statue of Venus Meditsitskaya and equipped with modern dynamic light equipment .

In addition to the permanent exhibition of the museum, thematic exhibitions are organized in the territory of the complex, including “The history and destiny of the Aseevs” and “NM Shevchenko is an artist and friend of MV Aseev”, dedicated to the activities of the talented painter and portraitist Nikolai Mikhailovich Shevchenko, who worked in Tambov in the prerevolutionary period and in the early years of Soviet power.

Visiting the Aseov House of Tambov is ideal for you.

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