Places to sunbathe in Russia: Vacation in Russia

Vacationing in Russia for sunbathing is a fascinating idea if you want to enjoy the summer. Where to go for sunbathing in Russia, there are many places to go. Places to sunbathe in Russia, here we show you.

Lugares para tomar el sol en Rusia. Sochi

Vacation in Russia

Where to go for sunbathing in Russia

Many tourists travel looking for coastal landscapes and tropical climates. And while it is true that Moscow is not exactly warm nor is it located on the coast. But it does have places to sunbathe in Russia. Where you enjoy a good ice cold drink and where you can take a refreshing bath. This is one of the most unknown facets of the Russian capital; since Moscow has many other things to offer in which it stands out the most. An example are historical monuments, cathedrals, churches, monasteries, shopping centers, plazas, guided excursions, etc.

But if you are interested in taking a good bath, we will present some of the options you can count on.

If you have a large budget for your trip and wondering where to go for sunbathing in Russia you can visit the Beach Club. A resort with everything a beach vacation needs. Refreshing drinks, good cocktails, yachts, food, music and a unique atmosphere. If you can’t afford a very luxurious place; There are also other cheaper options that include places to take a bath. For example Lake Béloye, Chiórnoye or the Great Pond. They are one of the best places to sunbathe in Russia.

Although these sites are not maritime landscapes, do not underestimate the beauty of a lake’s coastline. You can get a very good surprise since being one of the few places where you can take a bath. Tourism has developed quite offering you a pleasant and very special experience. In addition, if you are an adventure person who likes extreme sports and adrenaline, you can also choose to visit one of the schools that let you practice wakesurfing or monoskiing. Like the windsurfing club or the Malibu school. These sites are Where to go for sunbathing in Russia

We have compiled ideas for a holiday in Russia. Living in a yurt on the shore of the lake, swimming enough in the sea, breathing fresh air in the mountains or taking a walk through the sand dunes, you will have plenty to choose from.

Places to sunbathe in Russia

Vacacionar en Rusia. Kislovodsk

Drink mineral water in Kislovodsk

To spend the summer at the resort in the literal sense of the word, go to the waters: the Caucasus Mineral. In Kislovodsk, nostalgia without Soviet flavor spreads in the air. The local spa hotels and resorts are fine with the whole family. While adults bathe in narzan, relax under the hands of a masseuse and swell in a steam room, children explore the salt caves, have fun in the pools and play in children’s clubs.

It is great for everyone to walk through the Resort Park with the Valley of the Roses is one of the most incredible places to sunbathe in Russia. Ride the cable car and drink mineral water in the former Narzan Gallery. Romantic couples won’t get bored either. They must go to Honey Falls, visit the rock Lermontov, where Pechorin shot with Grushnitsky, and also dine at the restaurant of the Castle of Cunning and Love.

How to get

By train directly to Kislovodsk or by plane to Mineralnye Vody, and then an hour and a half by bus, minibus or train. If you drive, it is even more convenient to rent a car at the Minvod airport.

Enter the desert on Gorodomlya Island

Students love to relax in Seliger. And that, not far, romantic and cheap. But all ages are submissive to the love of clean lakes, warm sand and coniferous forests.

Vacacionar en Rusia. Gorodomlya

Ships and boats go from Ostashkov directly to Gorodomlya Island. Where Shishkin wrote sketches for “Morning in a pine forest.” The island is famous for its inland lake, which is not without reason called Divine, and the sandy May Spit. It’s good to put a tent in a deserted place, light a bonfire, turn off the phone and remember what it’s like to talk from heart to heart and not like Facebook posts.

In Ostashkov, we will advise you on a private house or hotel in Gorodoml and where to rent a boat to enjoy the Nile desert from the water.

How to get

From Moscow to the city of Ostashkov by train with a change in Bologoye, and then to the island by boat or ship.

Sochi the best route south

“And in the summer we will go south,” from these words the heart warms up immediately. Sochi, which for many since childhood is synonymous with a worry-free summer vacation by the sea. After the 2014 Olympics, it finally became a tourist center throughout the year. Where you can vacation in Russia.

tomar el sol en Rusia. Sochi

From December to April, people come to ski to Krasnaya Polyana. From late May to early November, they swim in the peaceful Black Sea. Even if you don’t leave the city, you will have a wonderful vacation.

In Sochi you will find Matsesta hydrogen sulfide baths, five water parks, a boxwood forest and the observation tower of Mount Akhun, from where you can see the picturesque coastline from Lazarevsky to Pitsunda.

How to get

By train or plane to Sochi.

Curonian Spit

A long sand roaster connects Russia and Lithuania. You come and go into a fairy tale where you can vacation in Russia. But what else to name the place where the pines dance, the kings and wands sing, the dunes extend to the horizon and the blue waves splash on both sides? Among the natural wonders of hiking trails, and in the open-air museum “Ancient Sambia”. The Vikings will teach you to shoot from a crossbow. It is one of the best places to sunbathe in Russia.

Swim anywhere

The Curlandia lagoon already heats up in June and the Baltic Sea heats up in mid summer. Nor will there be problems with housing. It can be installed in a private house on the grill or in any hotel in Zelenogradsk “on the mainland”. Vacationing in Russia in this place is wonderful.

How to get

By plane to Kaliningrad, from there by train to Zelenogradsk, from where the Curonian Spit begins.

If you hire GuiaRus we will offer you tourist tours that include a trip to any of these places in the itinerary. There is nothing like knowing where to go to sunbathe in Russia. We will help you to Vacation in Russia by selecting the best places to sunbathe in Russia.

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