The Deineki Paintings Gallery in Kursk

Visiting the Deineki Paintings Gallery in Kursk is ideal. Knowing the Deineki Paintings Gallery in Kursk has never been better. Touring the Deineki Gallery in Kursk with our professional guides in Spanish is fun at an affordable cost.

A collection of masterpieces with a world name, is the Kursk Paintings Gallery, puts it at the same level as the capital of Russia – Moscow and foreign art galleries. In his exhibitions, he organically combines the works of European artists of the 16-21 centuries and the creations of Russian masters, complemented by masterpieces of sculpture and decorative and applied art of the 18th and 20th centuries. The gallery’s collection includes at least 10,000 works of art. His collection has repeatedly participated in international exhibitions both in Russia and abroad (USA, Spain, Japan, Italy, etc.), becoming the exhibition of the best museums and exhibition halls in the world.

The gallery’s motto: preserve – multiply, study – develop, show – transform.

Get to know the Deineki Paintings Gallery in Kursk


The founding year of the Deineki Gallery is considered in 1935, although its collection began to be formed in the first decade of the 20th century. A large number of valuable exhibitions that the gallery received in the years after the Revolution, was the work of a brush of great masters confiscated from famous Russian families (Baryatinsky, Rebinders) or given away. In the 30s, the gallery organized its first exhibition, it found refuge in the cathedral of Sergiyev-Kazan. Later, it had its own building, and to date it has two more branches.

Visit the Deineki Paintings Gallery in Kursk What to see?

Among the works stored in the gallery; There are masterpieces by Tiepolo, Barocci, Bradel and dozens of other famous European artists. The collection is not limited to painting; attention is paid to graphics and sculpture, there are embroidery, porcelain, antique prints and icons. The photos and sculptures of the master Kursk Alexander Deineka, whose name was given to the gallery in 1969; They make up almost a quarter of the entire collection and are exhibited by a separate exhibition. The gallery presents Russian paintings (Levitan, Polenov, Kuindzhi), including works by artisans, whose fate is related in some way to the city of Kursk (Shvarts, Trutovsky). In addition to the activities of the exhibition; The gallery is dedicated to the restoration of art objects and performs research work. Along with traditional tourism programs, seminars and conferences, there is a multi-conference theater, which includes several themed mini-tours.

The Deineki Art Gallery has launched several social projects in recent years, one of which addressed the cultural education of orphaned children. About 1500 children made dozens of trips around the museum, visiting other historical monuments of Kursk and the region.
During the long years of its existence, the Kursk Gallery is named after A.A.

Deinecki has compiled a large collection of works by world famous authors. Today, she can easily compete with any art gallery worldwide. Its fund has about 10,000 works that have already repeatedly participated in several international exhibitions in Russia, Italy, Spain, the United States and Japan. Many art historians actively collaborate with the Kursk Gallery and continue to invite it to exhibition halls around the world.

KUra State Picture Gallery is named after A. A. Deineki is one of the most notable art museums in Russia. Its backgrounds contain paintings, sculptures and drawings of national and foreign masters of the 16th and 21st centuries, folk and decorative arts of the 18th and 20th centuries.

The history of the gallery’s collection dates back to 1903-1905. The first works of art came as donations from individuals, including the governor of Kursk N.N. Gordeev, a famous museum administrator. The true basis of the meeting was formed in the years after the revolution. It was composed mainly of paintings from the Kursk collections of Baryatinsky, Nelidov, Schwartz and Rebinder.

At the same time, a series of significant works of European and Russian painting did not fall from the nationalized farms in the Kursk collections. Now in the museums of the capital they are exported in the early 1920s. Family portraits of the Baryatinsky by F. Rokotov, E. Vigee-Lebrun, I. Tischbein, P. Rotary, F. Winterhalter, “Fish market in the port “of E. de Witte,” Annunciation “of S. Vouet and” View of the forum in Rome JP Panini.

In the 1920s Repeated attempts have been made to open an art museum in Kursk. This idea was finally implemented in 1935, when about 200 exhibits from the art department of the local history museum were assigned to create the Kursk Image Gallery. The gallery’s first exhibition took place within the walls of the Sergiev Kazan Cathedral, an architectural monument of the 18th century. The exhibition consisted of painting works from Western and Russian Europe, as well as paintings by artists from Kursk.

Now the gallery collection has about ten thousand exhibits. Along with the desire for a more complete reflection of Russian art, the gallery collects works by artists whose biography is related to some extent with Kursk: Vyacheslav Schwartz, Konstantin Trutovsky, Efim Cheptsov and others.

This trend materializes better in relation to the creative heritage of Alexander Deineka. Since 1969, the gallery is named after the artist. The collection of his Kursk works is unique and numerous. The works of Alexander Deineka of Kursk Picture Gallery were exhibited in Russia, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Finland, United States, Japan and Italy. Excellent reviews in the press were received by the artist’s exhibitions held in 2001 and 2009. at the Tretyakov State Gallery.

The restoration workshop occupies a special place in the gallery, the only one in the region. The workshop determines the exhibition aspect of the collection. Thanks to the efforts of the restaurateurs, hundreds of paintings and icons that seemed lost to the culture were revived.

The gallery team is carrying out research works related to the attribution of fine art monuments and the problems of the old, new national and foreign art culture. Since 1999, scientific conferences have been held and report collections have been published.

The editorial activity of the gallery is not limited only to publications of a special nature, the variety of the “museum” kiosk is much wider and includes dozens of memorabilia and products of scientific dissemination.

The Kursk State Art Gallery named after A.A. Deineka seeks to combine the usual forms of activity of the museum with new forms. Currently, in addition to the traditional conferences and excursions, the gallery has a multiple conference room, the mini-tours “Kursk Military”, “Kursk Manor”, “Kursk Merchant”, “Kursk Monastery”, “Kursk Orthodox” are popular. At the Open Museum Forum, held at Yasnaya Polyana in 2004, the gallery received a special diploma “For expanding the scope of the museum’s social activity”. In 2006, the gallery became a member of the charity program “Museum, music, children”, aimed at children from orphanages in the Kursk region.

In the same year, the gallery won a grant from the Serafim Sarovsky charitable foundation and implemented a project aimed at children in the Kursk region, students at boarding schools and orphanages in the city of Kursk. Around 1,500 children participated in the project, in the gallery’s full board, they made more than 50 mini-tours of the gallery and the monuments of the church of the city and the region.

Since 2008, together with the Interros editorial program, the gallery has actively participated in the “Alexander Deineka. Research, books, exhibitions. 2008-2011 “.

In 2009, the gallery project “Advertising space for rent” won the garnet contest “Changing Museum in a Changing World” in the “Museum Exposition Technologies” nomination.

More details

The formation of this rich fund began about a hundred years ago, although the official date for the opening of the Kursk Gallery named after Alexander Deineka is 1935. Many priceless exhibits were transferred to his collection after the revolution. During these years, the Bolsheviks confiscated many of the works of world famous masters of wealthy families. Some paintings were donated or exchanged in other galleries. In the 30s of the last century, the first exhibition of exhibitions took place within the walls of the Sergiev Kazan Cathedral. A small gallery of Kursk assigned its own structure, and now it has two additional branches.

Among the rich collection, the masterpieces of world authors such as Barocci, Breidel, Tiepolo and many other eminent artists stand out. A separate exhibition is dedicated to the works of A. Deineka, whose name is called gallery. The sculptures and paintings of this genius of Kursk are represented in the amount of almost 2600 works of art, which constitute a quarter of the entire fund. Russian painting is exhibited by the works of Levitan, Schwartz, Polenov, Trutovsky, Kuindzhi and other authors. In addition to painting, the collection includes graphics, embroidery, icons, sculptures, prints and porcelain.

In addition to organizing exhibitions, the employees of the Kursk Gallery are dedicated to research, as well as the restoration of old works of art. Excursions, scientific seminars and conferences are constantly held here.

In recent years, this gallery has been implementing several important projects of social importance. Among them, one can select a program for the cultural education of orphans. Thanks to her, almost two thousand children made a fascinating tour of the museum and the historical monuments of the Kursk region.

Taking a tour at the Deineki Gallery in Kursk is time spent, come and enjoy the visit with us. Visiting the Deineki Paintings Gallery in Kursk is ideal for your vacation. Take the opportunity to see some Russian art and get to know the Deineki Paintings Gallery in Kursk.

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