Visit the Iron Museum in Pereslavl
Excursion at the Iron Museum in Pereslavl – History
What to see at the Iron Museum in Pereslavl – Collection

Visit the Iron Museum in Pereslavl

Excursion in the Iron Museum in Pereslavl to know everything related to irons, iron coins and more. Visiting the Iron Museum in Pereslavl is ideal for your city tour. What to see at the Iron Museum in Pereslavl, come and enjoy ..

The Iron Museum in Pereslavl is one of the many private museums. It is the old house of a merchant with two floors. The exhibition itself is located on the second floor, and the first part is an interesting gift shop. The store sells all kinds of iron themed products and gifts and also organizes a small exhibition of paintings by Pereslavl artists.

Every month, the Iron Museum attracts thousands of tourists. This is mainly due to Muscovites traveling in the Golden Ring; where Pereslavl is popular with tourists from the Vladimir and Yaroslavl regions. The local people come here to show their children; how one lived before the century of electricity, how they were and how household chores were done.

Until 2006, the ironing museum was allowed for free. Now you need to buy tickets. The main income, especially during the high tourist season, gives a gift shop. In addition, collectors come here to buy their favorite iron from the museum’s reserves. The price for them is 100 to 10 000 rubles. Now, the iron museum and the mannequins museum opened a year after giving the entrepreneur a benefit he uses to expand his antiques business.

Excursion at the Iron Museum in Pereslavl – History

The first page of the history museum was written at the end of the last century, when in December 1999 Pereslavsky businessman Andrey Nikolaevich Vorobov bought an old building. Previously, there is a communal apartment, and after the fire it acquired an unsightly design. After that, a long restoration began. The doors of the Iron Museum opened in June 2002. The first two years of visiting the museum were free, where donations were left in a box located at the entrance. Subsequently, the museum introduced visitor fees and organized tourism.

However, the “basic income” of the museum does not come from tickets, but from the sale of items in its vaults for visitors. The cost of iron depends on the condition and the rarity, usually the change is in a range of 100 to 10 thousand rubles. Most of the income comes from visitors, of course in the tourist season between May and September.

What to see at the Iron Museum in Pereslavl – Collection

To date, the museum’s collection contains more than 200 plates. The exact figure is difficult to estimate, because the collection must be constantly updated with new exhibits. Iron enthusiasts are everywhere, and search for them in the most unexpected places. Many of the objects exhibited in the exhibition come from the shelves of municipal landfills. Like the cost it varies considerably as does the weight available in the iron collection (from 10 grams to 10 kilograms).

The Iron Museum participated twice in the “flea market” in 2005 and 2006. Enthusiasts have secured a large collection of household items from rural and urban families; which date back mainly to those of the 19th century. Among the exhibits collected, they come from the homes of ordinary people, in restaurants and in retail outlets; for example, plates, pots and teapots, tea boxes and advertising signs, scales and weights).

Iron exhibition museum

The main pride of the museum is its rich collection. The plates are solid heating and with a heating medium of cast iron, coal and steam, alcohol and gas, electric toys and even calico.
The irons are completely different from each other. And its weight is different. The smallest barely reaches 10 grams. This expensive toy for children was made by Master Tula in the mid-19th century. He used an expensive iron and chromium alloy, and also placed a bone handle on the small plate. And the largest iron in the collection weighs 12 kg. It was used in the army to iron coats, blankets and boots of spring boots.

The “younger” iron in the Pereslavl museum barely exceeded forty. This is a cast iron, in whose handle its price has melted for centuries: 2 rubles. 40 kopeks And the oldest iron, made in the form of a liar lion, is more than two and a half centuries old. This sample of Russian art foundry was made in the city of Kasimov in Ryazan. In addition, there are more and more plates in the museum. This is due to the care of employees and gifts from residents of Pereslavl-Zalessky, Yaroslavl, Moscow and the neighboring regions.

Los primeros hierros eléctricos, que solo comenzaron a producirse a principios del siglo XX, generalmente costaban unos 15 rublos. Por lo tanto, las planchas en las casas se consideraban objetos de riqueza y bienestar material. Y trataron de poner esta cosa de estado en una servilleta ordenada, en un lugar prominente, al lado del samovar.

A los hierros les encantaba decorar. Hicieron elegantes manijas talladas. El fondo estaba decorado con flores de metal. Instaladas en los hierros, pequeñas figuras intrincadas de gallos, patines, cabezas femeninas e imágenes estilizadas de plantas. Las montañas rusas de hierro también fueron ingeniosamente diseñadas.

Pero la exposición del museo no se limita solo a planchas. Aquí puede ver cómo se amueblaron los apartamentos y casas de los residentes de clase media de Pereslavl, que vivieron a finales del siglo XVIII y principios del XX, qué objetos se usaron en las tabernas, así como en tiendas y almacenes. Los estantes del museo están llenos de comerciantes en escalas, cajas de lata para té, letreros publicitarios brillantes, utensilios de cocina para el hogar y samovares.

El museo alberga excursiones muy interesantes de media hora. En ellos puedes descubrir qué se inventaron los primeros hierros en China . Pero no para alisar los tejidos, sino, en primer lugar, para su desinfección. Las guías nos dicen qué tipos de planchas fueron traídas a Rusia desde el extranjero. El personal del museo realiza recorridos con humor, presenta la información de manera lúdica, alternando hechos históricos con chistes. Entonces los visitantes salen de este museo siempre de buen humor.

How to get

The Iron Museum is located in Pereslavl-Zalessky, on Sovetskaya Street 11. It is located opposite Pushkin Park, in the historic center of the city, on the main road, not far from the Red Square. About 3 km from the city bus station, where intercity buses arrive from Moscow and Yaroslavl. You can walk or travel in a city bus or taxi.

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