What to see in Crimea – The Juma-Jami of Eupatoria

What to see in Crimea during your vacation. One of the places of interest to visit in Crimea is the Juma-Jami of Eupatoria, here we tell you. What to see in the religious center of Crimea and much more.

Places of interest to visit in Crimea

Juma-Jami in Eupatoria (sometimes known as Han-Jami) not only the current religious center; but also one of the most interesting historical and architectural monuments of Muslim architecture in the Crimea. In addition, it is the largest and most beautiful of the peninsula; as well as the only mosque in Europe with so many domes. Many compare it with the consummate ST. Sophia in Istanbul and the Moscow Cathedral Mosque, and the centennial history of this building makes it even more unique.

The construction of the temple dates back to 1552 and is attributed to the authorship of the Ottoman architect, engineer, astronomer and mathematician Sinan. Initially; the mosque served as a place of worship for Allah; and the center of the important events of the Crimean Kanato.

It was here that a rite of passage was carried out in the Crimean Khans. After which the new Khan signed a special law leaving his deposit in the mosque. After that, the governor came out and told the citizens that he was the new Khan, and went to Bakhchisarai, his capital.

For unknown reasons, some design elements declined relatively quickly; in 1666 it was destroyed by the first minaret; and just under 200 years later, it was restored during the second half of the 20th century.
On May 16, 1916, the mosque was visited by Emperor Nicholas II; who entered through the east gate, and since then, does not remain open.

During the Soviet period the church was closed and placed in one of the departments of the museum of local history. In the 90s the monastery was returned to the Muslim community. The place narrowly escaped the destruction, but for many decades, it was quite ruinous. After the restoration in 2002, the monument got its original appearance, and opened its doors to tourists.

What to see in the religious center of Crimea – El Juma-Jami de Eupatoria

The main feature of the construction is its skeleton architecture with a rectangular frame on the high and smooth walls. The gallery in the area is divided into two rare stories that highlight two rows of domed windows on both sides. The height of the dome of the main hall is 22 meters with 11 meters crowns; and its 16 m windows are supported with candles over the arches of Podpruzhnymi. They are decorated with stained glass windows of warm tones from the south side and cold from the north. Together they represent eternity.

The minaret with balconies and stairs is located near the central building located 5 vaulted porches, east and west of the 35-meter-high tower. Throughout the main building there are 11 large and small domes.
The patio is surrounded by a stone wall, which deserves no less attention. There is a necropolis with marble tombs of Turkish generals who fought in the Crimea.

You can go to the mosque on weekends, in the hotel you can organize excursions, telling everything about the religion, culture, customs and rituals of Muslims. By the way, some researchers believe that here, it was for a long time the Koran was maintained in the 15th century.

World heritage in Yevpatoriya:

architectural features Now the appearance of the mosque is as close as possible to the original. It is a dome structure, with the main dome 11 meters in diameter and raised to a height of 22 meters. In its upper part there are 16 windows arranged with stained glass windows of different colors. The differences between the warm and cold colors are meant to symbolize the seasons, as well as the beginning, the flowering and the fading of life. The restored minarets have a height of 35 m each.

They can be seen from afar, they serve as specific landmarks in this part of the city. The main part is surrounded by two-story galleries, covered by small flattened domes (3 per side). For construction, a local shell rock was used. Although the mosque is operational, common tourists are allowed on weekends. It is better to find out the weather with the help of Yevpatoriya news and information resources or organize group visits in advance. The external examination of Juma-Jami is included in many tours of Yevpatoriya and Little Jerusalem.

It is interesting without visiting from the inside. Truly, this is one of the most famous religious buildings of the complex and the peninsula, along with the dervishes of Tekie and the Orthodox church, sponsored by Nikolai the Wonderworker.

The places of interest to visit in Crimea are fascinating, so you can contact us for more information. What to see in Crimea and more alone in GuiaRus.

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