Visit Crimea and its places – The Livadia Palace

Tour in the Livadia Palace in Crimea, ideal for you. Touring the Livadia Palace in Crimea is an opportunity to get to know one of the most emblematic palaces in the city. Visiting Crimea and its places is a fascinating opportunity.

Tour the Livadia Palace in Crimea

It is without exaggeration, a masterpiece of architecture. A white residence was built in the 20th century by the Romanov royal family and is perfectly preserved to this day. Located in a picturesque place on the hill; in the middle of the forests and with views of the sea in retreat of the horizon, the Livadia Palace attracts crowds of tourists every year; in the Ukrainian stations. The palace complex, which is located about five kilometers from Yalta; known not only for its beauty and greatness, but also for the important historical events that took place here. Thus, in 1945, the palace walls hosted the famous Yalta Conference with the participation of the heads of the Soviet Union, Great Britain and the United States. Three years ago in 2011; The Livadia Palace celebrated its centenary.

Livadia Palace – history

On the site of a small house that crossed Lev Severinovich of Theodosius Reveliotis, 35 buildings were erected according to Elson’s design, which include: barracks Hotel distillery hospital The project included a park and a greenhouse. Thanks to this, the Livadia Palace (in its original form) is considered the oldest palace park on the south coast. In 1860, the count dies, and his heirs decide to sell the palace to Alexander II, who tried to cure Maria Alexandrovna’s wife, who suffers from consumption. Livadia Palace of the Romanovs The purchase of these lands by the emperor took place in 1861, after which the construction of a new estate, called Livadia, began. The project was entrusted to Hippolytus Monighetti. As planned, he included: Grand Palace (rebuilt house of Count Potocki); Little Palace (or the heir’s house, designed for the Grand Dukes); Palace Church (converted Potocki chapel); Sweet Home; The kitchen.

The restructuring of the palace continued from 1862 to 1866. This was reflected in the empress’s desire to make the Livadia Palace as simple as possible. However, the palace in this way was not up to the contemporaries. The large house was soon rebuilt, and the small one was blown up by the Nazis during the retreat. At the same time, the heir’s house was rebuilt 20 years after construction: the walls cracked due to the increase in groundwater, so the palace was moved in its original form to another place.

In 1904, the main palace of Livadia, whose photos are now completely different from the original version, also needed repair. The king decided to replace it completely and build a White Palace instead.

In 1925, for the peasants (trips and trips were free). In 1931 it was declared a climatic medical complex. The practice of hosting high-ranking guests continued after the collapse of the empire. The Yalta-1945 Conference was held here with the participation of Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin. Then, the Livadia Palace leaves for the NKVD and here the next state delivery is formed. In 1953 it became a union health center. And in 1974, an unexpected event occurred for the palaces of the Romanovs in Soviet times: it was opened for tourists to visit. 2 exhibitions worked: historical and commemorative exhibition “Yalta Conference”; Exhibition Many films were filmed inside the palace walls. Among them are: “Dog in the hay”; “Anna Karenina”; “An opportunity among a thousand”; OTELO “Gadfly”. At the same time, the meetings of the heads of state are still held in the famous White Hall. Near the palace are the monuments of those who contributed to its popularization.

The official acts of a political and social nature in the Livadia palace are nowadays; So on the eve before the tour, it is not clear that the complex is open to tourists. The view of the residence suggests a tour of the main rooms and classrooms, as well as being in a museum dedicated to the history of the palace. Tourists are introduced to permanent and temporary exhibitions. “Royal Hunt”, “Romanov dynasty in the history of the Crimean War” and these are some of the exhibition that can be visited once you visit the Livadia Palace.

Perhaps the most famous part of the palace complex is the Italian courtyard. The incredible beauty of the place, which by the way; It is repeatedly served as a film that develops during well-known Russian and foreign films. The Livadia Palace can be visited at any time of the year; but summer is especially good, so it is recommended to go during that season.

Tour in the Livadia Palace in Crimea – location

To get to the Livadia Palace you can take the following buses: Number 5, 11, 27, 32 and 47, which can be stopped at the so-called “Livadia Palace” or continue also at the “sanatorium” guard borders. Tickets: 400 RUB for adults and 250 RUB for children and students (upon presentation of the student card). The price of the ticket does not depend on the tourist season. This amount includes an excursion with a guide, amateur photography and videography, as well as visiting Italian courtyard. In addition to tickets for other events, theater and museum tickets can be purchased here.


The tour in the Livadia Palace in Crimea accompanied by our expert guides in Spanish. Touring the Livadia Palace in Crimea nuuca was so easy and accessible. Visiting Crimea and its places is ideal if you come to visit.