Visit the Marble cave in Crimea

Visit the Marble cave in Crimea and get to know its entire interior. What to see in the Marble caves here we tell you. Places to visit in Crimea.

In addition to Moscow, St. Petersburg and other large cities, I advise you to visit Crimea. It is a romantic and beautiful place: the sea, the mountains and even the steppe here seem very tempting and fabulous. However, the peninsula is famous for its amazing and beautiful caves. One of them, is the largest, is called Marble. It is the same song title in a magical-romantic mood; but once inside, only the dry cookie can limit a sigh of admiration. The Marble Cave is a true underground palace, where the walls are decorated with beautiful stone roses; rooms supported with powerful columns; Chandeliers hanging from the ceiling that are not uncommon, and waterfalls.

What to see in the Marble caves

To visit the Marble cave in Crimea, you should know that it was discovered relatively recently, in 1987; when locals discovered the inimitable beauty and originality of a large cave on the lower Chater-Dag plateau. It should be noted that it is the only cave that has a very complex structure; and it has a large number of rooms and corridors entwined in the most unimaginable combinations. Naturally, it became immediately clear that this location is simply amazing and popular with tourists.

After an exhaustive investigation on the study of local conditions; There were hiking trails, the necessary lighting and security is guaranteed. Already in 1989, the cave received its first visitors.
Visitors who enter the cool gloom, see large halls, as if descending from the pages of the ancient era about what some underground kings. These palaces are protected and decorated throughout the formation of the wall with strange shapes, crystals, stalactites and stalagmites. The starting point of the route is simply a place that is quite understandable why the gallery is called a fairy tale.

It is very easy to confuse the incredibly beautiful stalagmites with fossilized figures of gnomes, goblins and other low-income inhabitants. The next thing that is admired by travelers who fall into a place called the panther, where the cave becomes noticeably inferior; and hanging from the ceiling stalactites that appear in front of their eyes. By the way, the name of the place is not accidental. Next, the ancient remains of a large predator were found, it is possible that here the tiger was found resting end of saber teeth. However, subsequent studies have established that it was a cave lion.

In addition to the stalactites in the cave, you can enjoy the underground waterfalls, hollows, full of water and baths. The highlight of this cave is the sliding room, or Hall of Perestroika. This is the largest of these sites in Crimea and one of the largest in the continent. The Perestroika Hall stretches like 100 meters and its height is 28 meters. The columns, stalactites, stalagmites, korralitovye flowers and more the impression that the room was decorated with some fantastic unknown artists, who knew their art.

Another beautiful room in the cave is the palace, which is decorated with elegant columns, known as the king and queen. There is also a special offer for tourists with a tour in the lower gallery, which lasts about three hours. It starts in the landslide room, and those who want to take a fascinating journey will certainly not regret it. During the tour, you will be able to explore the pink room with stone roses that adorn the ceiling; and the skeletons of ancient animals. The most impressive room in the lower gallery is, of course, a room with a balcony, the room, the brightness and surface facilities, and the Geliktitovy room with a good chocolate name.

Also, don’t forget about such an interesting place, like the stalactite forest. In this forest there are hundreds of fine calcite tubes that form the fairy forest. The length of the routes, which are equipped in the marble cave, have up to 2 kilometers, and their depth is around six meters.

Exhibition and rooms of the marble cave

The marble cave is unique in its kind, so thousands of tourists visit it annually. The “trick” of this cave is that it managed to survive in its original form, after years and centuries of existence. According to scientists, the cave requires careful care, so they take into account all its characteristics.

The cave has several excursion rooms. In the first largest room called “landslide,” you can observe the stone structures that have survived for a million years. The length of this room is about 250 meters. Also popular are the Palace Palace with columns and Clay Hall, whose ceiling height is gradually decreasing. Tiger Run is the oldest part of the Marble Cave, discovered only one year after the cave itself.

In the Marble Cave in Simferopol there are also relatively new routes, for example, “Chatyr-Dag Melodies”, accompanied by music. The following rooms in the Marble Cave are also worth a visit:

Vernadsky Hall.

Also in the Marble Cave you will be presented with the stalactite forest, which is a large number of calcite tubes that form a complete “forest”.

According to tourists, it is impossible to visit all the halls at once, so before the tour you will be offered several different routes. The cave is two kilometers long and 63 meters wide.
The temperature in the cave is approximately 9 degrees, and the humidity in the cave reaches 98-100 percent. For those who find this cold and unpleasant weather, jackets are sent at the entrance.

Why is it worth a visit?

Marble cave in Simferopol: a mysterious and unusual place. Here you can see and feel the stone rocks that originated approximately one million years ago, as well as appreciate the power of natural wonders that can create “forests” or magnificent stone columns.

A walk through the Marble Cave will be fascinating and useful for both you and your child, who during the tour will learn many interesting facts about nature, the world and caving.

How to get to the marble cave

You can buy an excursion to the Marble Cave in some travel agencies in Simferopol, Alushta or Yalta, that is, in advance. As a general rule, the price of said ticket includes a transfer from the hotel to the cave and vice versa. By private car, the cave can be easily accessed with the navigator, and parking is provided near the entrance to the Marble Cave.

In addition, you can reach the cave by tram or minibus. From the town of Mramorny, which you will reach by public transport, you must walk 8 kilometers along a rocky path along the power lines, or drive to the town of Krasnolesye and follow the same path.

Visiting the Marble cave in Crimea is ideal for your holidays and be in touch with nature. Places to visit in Crimea and much more in GuiaRus.