The oil crisis: an advantage for tourism in Russia

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Currently the largest country in the world is experiencing one of the strongest oil crises in its history. And it is not for less since Russia, which has held the position of being the second largest oil producer in the world has been relegated by the economic power of the United States. This has forced the Russian government to take measures to alleviate the economic fall caused by the fall in oil; and among other measures; there is a constant devaluation of the ruble against the dollar; this in order to see an increase in income in the country’s exports.

This measure, in addition, achieves that the tourists who handle American or European currency; See your best priced dollar when you buy foreign currency; that is, buy a ruble for a dollar or euro. Although the devaluation of the ruble remains quite dynamic and its value changes daily; has a constant tendency to stay below the dollar so if you plan travel to russia; This is the right time to do it. You can have more Russian currency for less dollars or euros, which translates directly into cheaper products and more abundance in your pocket.

2015 is expected to be a year of higher tourism than previous years; It is also thought that in 2015 tourism records will be broken to Russia that will be increased with each year that passes until the 2018 World Cup.

Come and enjoy Russia by making the most of currency exchange and taking advantage of this favorable economic situation to travel to Russia.

If you plan on booking one excursion in Moscow or Saint Petersburg cwith private guide; this 2015 is an ideal year to enjoy guided walks and excursion in Saint Petersburg.

Guided tours of Russia, we are waiting for you.

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