What to see in Simferopol – the Old City of Naples

What to see in Simferopol while touring the most emblematic places of the city. For example, visiting the Old City of Naples is an opportunity to go to the past and learn about its history. Tour in the Old City of Naples is ideal for you.

visit the Old City of Naples

The ruins of the ancient city of Naples today, constitute the historical and archaeological reserve on the outskirts of Simferopol. In part of the guided tours; excavated on the floor of the building is the exhibition of the open-air museum.

The main wealth of the capital of the Scythians is still hidden beneath the ground.

If you are going to visit the Old City of Naples you should know that the old fortification near Simferopol is used as a free source of stone and limestone, while in 1827; antique collector Sultan Krym Giray Kata Giray accidentally saw in a car; when traveling from Kermentchik several plates with relief images of the pilots and the Greek inscriptions. The first small excavations have led researchers to delight; since they found a marble of bas-reliefs, Roman and Greek coins.

On one of the plates there is an inscription that refers to the king of the Scythians; Skilur, who lived more than two thousand years ago. Archaeologists have concluded that on the outskirts of the city of Simferopol is much older and almost forgotten, Naples Scythian. The Scythian state capital existed for about six centuries. The long war of the Scythians with their rival Hersonissos. Then the city attacked the Goths, and was finally destroyed.

The Napoli Skifskiy is located in an area of ​​approximately 20 hectares. For two centuries, archaeologists unearthed no more than 1/20 of it, so the main wealth of the capital of the Scythians is still hidden beneath the ground.

The greatest value is the mausoleum of King Skilur. The archaeologists were lucky to find the leader of the ancient Scythian burial intact, which neither the thieves nor the weather damaged. Skilur’s tomb contains a huge amount of wealth, especially gold jewelry. Most of the gold objects of the Skilur mausoleum are in the museums of Moscow and St. Petersburg. The Skilur Mausoleum is one of what they could find, since Scythians usually; they were buried by their relatives in tombs and burial mounds, but the king made an exception.

The excavations in Naples of the Scythians, was where the scientists determined the representation on the Scythians as a nomadic and semi-wild tribe. People who lived in this city, thousands of years ago, actively participated in commerce and agriculture, numerous findings show. For example, such as storage tanks, grain or wine.

The Scythian Reserve of Naples is an open-air museum in development. The place of the archaeological works carried out every year in the exhibition there are new articles. Therefore Scythian Naples can be visited at least every year and every time you become familiar with fresh artifacts.

The reconstruction of the personal reserves, used only natural materials: stone, clay and straw. This is done to accurately simulate the appearance of Scythian Naples during its heyday.


What is interesting about Naples in Simferopol? The security pavilion is the only building that today is represented by Naples Scythian in Simferopol, his photo is as important to the capital of Crimea as the image of the Basilica in Sevastopol. This is a defensive tower restored in 1987, erected on the mausoleum of Tsar Skilur, possibly saving the tomb from looting, so it remained completely intact. In the course of numerous archaeological investigations, the remains of the fortress walls, three city gates and the foundations of residential buildings were found. Unfortunately, they are now impossible to see, since after the discovery they were bombarded with soil for conservation until better times. The only thing you can see is the tower with the mausoleum and the foundations of the house with a basement that looks like a pool. Since 2011, the ancient city of Naples Scythian has been the Simferopol Archaeological Reserve, where excavations have not stopped, but for almost 200 years, only about 5% of the site has been explored.

Each year, the collection of findings is replenished with new and interesting exhibits, however, as the scientists point out, this is just the tip of the iceberg: the real treasures of the polis are still hidden in the ground. Parallel to the archaeological and reconstruction work, work is being done on the reconstruction of urban structures, and the people who work here are trying to accurately reconstruct the ancient objects, so this process is extremely long. How to get to the old city? Now many are interested in Naples Scythian in Simferopol, how to get there, without knowing the area, how to get there by public transport, all this is often asked. But in this case, a map is not required, this route is quite busy. From the center there are minibuses n. ° 24, 85 and 108, from the train station – minibus n. ° 4. You must get off at the Scythian Naples stop. If you decide to reach Naples Scythian by car, starting from the bus station, you must move south on the street. Kiev, in the ring, turn towards the street. Bespalova After 750 m, turn towards ul. Lomonosov (TOK “Tavria”) and continue until the intersection with the street. Tarabukina

Now, heading north, you should drive about 300 m. That’s it, you’re at your destination. The total distance is approximately 2.5 km, so the road is easy to overcome on foot. Tourist note Address: Archeologicheskaya street, 1, Simferopol, Crimea, Russia. Coordinates: 44 ° 56′35 ″ N (44.943059), 34 ° 7′12 ″ E (34.120018). Telephone: +7 (978) 847-71-58. Official website: http://neapolis-scythian.crimea.ua/ Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday – free day. Many guests of the city of Simferopol Naples Scythian may disappoint, but these are people who are often classified as pessimistic. Optimists do not expect too much from this trip and, therefore, are always satisfied. Remember, visiting an ancient city that is under reconstruction, therefore, it is worth seeing it now just to compare it with what it will be in a few years!

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