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Where to ski in Russia

Las tres mejores estaciones de esquí en Rusia

Visiting the ski resorts in Russia to test your snow skills is possible. Where to ski in Russia, here are the best stations to go to. Which ski resorts to visit in Russia, we propose it in this article.

Visit the ski resorts in Russia

If Russia is known worldwide for something; In addition to being the largest country in the world, it is because of its inclement weather and cold that creeps into the bones; able to freeze the boilers of hell itself. It is precisely its low temperatures that frighten many tourists; who believe they are unable to withstand such extreme weather. However, what better way to take advantage of snow and ice than a good ski season. If you like sports and original experiences; Russia offers you the perfect conditions for you to spend an incredible trip.

Which ski resorts to visit in Russia

Krásnaia Poliana station is perhaps the most important and known in the whole country due to its size and the conditions of the place; They offer a challenge to skiers without having to put themselves at risk. In this snow park several events of the 2014 Winter Olympics were held so you can be sure that it maintains an optimal level to practice quality skiing. The next ski resort is Dombái; that in addition to offering you suitable tracks for any level, from beginner to expert; It gives you a spectacular landscape as it is located just 65 kilometers from the Black Sea and at the same distance from Mount Elbrus.

Krasnaya Polyana is bright. This complex has flourished rapidly and in a few years has gained the status of the most respectable ski group in Russia. Krasnaya Polyana, of course, owes its success and popularity to the 2014 Sochi Olympics. In preparation for this important event, the town acquired a new infrastructure, a wide and convenient road from the airport, modern ski and snowboard tracks equipped with comfortable ski lifts, a Luge, an extreme park, several resorts of the highest level, excellent hotels and restaurants

After the Olympic Games, the development of the complex did not stop, the construction in Krasnaya Polyana continues, new cable cars extend to the mountains, cafes and entertainment centers appear, but all this happens carefully, without disturbing the tourists.

By the way, winter sports are not all that Krasnaya Polyana is famous for. Here live hospitable people, who cook the most delicious honey of the Caucasus, in summer they come here to take fresh air and beautiful views, mountain walks, the nearby sea and walks through the chestnut forests.

Dombai, one of the most popular ski centers in the Caucasus, is good for both professionals and beginners: everyone will find suitable slopes there. The complex is very compact: all the hotels are concentrated in the Dombay Glade and are close to the ski lifts, from one end of the town to the other you can walk in 20 minutes. The ski season lasts from December to May.

In total, Dombái has approximately 20 kilometers of track. In addition to tracks in natural state for those who prefer to practice free skiing. Soft and comfortable descents are good for those who recently enter this sport and want to learn to ski. Kirovsk is the oldest ski resort in Russia and has four areas for sports; One of which is specialized for beginners and children. In addition to having a track that reaches 30 kilometers long; In Kirovsk you can practice night skiing since the slopes are maintained and well lit, offering spectacular views.

Dombay is located at an altitude of 1650 m in the clearing of the same name near the confluence of several rivers. These beautiful places began to attract tourists here in the first half of the 20th century: the first camp appeared in Dombay in 1921. Before that, Dombay was a very modest settlement, and then it remained for a long time. But after the collapse of the Union, the tourist infrastructure of the complex experienced an important leap, and today more than a sufficient number of hotels and recreation centers await sports lovers in Dombay.

How to get to Dombay

The most convenient way to fly to Dombay is through the Mineralnye Vody airport. The optimal railway route passes through Nevinnomyssk. But regardless of the method of movement, the last 180-200 km from the airport or train station will have to go by public transport with transfers or by taxi. The only option to get to the resort without transfers is to go by car.


The highest altitudes in Europe, the long slopes to descend in different degrees of difficulty, a pleasant climate, snowy winters, comfortable temperatures and a lot of sun are the factors why the mountains of the North Caucasus are so fond of. The Elbrus region attracts many ski and freeride lovers, from professionals to beginners. If the Elbrus Azau complex is perfect for the latter, professionals should pay attention to Cheget.

To feel at the highest point in Europe, it is not necessary to climb one of the Elbrus peaks, just ride on its slopes. At your service there are three tracks with a length of 1,500 to 2,000 meters, as well as impressive open spaces for freeride and backcountry. By the way, this season, the highest cable car line in Europe opens on the mountain, which connects the Mir station (3 455 m) and the Gara-Bashi station (3 847 m). The nearby Cheget Mountain can also please guests. But unlike Elbrus, the tracks located in both stages of the cable car require more skill from the pilot.

The complex organized international freestyle world cup competitions, slalom from all over Russia, giant slalom and snowboard competitions. There is also a real extension for paragliders: several times a year there are competitions of the highest level in this sport.
Mineral water pump room, a medical center, a business center with conference rooms, an active longevity center with a range of spa services, a swimming pool, gyms, a court, children’s and sports fields, etc. Price: from 4,200 rubles.

So if you like skiing and extreme sports you can plan your trip to Russia in winter and visit not only famous places like St. Petersburg, Moscow or Golden Ring.

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