What footwear to wear during the winter in Russia: The Válenki

What footwear to wear during the winter in Russia while hiking or doing activities this season. What are the Russian Valenki boots here we show you. Buying Válenki footwear in Russia is ideal for walking on dry snow.

Calzado Válenki; botas rusas; invierno

What are Russian Valenki boots

Válenki are Russian winter boots that are made of wool felt.

Válenki is a traditional shoe from the Asian people that is used to walk through the dry snow. They are usually tough. So that the valenki are not worn out quickly, they are worn with “galoshi”, waterproof rubber shoes, which protect the valenki from wear and water. The valenki are very hot, they can be brought down to -40 degrees Celsius without problem.

Traditionally the valenki are brown, black, gray and white, but lately they are made of different colors. The prototype of Válenki were traditional boots of Asian nomads who started using them for 1500 years. In the Russian territory the valenki arrived in the period of the Golden Horde by the Mongols and Turkics. In this period the prototypes of Válenki had the name “Pima”. In Russia the valenki became popular only in the 19th century, when they started to be produced in factories. Until then, the valenki were expensive, and were only carried by people with money.

In the 20th century the Válenki began to lose their importance because people began to wear other types of shoes, more beautiful and thinner. But in the modern period in the 21st century the valenki began to lead again. Now producers try to make them more beautiful and modern, they use many colors and a current design.

The largest valenok in Russia was produced in the Kaneshma city (Ivanovo region) of the Sokolovi family. Its height is 205 cm, the foot length is 160 cm.

In Siberia people give the valenki another name – “pimi”.

In Russian “válenok” also has another meaning – he is a naive person who cannot do anything to change something.

In Russia before, a song in folk style about the valenki called “Válenki, válenki” was very popular.

En Rusia existen 3 museos de los válenki – en Moscú, Mishkin y Kaneshma. En Moscú el museo de los válenki está en Segundo Kozhevnicheskiy pereulok 12. Está abierto el martes, el jueves, el viernes, el sábado desde 11-00 hasta 17-30. Para visitar por su propia cuenta hay que hacer una llamada con anticipación a este teléfono de museo +7 (910)402-5913.

Buy Válenki footwear in Russia

If you are traveling in Rusia and Moscow Válenki can be purchased at different souvenir shops on Arbat Street or at the Izmailovo Market (Partizanskaya metro on the dark blue line).

What footwear to wear during winter, now you know!

The visit to the Izmailovo market is included in some of our tours Moscow tour in two days.

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