The Vvedensky Temple in Kursk

Visiting the Vvedensky Temple in Kursk is entering the history of this beautiful city. Knowing the Vvedensky Temple in Kursk is possible to do accompanied by our guide in Spanish. With the tour at the Vvedensky Temple in Kursk you can marvel at its history and infrastructure.

If you take a tour at the Vvedensky Temple in Kurskmerece, you should know that it is also the so-called Yamskaya Sloboda ornament; from the old Kursk district: the blue-blue facade is richly adorned with white stucco; The modest head of the central dome is golden.

Its most interesting feature is the combination of a classic Byzantine layout with three aisles; leading to the altar, and the Russian device of the central part of the temple of the “octagon” type. For a fortunate opportunity, the temple was not destroyed in the years of the persecution of the church; It was declared as a monument of architecture in time. Thanks to this, today you can admire the architecture of the 18th century; and inside you can see a remarkable number of old icons.

Get to know the Vvedensky Temple in Kursk – History

Visit the Vvedensky Temple in Kursk, where its history begins in the first half of the 17th century, when residents of Yamskaya Sloboda ordered the construction of a wooden chapel in honor of the Mother of God. A hundred years later the chapel was dilapidated, and was replaced by a full-fledged stone church with a bell tower and a skillfully fortified fence. The bell tower was rebuilt once again in 1872 and in this way the temple existed until the revolution.

With the establishment of Soviet power; the temple had fate just like all the temples and cathedrals in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the church was closed, the bell tower was dismantled; instead, the agricultural products market and a bread shop were installed. However, in 1941 the temple resumed its work, and since then the services have not been interrupted. The church recovered its bell tower in 2007.

The meaning of the Vvedensky church is evidenced by the fact that during the religious procession from the root hermitage to the Znamensky Cathedral the miraculous icon of the mother of God “shows her” necessarily stopped here.

One of the best decorations of the Kursk Yamsky settlement is the Vvedensky temple, located at the intersection of Mayakovsky and Dubrovinsky streets. Its sky blue facade is generously decorated with snow-white stucco moldings, and the head of the main dome shines with gold. Another interesting feature of the temple is the unique combination of the Byzantine style with three traditional naves that lead to the main altar and the classical Russian method of building the central part, based on the “eight in four” principle.

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The Vvedensky temple surprisingly managed to survive the difficult time when the Soviet government began the persecution of religion and all church buildings. Many churches were destroyed and some were converted to warehouse needs. This temple was able to survive due to the fact that it was declared a historical monument of Russian architecture. Now everyone can appreciate the beauty of the appearance of this ancient temple and admire within it the many authentic icons of the 18th century.

The history of the Vvedensky temple dates back to the 17th century. By order of the local trainers, the construction of a simple wooden church with a chapel began. This building managed to remain standing for approximately one hundred years, but during this time it was in ruins. The wooden chapel was demolished, and instead a stone temple with a bell tower was erected. Shortly after I had to rebuild the bell tower and make a small repair of the facade.

Then the temple remained until the revolution. During the formation of the Soviet power, the church building was closed and the bell tower was completely demolished. Shortly after a bakery and a small market opened here. With the beginning of World War II, the temple again began to perform services that continue to this day. The new bell tower appeared only in the summer of 2007, rebuilt at the constant request of the townspeople.

The importance of this temple in the Yamskaya Sloboda for the entire Orthodox Church is quite high. This is emphasized by the fact that the procession route of the miraculous icon “Sign” from the Holy Land to the Znamensky Cathedral constantly passes through the Vvedensky church. Parishioners during these stops are constantly trying to reach church service and touch this famous icon of the Mother of God.

Vvedensky Temple

The Vvedensky temple looks very elegant and solemn, but at the same time it is oblivious to carelessness and pomp. The harmony is visible in all the elements of the building: on the blue walls, the thin steeple of the bell tower and the white stucco molding. Recently, parishioners managed to restore the wrought iron fence that surrounded the temple before the revolution. It was possible to restore it thanks to the photographs of the Ascension Church that survived in the Kursk archive.

The first level of the bell tower simultaneously serves as an entrance to the church. Anyone who enters without fail passes under a series of massive bells and ends in a small room with three hallways that indicate the altar of the main hall. In addition to this central throne, the Vvedensky temple has a chapel of the Three Saints, as well as the chapel of the great martyrs Flora and Lavra.

Inside the temple there are a lot of ancient icons and images. The central iconostasis is generously decorated with carvings and rises almost to the dome. Two apses emphasize it with grace, adding harmony to the entire interior.

Despite the small set of bells, you should definitely listen to their skillful ringing. Therefore, to visit the Vvedensky church, it is best to choose the morning or afternoon service hours to appreciate the charm of the church bell. It is as if he blessed all believers at the entrance and exit, gives them reliable spiritual protection and the hope of a brighter future. Not surprisingly, many newlyweds prefer to marry in this particular temple.

Visit the Vvedensky Temple in Kursk What to see?

If you do a Tour in the Vvedensky Temple in Kursk, you will see that its elegance without lasciviousness attracts attention; solemnity without pomposity, a special atmosphere of an old church. Stay at the entrance, admire its harmonious architecture; the slender steeple of the bell tower, the blue color of the walls, stained with the molding of the snow-white stucco. The wrought iron fence with brick supports was restored to archive photographs.

The entrance to the temple is at the same time the first level of the bell tower; The bells are right above their heads. Three passes indicate the direction of the altar, here you must pay attention to a considerable number of ancient images. Carved iconostasis stands like a tall central dome; on both sides of which there are two Assis, which are the ledges on the walls under the half domes.

In addition to the central throne in honor of the entry into the Temple of the Blessed Virgin Mary (according to which the church received its name); there are two chapels in the church: the first dedicated to the martyrs of Flora and Lavra, the second, to Trehsvyatsky, who honors the saints of Basil the Great, John Chrysostom and Gregory the Theologian.

The church bell set is small, but the clinkers are very skillful. It is worth guessing when visiting the temple for morning or evening service; to not only listen, but also to enjoy the sound of the bells.

The Vvedensky Temple location and schedule

Address: Kursk, ul. Dubrovinsky

The church is open from the first hours of the morning until the end of the night service.

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