Theatrical Costume Museum in Kostroma

The only costume museum of the Russian theater began with a small exhibition in the lobby of the dramatic Kostroma theater by A. N. Ostrovskogo. Time has saved the toilets of the pieces of the heroes of the classic repertoire. After a few years, the exhibition was given the official status of the museum and was assigned to a separate room. Now its rooms has been carefully preserved during hundreds of exhibitions that are of interest to artists, designers, historians and the delight of the spectators, especially for children.

Even the building in which the museum is nowadays is directly related to the theater. This was where Fedora Volkova spent her childhood, who received the title of “The First Russian Actor” from Empress Isabella. For the sake of appearances on stage, she refused the cabinet minister position, relying on estates and serfs , and even the highest order of the state. The museum that now bears its name was established in 2008.

¿What can you see?

Many costumes are sewn from the rare fabrics of the early 20th century, from observing the canons of fashion at the time. The characters of the clothing are decorated with gold embroidery, buttons, buckles and other accessories, only the originals. This is a valuable material for the study of the history of Russian theater. For a fee, visitors can record their own renditions in a video or take a photo of Hamlet’s monologue in the form of the snow maiden, who wore the appropriate costume.

The richest room is called “Ostrovsky, 19th century”. Here it is exhibited not only the clothes, but also most landscape models of the stage of the great playwright, on his way to the scene of Kostroma. A special place is occupied by an exhibition dedicated to the story “The Snow Maiden”. The game is almost continuously in the repertoire, changing only the landscape, technical effects and, of course, the costumes.

Even more interesting is the exhibition “The Tales of Pushkin” in the basement of the museum room. It is decorated with all the theatrical effects like dim light, brick walls, forged chest in the corner, and the king’s throne in the middle. Children are constantly photographed here with pictures of favorite characters.

It regularly hosts special exhibitions on the basis of the large collection of exhibitions, such as “Flowers of the Spirit”, talking about the work of AP Chehova, “The Imperial Theater, Kostroma”, “Russian costume on stage”, the guests received sweaters and magnificent dresses in the room of “All the king’s men”, and the next, in the “History of the East”, you can even rub a brass lamp with your fingers to give hope of calling the genius. The guides are happy to talk about the exhibits, interspersing their stories with actors from conferences that reveal the theater’s invisible “kitchen” audience.

Practical information

Address: Kostroma, ul. 10. Simanovskiy.

Hours: 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., on weekends – Monday and Tuesday.

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