Tips Before Traveling To Russia


Tips Before Traveling To Russia

Russia has always been one of the most visited destinations in the world. However, many people end up paying much more than what a true vacation to Russia means. There are many ways to avoid paying extravagant amounts when you visit Russia, as long as you take time to prepare for your trip.

Stay organized, and consider the following:

Depending on your country a tourist visa to Russia generally costs in the range of $ 100-120. There are many online companies that offer the tourist visa service. The price of a plane ticket can vary greatly, depending on “when” you decide to go to Russia.

In general, the Russian summer is the most expensive period of the year.

If the Russian winter is too cold for your liking, consider visiting Russia in spring or autumn, so you can pay less for your entry into the country.

Always book a hotel in advance. The earlier you book, the better and more than one discount you are likely to receive. Never go to Russia without planning, many times hotels in Moscow and other major tourist cities are highly demanded and booked during the year.

Transportation from the airport to your hotel. This is where most people are scammed when they visit Russia. Ask your travel agent how to organize an exclusive transport for you. You will probably have to pay the standard rate but it is safer than exceeding $ 200 for scams.

Consider a cruise. One of the best ways to see all of Russia is to do it from a cruise ship. Most cruises offer a unique view of Russia, which cannot be provided if you organize the holidays by yourself.

Russia is a very interesting place to visit. Just, make sure that you know in advance what you plan to do, and you will be fully prepared for your trip.

Three more tips:

1. Register your visa. Doing this will ensure smooth routes and save you from problems when you leave the country.

2. Always print additional copies of your passport and leave a copy at your hotel, carry one for you, and put another in your luggage, purse or backpack. Having backups never hurts, and will be a blessing in disguise, as long as you need extra copies.

3. The Ruble is used in Russia, so you will need to change money before buying anything in Russia. Credit cards are accepted, but as in any country, some stores and restaurants accept cash only, so be prepared.

everyday customs

1. Do not wear warm clothes inside. Wearing warm clothes indoors is considered bad form. Even if the temperature in the room is completely altered, shake and take off your coat.

2. Do not keep your hands in your pockets. This is also a sign of bad taste in Russia: stand or walk with your hands in your pockets. If you do business in Russia and do not want to appear careless, keep your hands in sight.

3. You don’t feel with your legs apart. And also do not place the ankle of one leg on the knee of the other, never show the soles and do not touch the seats: the shoes are considered dirty by default.

4. Do not whistle outside. Whistling in the street and inside causes extreme disapproval. (Still, no one has canceled the old Russian sign “No whistling, there will be no money.” By the way, the bodybuilder emphasizes the ban on whistling in the street, but in fact it is “more harmful” to whistle alone in the room. – Ed .)

5. Do not dine on the park lawn. No matter how good the weather is, forget about picnics. (Mr. Lewis’s information is somewhat outdated: more and more often in spring and summer people leave the offices at the parks for lunch, especially in Moscow and especially after the reconstruction of several parks. – Ed.)

6. Don’t ask where the bathroom is. It is not very pleasant to ask about the location of the toilet, especially of the opposite sex.

7. Do not shake your hand through the threshold. According to Richard Lewis, the Russians are very superstitious, and shaking hands above the threshold is considered a very bad omen, so in no case do they. (Added Mr. Lewis some improvements – hugs, kisses and conveys nothing above the threshold. It is also not necessary. At the same time, if you are with someone goodbye, it would be better to leave the room and do the necessary actions, not your counterpart to return .. Go back – also a bad omen in Russia – Ed.)

Recommendations and observations of foreigners.

Let’s add some important tips to business travelers. For example, the most simple and obvious: smile less. No, you do not need to become gloomy, but if smiles are more rare and restricted, there is a better chance of going through yours. Yes, the stereotype about Russians is true: we really smile less than Americans, but there are several reasons for this.

In Russia, a smile is not considered a sign of simple courtesy: it is a sincere expression of friendship, so Russians rarely smile at strangers (both at the beginning and the other way around) and for no reason. And keep in mind: if the Russian himself smiled at him, that means he really wanted to smile.

You should also be very careful with words (especially with regard to commercial jargon), and if something seems incomprehensible, though vaguely familiar, it is better to double check its meaning. Otherwise, it can get into an awkward situation, as was the case with the Parisian Philip of a consulting firm. “On my first business trip I was offered a bribe. I thought” bribery “is some kind of trip (from the word” ride “, – ed.), And, of course, happily agree. But it turned out that these people were going to fool my investors with my help. “

Holidays to Russia, only with GuiaRus will you know what it is to know and have a good time !!!

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